4 Most Loved Apps in South Africa

These days, everyone has their mobile device glued to the palm of their hand for most of the day. We love the convenience that mobile apps have brought to our lives; and the exponential growth of mobile users over the past few years has proven that developers are doing a serious job to make things faster and easier.

As soon as you think you’ve mastered the latest gadget and all the apps that make it tick, new ones are released with even better features. There are some applications that always come out tops that make life just a little bit sweeter:

Whatsapp Messenger

According to MyBroadBand.co.za, when Google released its top ten, Whatsapp came out top of the list of free apps for South African mobile users. This instant messaging app is a great way to stay in touch with family and friends, and these days, even your boss can get hold of you in a flash. Whatsapp has advanced from a simple contact-to-contact text app with basic features to a global sensation where you can chat individually and in groups via voice and video chats, and send media and documents. It’s not hard to believe that more than 10 million South African users are sending a quick message, doing business deals or sending a funny meme via this green-icon-app for over three hours a day.

SA Phonebook

Just because search engines provide us with virtually all the answers we want, a phone directory is still a much needed thing, but definitely not in the traditional white/yellow pages sense. The SA Phonebook app is one of best contact storage apps from South African tech developers. You can find absolutely any phone number of anyone using the app, send SMS’s or chat via this app. This is an excellent application to store and find all your contacts in a few clicks.

Betway Sports

A newcomer on SA’s tech shores is British betting company, Betway. Not only is this mobile app a great place for sports enthusiasts to get updated fixtures of their favourite events but it is convenient, easy to navigate and as safe as any banking app for online transactions. Betway allows users to choose from local and international soccer, boxing, cricket, tennis and an array of global sports. Punters can make quick and easy deposits through multiple banking methods linked to major South African banks; keep track of their personal betting slip and check on live scores anywhere, anytime on their handset. The Betway group is also a key sponsor for African football development, partnering with local teams and their primary English Premier League team, West Ham United to provide better training and exchange facilities to young, upcoming stars. When you visit https://www.betway.co.za in your mobile browser you get instant access to a world of sporting action where the betting and winning never stops.

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Since its launch in South Africa, Uber has sped ahead of its competitors at a rapid pace. This transport application makes it easy for customers to request a ride in just a few clicks, pin their destination and follow a live GPS map and see how much a trip will cost before confirming  – with the option of paying via their preloaded debit/credit card or cash. The high-tech software takes taxi rides to a whole new level, with driver and car details clearly visible, the option to change destination while en route without having to direct your driver and a feedback feature to rate your ride. Uber has even expanded by bringing customers Uber Eats: a food delivery service via the in-app request software. According to a comparative article on www.moneyweb.co.za, since Uber entered the African market in 2013 it has well surpassed its taxi hailing competitors, making Uber the most downloaded ride-sharing app and over 2-million trips requested in just the first half of a particular year. We may soon be waving bye-bye to the conventional carpool and taxi cab structure because Uber is definitely here to stay.

Developers are constantly coming up with new innovations to make consumers lives as convenient as possible. We love having access to anything we need by just a few clicks on our smartphones, from banking to communication, from service delivery to entertainment. If this is how fun and on-the-go we are now, imagine what we could do in the decades to come!

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