Makhadzi’s Net Worth: How She Makes and Spends Her Money

Makhadzi’s net worth is estimated at $400,000, which is approximately 5.7 million rands. The sensational singer (full name – Ndivhudzannyi Ralivhona Makhadzi) is currently one of the wealthiest female musicians in South Africa. 

The award-winning singer lives a modest lifestyle and also has a reputation for being frugal with her spending. The Kokovhain crooner prefers to invest the majority of her income as she doesn’t spend her money on frivolous things.

Makhadzi’s Net Worth Sources

Makhadzi has several streams of income, with music being her major source of making money. Besides music, she runs a couple of flourishing businesses. She is also into real estate. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of how she makes her money.

1. Music

Makhadzi is a top-performing South African musician. As mentioned earlier, she is one of the highest-earning female singers right now for obvious reasons.

The Limpopo-born singer’s booking fee is on the high side, and she occupies a comfortable spot on the list of South African performers with jaw-dropping booking fees, which also has the likes of Master KG and Uncle Waffles on it.

So, how exactly does she makes her money as a musician?

I. Booking Fees

The minimum amount Makhadzi charges for a gig, according to reports, is R150,000. And being undoubtedly one of the best musicians in the country right now, she performs in front of large crowds back-to-back.

Her talent has taken her to countless places in South Africa and beyond. Her songs are fast becoming street anthems in some parts of the continent, including Botswana and Zimbabwe.

II. Collaborations

Makhadzi has worked with a good number of local artists such as Moonchild Sanelly, Cassper Nyovest, Sho Majodzi, Zimbabwean singer Jah Prayzah, Mapara A Jazz, Mampintsha, and Gigi Lamayne, to name a few.

She banded with renowned artists from the Southern parts of Africa in most of her songs in 2020 and 2021. She did her hit song Kokovha with the sensational Zimbabwean singer Jah in 2020, and in early 2022 she hinted at a second collaboration with the respected singer.

Her song titled “Gidimani,” featuring Cassper Nyovest and Mr. Brown, was a major success after its release in 2021. Makhadzi makes a lot of money through her music collaborations.

III. Album Sales

Makhadzi is one singer who has learned how to maximize her album marketing potential, having successfully made and sold over 10 music albums. With the help of her label (Open Mic Productions), she has released 11 studio albums, with African Queen 2.0 (2022) being the latest.

She independently released her first three albums. Her eleventh album reached number one both in South Africa and Botswana.

It is said that a constant release of albums does not always equate to success or sales, but  Makhadzi’s case is totally different, as she’s been able to maximize her creative flow, create smash hits, and make a fortune through her albums.

Unfortunately, the exact amount her albums has pulled in over the years is not public knowledge.

Makhadzi’s Albums

  • Shumela Venda (2018)
  • Muvhango (2009)
  • Ndo Tshinya Ni? (2011)
  • Litshani u Ntsala Murahu (2012)
  • Yo Shoma (2019)
  • Shumela Venda (2017)
  • Rita Dee (2014)
  • Matorokisi (2019)
  • African Queen (2021)
  • Kokovha (2020)
  • Queen 2.0 (2022)


  • Pain Ya Jealous (2022)

IV. Streaming

Makhadzi receives revenue income from most major streaming platforms out there – Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, TikTok, and Amazon. Payments from these elite streaming services contribute to her massive wealth.

In September 2021, she made history as the first female South African singer to reach gold in Album, not in song for streaming. She broke the news online while unveiling the golden plaque she received from Apple Music for her album (Kokovha), reaching gold in streaming.

The singer was also recognized by YouTube in October 2021 for reaching 100,000 subscribers and impressive views.

V. Royalties 

Makhadzi receives royalties from her current label for all her songs, music videos, and albums produced under the label. She earns befitting royalties from Open Mic Productions and hasn’t been owed, at least to the best of the public’s knowledge.

In late 2020, she created a buzz on social media after she alleged that her former manager Rita Dee Nephawe had refused to pay her royalties for her songs, her 2019 album Matorokisi, and music videos.

2. Footwear Business

Makhadzi has a footwear brand called Kokovha which she launched in December 2021 in collaboration with Kicks Sportwear at Mall of Africa. Her sneakers line was inspired by her 2020 album of the same name.

The singer’s partnership deal with Kicks Sportwear is worth R120 million. The unisex shoes, which come in a range of bright colors that is reminiscent of the Venda culture, are sold at a retail price of R 900 per pair.

Makhadzi now joins the list of South African celebrities who own shoe brands. Some of them include the famous rapper AKA (SneAKA), Cassper Nyovest (Drip 990 Root of Fame), Sho Majodzi (#KissMyAirs), and Somizi Mhlongo (Bathu x Somizi sneakers).

3. Cosmestics Business

Makhadzi owns a cosmetics line called Mavoda, which was launched in the month of March 2022. Her brand produces body lotion, petroleum jelly, and lip gloss.

The Limpopo-born star would be killing two birds with one stone with her mango-flavored products. Her province is the highest producer of mango in the country, which means she would most probably create business opportunities for her Venda community.

It is a known fact that the mango flavor is quite rare in the beauty market, but through Makhadzi’s brand, clients can get to buy the flavor.

4. Endorsements

Ndivhudzannyi Ralivhona Makhadzi has been an inevitable part of the South African music industry since 2012, and it is evident that her fan following has increased to great heights in the past years.

The Tshikwama hitmaker has made millions not only through her music but also by endorsing elite brands. Being a popular face, the singer receives substantial payment for doing commercial ads for the elite food & beverage company Nestle across her social media platforms.

The brand’s visibility has grown, and there’s been a boost in sales since she started promoting them on a higher scale.

Unfortunately, it’s not clear how much she makes from endorsing these mega brands.

