Top 10 South African Apps Every Techie Must Have

A great future awaits Africa. Internationally, Africa has been acknowledged as the continent with infinite resources. Now we have the right technology to propel us even further. However, before I awaken your true pride for Africa, I should first acknowledge a country that’s making all of us proud. And by that, am not referring to any other country but the south-most country in Africa, South Africa. To begin with, South Africa is among the few African countries whose level of technology can compete on an international platform. Being the centre-point of innovation in Africa, South Africa has created some of the best applications that every techie from Africa, and the rest of the world, should gratefully make good use of. Here is a list of top 10 South African apps every techie must have.

Top 10 South African Apps Every Techie Must Have

Newman’s Bird App

Newman's bird app
South African Apps –

This app is based on a commemorative edition of a popular birding guide, “Newman’s Birds of South Africa.” It features 975 bird species from the southern part of Africa, with over 1300 labelled illustrations. With this application, you can search for scientific names of almost every type of bird in Africa. In short, it’s an application for anyone interested in bird watching, or for those who want to learn something about birds in this continent.

SA Phonebook (1023)

SA Phonebook
South African Apps

This  South African App makes it easier for people to save contacts on their phone. It’s an application that helps you find the number of absolutely anyone, as long as the person is using the app. All you have to do is to type the name of the person you wish to get his (or her) number. Then, click search. And shazaam, you have it! In addition, you can use the application to SMS, or chat with, the people in your contact at no charge.

Emoji Blitz — Free Android Game

Emoji Blitz
South African Apps –

This is an application that allows you to share smiley stickers with your friends on social networks: facebook, twitter, WhatsApp or any other chat app. Better still, this application is very enjoyable and easy to use. Apart from sending smiley stickers, you can also use the application to play a number of the Blitz games that comes with it.


Safespot Anti-rape App 1
South African Apps –

Unitehood is a safety application that keeps you connected to all your friends and family members at all time for protection or security purposes. Using this application, you can signal your connected friends for help as long as they’re within a locus of 5km from where you are. Generally, the application comes with 5 distinct functions: crime, assistance, panic, track me and track the suspect. On top of that, there’s an in-app messaging feature that allows you to chat with, or message, all your friends.

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Frontline Sms

Frontline Sms
South African Apps –

Frontline SMS is an open-source application that allows NGOs and corporations to communicate with the local community in places where there’s no internet connection. It was first developed in 2004 to help NGO collaborate with the local community since it was practically impossible for these NGOs to travel great distances to talk to people.

2go Mobile App

2go Mobile App
South African Apps –

2go is a mobile app that gives a platform for texting, exchanging pictures and engaging in live chats at absolutely no cost via mobile phones. It was started a few years ago by two computer science students from South Africa. And presently, it has grown such that it receives over 50, 000 new sign-ups on a daily basis, with over 30 million active users from Kenya, South Africa, and Nigeria.


Mobbleton is an Android game application that significantly enhances your brain power. It has over 50 levels, spectacular graphics and a great story to march it. Over and above, the game is completely unique; not to mention, very easy to play. It revolves around a small town called Mobbleton, which needs power. And since you’re the chief energy collector at Mobbleton Water and Power Department, you have to use your intelligence to provide enough energy for the entire town.


News24 is an application that offers a direct feed of news from South Africa and the rest of the world to its users. Besides, the application allows its users to customize their news feed choices, which in turn saves them the hassle of depending on newspapers for news updates. In addition, the application also allows its users to share the links to different posts on social media or between each other.

FNB Banking

FNB banking is the first banking application from South Africa and is generally owned and controlled by the FNB. The application works on smartphones, by providing an easy, secure and convenient way of accessing vital information concerning your bank account from anywhere and at any time.

Safespot Anti-rape App

Safespot Anti-rape App is the application to use if you want to draw the attention of the people who actually care about you when in danger. It contains a link that uses Google maps to show your exact location for your friends to trace you when you need their help. You can use the application if your location exposes you to rape or burglary to alert your friends for help.

With this list of South African Apps, you sure will agree with me that Africa is really on top of their game.

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