OpenView Channels List and Decoder Activation

OpenView is a free satellite TV service provider in South Africa. It provides a wide variety of TV channels and only-audio radio stations to the South African community in digital quality.

This free satellite TV was launched on October 15, 2013, by Platco digital. OpenView came at a very critical period in the South African communication industry. South Africa was experiencing a setback in transiting to digital terrestrial television when OpenView was launched.

Formerly known as the OpenView HD platform, OpenView transmits 29 radio stations and 20 TV channels. The television channels include SABC networks and local and international channels. Do you want to know how to activate OpenView and the entertainment channels available for you to enjoy? This article has been written to feed your curiosity. Have a good read!

List of OpenView Channels

OpenView airs 20 television channels and 29 only-audio radio stations. Here is a list of TV channels available on OpenView HD TV and their numbers:

  1. SABC 1: This is a local entertainment that carries English and Nguni programs. SABC 1 programs include music, religion, movies, sports, and many more. Its major audience is the youth. The OVHD number for SABC 1 is 101.
  2. SABC 2: This is a sister channel to SABC 1. It also shares educational, enlightening as well as entertaining programs. Contrary to SABC 1,it transmits in English, Afrikaans, Sepedi, Venda and Tsonga. SABC 2 is channel 102 on OVHD.
  3. SABC 3: SABC 3 broadcasts in English and French. It inherited most of the Apartheid Era TV programs. Its channel number on OpenView is 103.
  4. This is the only South African privately owned television station that is free to air. is channel 104 on OpenView.
  5. eExtra: eExtra, otherwise known as Extra, is a digital satellite TV run by eMedia. Its program ranges from telenovelas to court shows, sitcoms, and movies in English, Afrikaans, Sostho, and Nguni. eExtra is channel 105 on OVHD.
  6. eMovies: eMovies is very similar to the eExtra channel except that it runs 24 hours, 7 days a week. Its program comprises just movies. Channel 106 on OpenView broadcasts movies.
  7. eMovies Extra: This is a sister to eMovies. Its OVHD Channel number is 107.
  8. eReality: eReality is also a sister channel to eExtra. It runs 16 hours every day, showing local and international reality shows. eReality is channel 108 on the OpenView platform.
  9. Exposed: Channel 109 transmits Exposed programs.
  10. Star Life: Star Life shows family dramas and Bollywood movies. It is channel 110 on OVHD.
  11. People’s Weather: This is the first and only channel in Africa whose program is solely on weather, environmental news, and lifestyle. It runs 24 hours, 7 days a week. People’s Weather is channel 115 on OpenView.
  12. eNews & Sports: This is a sister channel to eExtra, but it is exclusively for news and sports. Channel 120 broadcasts eNews & Sports programs on OVHD.
  13. France 24: This is a French-owned international TV station. Its programs include breaking news, business, sports, and lots more. France 24 is channel 121 on OpenView.
  14. DBE TV: This is broadcasting support for teachers and students. DBE TV is channel 122 on OpenView satellite.
  15. SABC Sport: SABC sport is a South African-owned TV broadcasting station that live streams matches. You can watch SABC sports on channel 124 of OpenView satellite.
  16. eToonz: This is a children’s channel owned by eMedia. eToonz broadcasts for 16 hours from Sunday to Friday and 17 hours on Saturday. However, the broadcast is extended to 18 hours during the school holidays. On OpenView satellite, eToonz is channel 130.
  17. Mindset: Mindset is a South African educational channel that broadcasts school curriculum from Maths to Physical sciences. Mindset tv is channel 134 on OpenView.
  18. SA Music: This is South Africa’s home of 24 hours nonstop music videos. SA Music features only indigenous music artists. SA music is on channel 135 on OVHD.
  19. Soul Music: To listen to the beat music that soothes your soul, turn into channel 136 on OpenView.
  20. Supa TV: On OpenView, Supa TV is channel 150. It is a channel for music, lifestyle, gossip, and tourism.
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OpenView Channels List

It is worth noting that Glow TV used to be on OpenView as channel 140. However, it was removed within a short notice on October 1, 2021. Currently, the reason for its removal from the free-to-air satellite TV service provider is still sketchy. However, we will update you on whether it will be restored or not when such information becomes available.

OpenView also houses these radio stations:

Radio Station Channel Number
YFM 600
Bok Radio 601
LM Radio 602
Gagasi FM 603
OFM 604
Heart FM 605
Radio Pulpit 607
Kaya FM 608
Trans Africa Radio 609
Metro FM 610
5FM 611
Good Hope FM 612
Radio 2000 613
SA FM 614
RSG 615
Lotus FM 616
Ukhozi FM 617
Umhlobo Wenene FM 618
Lesedi FM 619
Ikwekwezi FM 620
Thobela FM 621
Munghana Lonene FM 622
Phalaphala FM 623
Motsweding FM 624
Ligwalagwala FM 625
Trump 626
X-kfm 627
Channel Africa 628


How Much Does OpenView HD TV Cost?

An OpenView decoder goes for at least R649.

The OpenView decoder work with a satellite dish facing NorthEast. So, if you already have a satellite dish mounted in this direction, you can buy your decoder from any retail store, but you will have to pay the installer about R900. This amount is not included in the price for the decoder.

However, if you do not have a satellite dish, you will spend more. The OpenView decoder and the installation voucher price start from R1699. This does not exclude you from paying for installation.

Unlike other satellite TV service providers, OpenView is free. It does not charge monthly subscriptions. OVHD does not offer different bouquets. Aside from the initial installation, no other payment is required.

How To Activate OpenView Decoder

When you have successfully installed your OpenView decoder, activation is the next important thing. So, you would need your phone and decoder remote next to you to activate. Initially, your screen would only display channel 100. To access other channels, follow these activation steps:

  1. First, you will need your STB number. Press help on the remote control. Copy the STB number displayed on the screen.
  2. Press exit to go back to channel 100.
  3. Dial *120*6843*1# on your phone if you have a DStv dish and *120*6843# if you have a Top TV dish.
  4. You will receive prompts. Follow the steps to complete your activation using your STB number.
  5. Wait for your decoder to restart and update its software.
  6. When the update is done, press OK to see all channels and P to change channels.


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