5. Real Estate

Makhadzi seems to have it all – talent, fan base, beauty, wealth, and sprawling mansions in beautiful locations in the country. She has a fast-growing real estate portfolio following her decision to turn her passion for first-class properties into a side hustle.

Besides her own apartments and the ones she built for her loved ones, the singer has some rental flats in Sunnyside Pretoria. Se revealed this while showing off her new mansion in a video that went viral on February 9, 2022.

At that time, she disclosed that she was looking for tenants who would occupy her property. There’s no further information about her real estate career.

What is Makhadzi’s Net Worth in Rands?

Makhadzi is worth 5.7 million rands, which is approximately $400,000. Having established herself as one of South Africa’s singers with the most flourishing career right now, it’s no surprise that Makhadzi is one of the highest-paid female musicians in the country. 

The singer may have other business interests that are not publicly known, but it is well-known that her music and business careers catapulted her net worth to what it is today.

The Limpopo-born star began building her wealth in earnest after she released the album Muhwalo Uya Ndemela in 2015. Her involvement in the production of Master KG’s hit single Tshikwama fetched her good cash, which contributed to her impressive net worth.

Makhadzi’s Houses

South African singer Makhadzi has a sprawling mansion in the suburbs of Johannesburg, which is reportedly worth around R4m. The pricey apartment was launched in the month of February 2022 to the excitement of her overwhelming fans.

In a YouTube video that Fresh Trendz shared, Makhadzi’s friend was heard in the background saying the singer bought the house for R4 million. Her statement came after Makhadzi bragged that she did not buy the house with a loan and that she was not owing any bank.

The singer’s house is a standard-modern apartment with amazing features, including a spacious kitchen with an island and a pool outside. She held a pool party for her close friends during her housewarming.

Makhadzi’s House in Venda

Sensational singer Ndivhudzannyi Ralivhona hails from Venda. She was raised there, surrounded by her loved ones. She built a house in Venda for her mother and also built another beautiful crib for her father. 

She took the decision to build two separate buildings for her parents because she didn’t want to choose between them. Makhadzi’s parents separated when she was young. She and her two siblings were later raised by their mother.

Growing up was not easy for them at all, but today the singer has liberated her family from the shackles of poverty. There are no available photos of her father’s and grandmother’s houses, and their features are off the radar of the media.

The Queen of Limpopo, as she is fondly called, earned the admiration of the public when she disclosed that she bought her pricey crib after building her parents’ and grandmother’s houses.

According to her, she has always wanted to make life a bit more comfortable for her family due to the hardship they passed through.

A Look at Makhadzi’s Car Collection

Makhadzi’s car collection boasts luxury cars with sleek and unique designs. From Audi to Mercedes Benz A-class, the singer’s garage houses cars that are the epitome of luxury. Here are all the cars she is known to have bought for herself.

1. Audi A1

The Limpopo-born singer’s first car was a white Audi A1, which was gifted to her by Audi Polokwane in the year 2018 after she won the prestigious TSHIMA Female artist of the year award.

Image Source

Sadly, she got in a bad accident with the car, and it was deemed damaged beyond repair. The incident took place just a month after she received the car. She came out from the accident scene unhurt.

This car features impressive electromechanical power steering and suspension with dynamic configuration. The car cost R467,700 currently.

Audi A1 features

  • Number of seats: 5
  • Automatic
  • Petrol
  • Fuel Tank size: 40ℓ
  • Average Range: 833km
  • Power output: 85kW

2. Audi A4

A couple of months after her Audi A1 was terribly damaged in the crash, Makhadzi gifted herself the beautiful luxury sedan car, Audi A4.

Makhadzi’s Net Worth 2022: How She Makes and Spends Her Money
Image Source

The Audi A4 is a unique and sleek automobile that combines high performance, advanced tech options, and a comfortable interior to give the driver the ultimate driving experience.

The exact amount Makhadzi bought the car is not known, but according to the current market prices, a new Audi A4 sells for around R 795 700.

Audi A4 features

  • Fuel tank with increased volume
  • Comfort key with sensor-controlled luggage compartment
  • Speed limiter
  • Electromechanical power steering
  • Airbags
  • Mild hybrid
  • Tiptronic. Standard

3. Mercedes Benz A-Class 

Makhadzi bought this beautiful fancy wheel in 2020 after she and her former manager Rita Dee Nephawe went separate ways. It’s not known how much she bought the car then. The talented singer mostly drives around town in this car.

This car is a highly-rated small luxury sedan with a sleek exterior design and a refreshingly modern interior. It borrows the A-Class borrows features from both the E-Class and S-Class executive and first-class sedans.

Features of Mercedez Benz A-Class

  • Steering assist
  • Speed limit assist
  • Blind spot assist
  • Lane change assist
  • Lane-keeping assist
  • Emergency stop assist
  • Adaptive High-beam Assist system

4. BMW

This car, at the moment, is the most treasurable vehicle in her collection. She recently bought the car for an undisclosed amount.

How Makhadzi Spends Her Money

Kokovha hitmaker is known to be prudent with her spending, but she also loves to splurge on designer clothes, shoes, and bags. Her Instagram account houses numerous photos of the singer in expensive bling and apparel.

The singer also invests in real estate and her business ventures.

A Quick Look at The Singer’s Awards

Makhadzi won her first award (LMAC award for Best Tshivenda hit) in the year 2017, and since she has gone ahead to win at least six more prestigious awards.

From 17 nominations, she has won a total of 9 awards currently. Her project ‘Ghanama’ won the Music Video of the Year (featuring Prince Benza) at the 2022 South African Music Awards.

She has also won the Mzansi Viewers Choice Awards twice, the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, the Tshivenda Music Award, and the All African Music Award.

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