Al Horford’s Parents: Meet His Dad Tito and Mom, Arelis Reynoso

Al Horford’s parents are Tito Horford and Arelis Reynoso. Horford’s dad, Tito, is a former basketball player who spent three seasons in the NBA, while his mom, Arelis, is a sports journalist. 

Who Are Al Horford’s Parents?

Al Horford’s dad and mom are Tito Horford and Arelis Reynoso. While it is unclear when they got married, it is no secret that they had their son in 1986 and when the kid was three years old, their marriage came to a sudden demise when they divorced in 1989.

By the time the marriage had come to an end, his father was already playing professionally in the NBA for Milwaukee Bucks, having made the NBA draft in 1988.

After the divorce, Al remained with his mother in his home country, the Dominican Republic. He was raised here for the next 14 years, nurturing his passion for basketball. Al moved to the United States to live with his dad in Michigan as a young teenager, and he continued pursuing his passion.

Even though Al Horford’s parents divorced when he was still only a child, they were both present in his life.

Meet Al Horford’s Dad, Tito Horford 

Al Horford’s dad is Tito Horford, who was born on January 19, 1966, in La Romana, Dominican Republic. The 58 year-old has come to be known as Tito but his birth name is Alfredo William Horford.

Tito is of Dominican nationality and mixed ethnicity; he is Dominican from his mother’s side and has Bahamian roots on his father’s side. His mother was Ana Graciela Baltazar while his father was a Bahamian immigrant who had since died.

One among the seven kids of his mother, Tito got his education from the Marian Christian High School and then he went to the University of Houston then Louisiana State University, and then the University of Miami after he was forced out of the LSU team.

Al Horford’s father made it to the 1988 NBA draft where he was picked by Milwaukee Bucks. He played for the team until 1990 when he moved to Washington Bullets where he spent only a season.

Who is Tito Horford’s Wife?

The first wife of Tito Horford was Arelis Reynoso, but as indicated, the marriage did not last beyond three years after they had their son. He would go on to marry Elizabeth Horford. The status of his second marriage is not known at the moment even though it is no secret that the union has been blessed with four children; two sons and two daughters. The names of his kids are Anna Horford, Jon Horford, Josh Horford, and Maria Horford.

Tito Horford’s oldest son apart from Al is Jonathon Kelly Horford who is better known as Jon Horford. He was born to him in October 1991, which means he is now 32 years old. Jon was born to the former basketball player from his marriage to Elizabeth Horford and he has a career as a basketball player. He notably played in the NBA Development League.

The next child of Tito is Anna, who is now better known as Anna Horford-Game. She was born on January 9, 1993, which means she is now 31 years old. She is a businesswoman who also runs a podcast.

Maria Horford was born on February 15, 1995, and she obtained a degree in marketing and finance from the University of Florida. The 29 year-old has always loved basketball but does not follow in the footsteps of her father and older brother instead, she is a photographer.

Josh is the youngest of Tito’s kids with Liz. A music producer and businessman, the exact year of his birth is not known but he celebrates his birthday on September 26.

Tito is now married to another woman whose name is not known. Details about the marriage and how long they have been together are also not provided. Nonetheless, he always shares photos of her on his Instagram. He also has another daughter, Maira Fernanda Horford, who now plays basketball and aims to go pro.

What is Tito Horford’s Net Worth?

Tito Horford’s net worth is $4 million dollars, as of 2024. The 7-foot-1-inch tall former basketball player made his fortune from his career as a basketball player for several years. He has also made money from several endorsement deals he has enjoyed in the past.

Although Tito is a rich individual, his son’s net worth of $60 million dollars dwarfs all he has. Al Horford’s net worth was made through his impressive career in the NBA where he is recognized as one of the highest-paid Latino NBA players in history.

Who Is Al Horford’s Mom, Arelis Reynoso?

The mom of the NBA player is Arelis Reynoso. Not much information is known about Al’s mother as details about her date of birth, age, and other personal information are all hidden from the media.

She got married when she was quite young and after her divorce from Al’s father, Arelis, who is also from the Dominican Republic, took care of her child alone for some time before he moved to the United States to join his father.

Career-wise, Arelis Reynoso makes a living as a sports journalist. Her career dates back to 1988 and she now works as an editor for the sports website,

Do Al Horford’s Parents Have Other Kids Together?

Apart from the legendary basketball star, Al Horford’s parents have not had any other kids together since they were married. He was their first and only child in their short-lived marriage.

However, they both have kids from other relationships; Tito has five more kids from his two other marriages, while Arelis has a son whose name is Chris from her second marriage, although not much is known about the union.

Al Has Always Enjoyed A Great Relationship With His Parents

Al Horford and his parents have a very close relationship even though things did not work out between them as a couple. During his childhood, they were both very involved in raising him.

As regards his career, his mom and dad have been very supportive in seeing him rise to the top. They are still very much supportive and he always has great things to say about them.


Who Is Arelis Reynoso, Al Horford’s Mother?

Al Horford’s mother is Arelis Reynoso, a sports journalist and media personality who is from the Dominican Republic.

Who Is Tito Horford, Al Horford’s Father?

Al Horford’s father is Tito Horford, a former NBA player who was born in the Dominican Republic on January 19, 1966.

What Is Al Horford’s Ethnicity 

Al Horford’s ethnicity is Latino on both his father’s and mother’s sides. He also has some Bahamian roots from his father.

What Is Al Horford’s Nationality?

Al Horford is of Dominican nationality, as he was born in the Dominican Republic, where he was raised before moving to the United States.

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