Reece Madlisa’s Real Name and Age

Reece Madlisa is a South African singer and songwriter famed for the hit album AmaRoto. The sensational music artist’s stage name is not different from his real name, as Reece Madlisa is both his birth and stage nameHe was born on the 7th of September in Alexandra, Gauteng province. However, his birth year is not known.

Reece’s success story would be incomplete without his music partner Sabelo Zuma. Since childhood, the two have been friends and are highly respected for pushing Amapiano into the mainstream.

Reece Madlisa’s Bio

  • Birthday: September 7
  • Birthplace: Alexandra, Gauteng, South Africa
  • Birth sign: Virgo

How Old is Reece Madlisa?

Reece Madlisa was born and raised in Alexandra, in Gauteng province, South Africa, on the 7th day of September. However, the year of his birth is not known; hence, his age is not known. The public believes Reece seems to be in his twenties, going by his looks.

In addition, there is no available information on the singer’s background, upbringing, and family members. He is yet to introduce any of them to his fans or open up about his childhood, early life, and some other aspects of his life.

Madlisa graduated from Realogile High School, the institution of learning his music partner and friend Sabelo Zuma also attended. Not much else is known about their education as it is not clear if he furthered his education or not.

Reece Madlisa Is Both His Real And Stage Name

Yes, Reece Madlisa is the singer’s biological name. At this time and age, when many musicians are more comfortable with using a stage name, Reece Madlisa decided to make his real name his stage name. He also uses the same name on all his social media accounts.

When the star initially broke out, most of his fans were eager to know if his stage name was the same as his real name. Whether Reece Madlisa was his real name or not was a subject of argument then among some of his fans. The sensational vocalist later set the record straight, saying that Reece Madlisa is both his real and stage name because he believes there is nothing wrong with using his real name on stage.

At What Age Did He Launch His Music Career?

The exact age Reece started singing is unknown because his birth year is unknown publicly. It is also unknown if he inherited his music gene from any of his parents or if he groomed his voice to become so powerful.

However, his passionate love for music could indicate that he has always loved music from a young age and that he grew up around music lovers as well. Regardless, the 5 feet 10 inches mic lord has done so well for himself at his age.

Over the years, Reece has been banding together with his childhood friend and fellow singer, Sabelo Zuma. The two old-time friends are making waves as Amapiano singers and dance and electronic music. Madlisa’s songs are hits and street vibes; he is also loved for his dance movies and energetic vibes on stage.

He is currently signed under Black is Brown ENT and Prime Hold Consulting. The amapiano star won the Best Kwaito Album at the First Annual South African Amapiano Music Awards on October 23, 2021, alongside his music partner, Sabelo Zuma. He reportedly charges R86 0000 for a performance with Zuma.

Reece Madlisa Has Several Songs and Album To His Name

Before releasing his album, Madlisa banded together with numerous South African artists, including in JazziQ‘s hit song Umsebenzi Wethu and JazziDisciples (Zelele), which also featured his friend Zuma.

The Alexandra-born star eventually released his first album in 2020, titled Ama Roto, which paved the way for his fame. The album’s release boosted his music career as two of the tracks were a hit and made it to the Top Chart of the best South African musicians/bands.

Reece’s song Sithi Sithi has been a sensational hit since it dropped, thrusting him more into the limelight. The song has generated over 2 million streams on platforms like iCloud and Spotify, more than 4 million views on YouTube, and attained gold status in March 2021.

Some of Madlisa’s songs, including those in which he featured, are:

  • Bazooka
  • Taxify
  • Ama Roto
  • Le Ngoma
  • Umsebenzi Wethu
  • Ayeyeye
  • Hamba Nobani
  • Amaneighbour
  • Vsop
  • Sgodo
  • Ringo
  • Pepereza
  • Isphithiphithi
  • 100 Shooter
  • Le Tin
  • Onoroko
  • Jika

The Alexandra-born Star Is A Huge Inspiration To Youths In South Africa

Reece has clearly shown that consistency, hard work, and talent really pay. He has been a huge encouragement to the youth that one can be legitimately successful at a young age. He regularly posts updates of his career on his social media accounts, especially on Instagram. On one occasion, he was spotted in Manchester United’s locker room.

He has traveled to notable places within South Africa, and he also hopes to go beyond South Africa to other countries to showcase his talents. At the rate at which the professional songwriter and music artist is going now, he will definitely last long in the industry.

To celebrate his success, he recently bought a new luxurious white Volkswagen with a personalized plate number for himself. He shared the event with his fans on Instagram, where he showed a video of himself and his friends dancing as they unveiled the car at the car dealership.

His fans were excited about the news, while notable celebrities like DJ Tira, Moozlie, Qwabe twins, Cassper Nyovest and Simz Ngema also congratulated him in the comments section of his post about the car.

He has a massive fanbase who enjoy every bit of his songs, the quality of his music, and above all, his dance moves. They are so loyal to him and always show him great support in every possible way.

When news broke out that Reece and Zuma escaped a ghastly accident in November 2021, his fans immediately flooded his social media with messages of comfort, with some encouraging them to hire drivers and quit moving around without a driver.

The news came in the wake of the deaths of the Amapino stars Mpura and Killer Kau, along with 4 others by the name Thando Thot, Khaya Hadebe TD, and a firefighter, in a car accident. The Amaroto crooner has over 900,00 followers on Instagram and more than 90,000 followers on Twitter.

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