Terrie Diaz: Meet the Cuban-American Comedian Joey Diaz’s Wife

Joey Diaz, also known as Coco, has achieved much success since beginning his career in the early 90s. He has fellow stand-up comedian Joe Rogan to thank for the level of fame he now enjoys which came after he began featuring in Rogan’s eponymous podcast. Diaz is not just a stand-up comedian now but also a very successful podcaster with many faithful listeners who connect with him on a personal level. These fans have through the years maintained a curiosity about Diaz’s family, including his wife Terrie Diaz whom he occasionally mentions in his podcast. Terrie, though has made a few appearances in the media like on the YouTube channels of well-known Youtube vloggers, still keeps her private life very personal, however, tidbits of information about her has come to the fore.

Profile Summary Of Terrie Diaz

  • Full name: Catherine Terrie Diaz
  • Maiden Name: Catherine Terrie Clark
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: February 19, 1963
  • Place of Birth: Nashville, Tennessee
  • Age: 58
  • Marital status: Married
  • Husband: Joey Diaz
  • Children: 1

Terrie Diaz’s Background Details

Like most wives of popular people, Terrie Diaz has her husband’s fame to thank for the level of interest many now have in her. From information gathered, Terrie was born Catherine “Terrie” Clark on the 19th of February 1963 in Nashville, Tennessee. Because of the private lifestyle that she leads, not a lot is known about Terrie’s background or the kind of upbringing she had. Considering the fact that she has a college degree, it is safe to say education was important for her growing up.

Terrie Diaz left college in 1990, a time when her now-husband was just about to begin a career in Hollywood. While Joey Diaz officially kicked off his career in 1991, a time when he had turned a new leaf from a troubled past and began doing stand-up comedy, Diaz in another part of the country began working as a financial analyst at a law firm. But that was not the only job she had. In order to boost her income, Terrie Diaz would work in the night at clubs. After a while, she would leave Nashville and move to the bustling Los Angeles, California, where fate would bring her to cross paths with a certain Joey Diaz.

Though many fans of the popular comedian are eager to know what his wife now does for a living, that information has not been released to the public by either party. It is unclear if she still works as a financial analyst or like it is often the case with wives of popular personalities, now works in the business side of her husband’s entertainment career. Her financial analysis skills would no doubt come in handy in ensuring that Joey Diaz keeps his wealth afloat and avoids troubles with Uncle Sam. Chances are that it is the latter.

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When Did Terrie Become Joey Diaz’s Wife?

Terrie Diaz became Joey Diaz’s wife in 2009, the year that the pair got married, precisely on the 25th of November. While it was the first marriage for Terrie as far as we know it, it was not the first for Joey Diaz who had previously been married to a certain woman whose identity has since been concealed. At the time of their marriage, Terrie Diaz was 46 years old, an age that seems a bit surprising for a woman’s first marriage, especially one as beautiful as Terrie. Hopefully, she gets to share someday why that was so. Interestingly, both couples share the same birthday as Joey Diaz was also born on the 19th of February 1963. The couple is yet to reveal the circumstances that led to their initial meeting.

Joey Diaz did bring some experience into their union from his first marriage which ended in 1991 in a divorce. In 1991, Joey Diaz was 28 years old, he did wait for the next 18 years (before giving marriage another try), long enough to learn from the mistakes of his first union and do better with the next one.

At the time Terrie married Joey Diaz, he was already over the drug addiction problem he suffered. The famous comedian had, for a long time, been hooked on cocaine, dating as far back as 1977 when he was just 14 years old. Even when he began gaining traction in the world of comedy entertainment, cocaine addiction was still a problem for Diaz. He finally broke that addiction in 2007, two years before he married Terrie. It is possible that Terrie could have contributed to the comedian becoming sober, that is if she was present in his life before their 2009 wedding. Since their marriage, the couple have stayed together as there has been no news of any scandal in their union. Of course, they would have their fair share of ups and downs like every other couple but they have managed to deal with their issues and have now been married for over a decade.

Does Terrie Diaz Have Kids With Her Husband, Joey?

Terrie Diaz’s Husband Joey and daughter Mercy image source

To answer that simply… Yes! Terrie Diaz does have kids with her husband Joey Diaz. They have a daughter named Mercy Soa Diaz who was born on the 8th of January 2013, making her 8 years old. Mercy has been kept away from the media eye and has only been seen in public with her dad on just a couple of occasions. While it is the first child for Terrie Diaz, it is not the same for her husband Joey whose first marriage also produced a daughter whose name has been concealed from the media.

Is Terrie Diaz now a stepmother? This is highly unlikely as Joey became estranged from her following his divorce from her mother. The divorce took a toll on Joey and even made his addiction problems worse. The comedian would later say that one of his inspirations to get clean was to make his daughter proud and try to mend fences with her. Joey’s daughter would no doubt be proud of her father’s achievement like the rest of his fans but it remains unknown if they are reconciled with each other or still estranged. Fortunately for Terrie, her daughter with the comedian would enjoy a better fatherhood experience as the comedian is now sober.

How Terrie Diaz’s Husband Became A Popular Comedian

The Cuban-American comedian and podcaster had a pretty troubled past before his foray into comedy. As a young boy, he immigrated from Havana, Cuba to North Bergen, New Jersey where he lived. He lost his dad when he was 3 and his mom when he was 16. After becoming an orphan at 16, Joey Diaz was then raised by different families, up to 4. His habit of frequently getting into trouble contributed to his frequent move.

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It was during this time that Diaz began using drugs and getting involved in crimes. In high school, he did well in the performing arts, but Diaz hesitated for years before deciding on giving comedy a try. It was a last resort as every other thing he tried his hands on failed. After quitting college, he sold roofing for money but did not quit getting involved in criminal activities. Diaz was sent to prison in 1988 for kidnapping and aggravated robbery. It was during his time behind bars that he began performing stand-up to his fellow inmates. After serving 16 months of a 4-year sentence, Joey Diaz was released.

It would take another two years before Diaz decided to give stand-up a try. He started by entering into competitions. He moved to Los Angeles in 1995 for a better chance to excel as a comedian. He got small parts in films and TV shows. Some of his features include My Name Is Earl, The Longest Yard, Spider-Man 2, and Taxi. Diaz did not quite gain widespread recognition until 2010 when he began featuring in The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. He would later leverage on that to begin his own podcast, The Church of What’s Happening Now. which he ran from 2012 to 2020 before replacing it with Uncle Joey’s Joint which began in October 2020.

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