Meet Dali Mpofu’s Wife and Children

Dali Mpofu is happily married to Nompumelelo “Mpumi” Nxumalo, and their marriage is blessed with three children – Zwekazi Mpofu, Mncedisi Mpofu, and Letsema Mpofu. However, Dali Mpofu had a child before marrying Mpumi – a son named Siswe Mpofu Walsh.

Just like Dali, his wife Mpumi is a career-oriented woman. However, members of the Dali Mpofu household tend to keep their lives away from the public. As a result, not much is known about his wife and all of his children. Notwithstanding, we have been able to gather as much as we can.

Who Is Dali Mpofu’s Wife?

Nompumelelo “Mpumi” Nxumalo is the wife of Dali Mpofu. They got married in 2004; however, other details about her personal life, like her childhood, date of birth, and how she met her husband, are not available to the public.

She keeps a low profile, but her career success and achievements speak volumes for her. She has over 25 years of experience in transport, infrastructure development, local government and town, and urban and regional planning and has also held some high-profile positions.

Mpumi Nxumalo Has Two Degrees From Coventry University

Mpumi Nxumalo is an educated woman. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning from Coventry University, and after completing her bachelor’s degree, she went on to bag her post-graduate degree from the same university in Town Planning.

Dali Mpofu’s wife also has a Certificate in Local Government Management from the United Kingdom Local Government Management Board (LGMB). She was a fellow at the South African Advanced Education Programme (SAAEP) at Oxford University.

With all of these training and qualifications, she is undeniably eligible to hold all of the positions she has held.

Mpumi Nxumalo was the Director-General of the Department of Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation in the Presidency

Dali Mpofu’s Wife
Dali Mpofu’s wife – Nompumelelo “Mpumi” Nxumalo

Mpumi Nxumalo has served in several positions in the South African government. She was once the director-general of the Department of Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation in the Presidency. She has also served as National Director-General in three departments – Departments of Defence, Department of Transport, and Department of Housing.

These positions contribute to helping her amass a wealth of knowledge in her field. They have also contributed to putting her at a place of advantage to attain greater career heights. As the National Director-General of the Department of Transportation, she takes credit for implementing different tangible transportation policies in aviation, maritime, rail, and road transport.

She also takes credit for spearheading projects like Taxi recapitalization, Bus Rapid Transit, particularly Rea-Vaya in Johannesburg, and Bus Rapid Transit, particularly Rea-Vaya in Johannesburg, to mention but a few.

Mpumi Nxumalo has also served as a board member in different organizations, including the Gauteng Development Tribunal, Mvelaphanda Group, National Housing Finance Corporation, Municipal Demarcation Board, the National Housing Board, and National Home Builders Registration Council.

Mpumi Nxumalo Is Currently A Chief Executive Officer At Airports Company South Africa

On the 1st of February 2020, Mpumi Nxumalo became a chief executive at Airports Company South Africa. She is also a member of the Social and Ethics Committee board and the Board Investment Committee at Airports Company South Africa board.

As a key player in Airport Company South Africa, she is responsible for strategizing and implementing policies. She is also responsible for the success of the operations of the organization.

How Many Children Does Dali Mpofu Have?

Dali Mpofu is a proud father of four children. However, only three are Mpumi Nxumalo’s children. Meet Dali Mpofu’s children with his wife, Mpumi.

Mncedisi Mpofu is Dali Mpofu’s First Son

Mncedisi Mpofu is the first child of Mpumi and Dali. Although he is active on social media with the user name @mnce__dc, not much is known about him.

Even though his father was a member of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) political party, Mncedisi was openly in support of Cyril Ramaphosa from the ANC during the 2019 South African election.

It is noteworthy to add that Mncedisi is someone who holds family very close. His Instagram account is full of pictures of himself and other family members. From the photos and captions on his Instagram account, we can tell that Mncedisi may be married and is a father of children. In 2019, he posted a picture of himself and a baby, and in the caption, he wished his son ‘Lomwabo’ a happy 13th birthday.

Zwekazi Mpofu is Dali Mpofu’s First Daughter and Second Child

Zwekazi Mpofu is the first daughter of Dali Mpofu and his only daughter. She was born in 2003. On her 18th birthday, her father took to Twitter to share his joy with his followers. He made his fans know that the day any of his children turned 18, he told them the full story behind his 90 days of detention without trial while fighting for the freedom of South Africans.

Her elder brother, Mncedisi, always takes time to celebrate her on her birthdays. Zwekazi is most likely going to be in college, but we cannot be so sure because details about her academics are not available to the public.

Letsema Mpofu is Dali Mpofu’s Last Child

Letsema Mpofu is the last child of Dali Mpofu and his wife, Mpumi Nxumalo. He appears in family pictures, but unfortunately, not much is known about him. However, considering that he is the last born of Dali and Mpumi, you should expect that he probably is enjoying an amazing childhood.

Dali Mpofu Also Had A Son Called Siswe Mpofu Walsh Before Meeting His Current Wife, Mpumi

Before getting married to Mpumi Nxumalo, Dali Mpofu had a child with a woman known as Theresa Oakley Smith. The child’s name is Siswe Mpofu Walsh, and he was born on the 4th of January, 1989.

Siswe attended Sacred Hearts College and St. John College in Johannesburg. After completing high school, he furthered his education at the University of Cape Town, where he bagged an honors degree in Economics, Philosophy, and Politics. He graduated in 2012.

While he was a student at the University of Cape Town, he held the office of the 2010 Students Representative Council’s president. As president, he was able to fight against the school’s move to increase fees by 12%, and through his efforts, fees were only increased by 8%. While in the university, he created a society called InkuluFreeHeid.

In 2013, he wrote a song titled ‘Mr President’ to outrightly criticize corruption in the leadership of Jacob Zuma. He was privileged to get a Weidenfeld scholarship that saw him through his master’s degree in International Relations at Oxford University. He graduated in 2015 with flying colors.

In 2020, he completed his doctorate in the politics of nuclear-weapons-free zone. Siswe Mpofu is an ardent supporter of free education and part of the Rhodes Must Fall campaign at Oxford University. He believed that the university was biased against people. He is currently an author, musician, businessman, political activist, and strategy adviser.

He owns a business called Company Diversi T. In September 2017, he launched his first book titled Delusion and Democracy: 10 Myths in South African Politics. He also has a rap album titled Delusion and Democracy.

Siswe Mpofu Walsh Is Happily Married

Siswe Mpofu is happily married to a woman named Sumaya Hendricks, and the two have been together for 10 years, but we don’t have details on their relationship timeline. On the 22nd of April 2022, they welcomed their son Hakim Thembekile Mpofu Walsh to the world. Siswe and his wife celebrate their anniversary on the 28 of January.

Siswe maintains a good relationship with his mother. On special occasions like mother’s day and her birthday, he always makes time to celebrate her on social media. He refers to his mother as the first editor he has ever had.

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