Khosi Twala Biography, Age, Boyfriend and Net Worth

Khosi Twala is the winner of Big Brother Titans season one. She is a 26-year-old journalist, Instagram model, and reality TV star born on August 10th, 1997. She is reportedly single and has a net worth of over $100,000 (over R1.8 million).

From the age of eight, Khosi Twala desired to be a journalist. After bagging a journalism degree and working on air, she was unfulfilled. Thus, she decided to explore other aspects of the media industry, and that’s when she auditioned for the MultiChoice reality TV show Big Brother Titans: Ziyakhala Wahala. Though she was put up for eviction almost every week, the KwaZulu-Natal-born ended up going home with the grand prize.

Khosi Twala’s Biography Summary

  • Full name: Makhosazane Twala
  • Nickname: Khosi/King Khosi/Yo Highness K
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: August 10th, 1997
  • Khosi Twala’s Age: 26 years old
  • Ethnicity: Black
  • Nationality: South African
  • Zodiac Sign: Leo
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christian
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Khosi Twala’s Parents: Phumzile and Mzwakhe Twala
  • Siblings: Five brothers
  • Khosi Twala’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 7 inches
  • Khosi Twala’s Height in Centimetres: 170 cm
  • Khosi Twala’s Net worth: $100,000+
  • Famous for: Winning Big Brother Titans: Ziyakhala Wahala season one
  • Khosi Twala’s Instagram: @khosi_twala
  • Twitter: @RealKhosiTwala
  • Facebook: @KhosiTwala

What Is Khosi Twala’s Age Today?

BBTitans winner Khosi Twala is 26 years old today. Her date of birth is August 10th, 1997, and her birthplace is Newcastle in KwaZulu-Natal province in South Africa. Leo is her Zodiac sign.

On August 10th, 2023, Khosi Twala celebrated her 26th birthday and was stunned by her fans who went the extra mile to show her the extent of their love for her. Having been pleased that their favorite celebrity survived a car crash a few days before her birthday, Khosi Twala’s fans, known as ‘Khosi Reigns’ ensured she had a smile on her face on her special day by gifting her several expensive items.

Taking to Instagram, the reality TV star revealed that her fans presented her with gifts in more than four different countries. They also paid for all her travel expenses. Specifically, the birthday gifts she received included:

  • A spa voucher
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max
  • A bouquet with R5,000 cash
  • Canon camera
  • Podcast microphone kit
  • A cheque of R200,000
  • 360° spin booth
  • A framed magazine cover
  • Louis Vuitton traveling case

Khosi Twala was grateful to her fans for the tremendous show of love and also affirmed that she loves them so much. She prayed that God would continue to grant them success in their endeavors so that they could have more celebrations together as a family.

Khosi Twala Had a Christian Upbringing

Khosi Twala’s parents, Phumzile and Mzwakhe, separated when she was about 3 to 4 years old. Her mother, Phumzile, left their family to work in another city after their father’s business crumbled, and he became addicted to drinking and smoking. After their mother relocated, Khosi and her siblings lived with their grandparents, who taught them how to pray and have faith in God.

She explained that she confirmed that God exists at the age of 3, the day her mom was stranded in the middle of nowhere, and she and her grandparents were worried about her safety. However, after her grandfather explained to her how God works, Khosi Twala prayed consistently for her mother to arrive home safely after her visit to them. Shortly after, her mom notified them that she had safely arrived home, and the experience got her closer to God.

Khosi Twala was born the only girl in the family and, thus, was given the name ‘Makhosazane’. The name is given to every first female child in the Zulu clan. She grew up with her five brothers, and when she was in the Big Brother house, she was missed by her mother, who loved how she reprimanded her siblings whenever she was at home in Newcastle.

Is Khosi Twala Transgender?

No, Khosi Twala is not transgender. She was born female and is heterosexual. After Khosi Twala debuted as a housemate in Big Brother Titans, there were speculations that she was transgender, and the rumor was sparked by her masculine look.

It’s worth noting that Twala is a fitness enthusiast who regards her picturesque body frame as one of her best investments. She was also said to be transgender due to the striking resemblance she shares with popular Nigerian crossdresser James Brown. Nonetheless, Khosi Twala is a South African woman. Though she has masculine-like abs and muscles, she has remained feminine in her fashion style.

Khosi Twala’s Educational Qualifications

From 2011 to 2015, Khosi Twala attended Lincoln Heights Secondary School. She then proceeded to The University of Free State upon the completion of her high school education. There, she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism. She subsequently enrolled at Oakfields College, where she gained a certificate in Communications Science.

Additionally, Twala entered the University of Johannesburg in January 2020 for her postgraduate studies. In the following year, she obtained a Master’s degree in African Modernism from the university.

A Look at Khosi Twala’s Career

Before participating in Big Brother Titans, Khosi Twala was a journalist, model, and fitness enthusiast. She eventually became a reality TV star after winning the reality show and has been growing her entertainment career ever since.

Journalism Career

Upon graduation from The University of Free State, Khosi Twala interned at media houses in Bloemfontein. She later moved to Johannesburg, where she worked as a columnist for Jacaranda FM. She also worked on air at the Johannesburg-based radio station.

The 26-year-old model landed her first TV hosting gig in September 2023. Alongside Lawrence Maleka, Stoan, and Penny Lebyane, she hosted the DStv Delicious International Food and Music Festival sponsored by LottoStar. She co-hosted with Maleka on Saturday, September 24th, and the event was graced by Lamiez Holworthy, Zakes Bantwini, Morda, Toss, and Tems, who all gave thrilling performances.


In a bid to be an independent black woman, Khosi Twala ventured into modeling. She participated in several beauty pageants with the hope of winning and using the money to grow herself as a brand. In 2017, she competed in Miss Free State South Africa and emerged as the Second Princess at the state beauty contest.

She further took part in Biogen Face of Fitness in 2020 and also Miss Regal International South Africa the next year. In the past years, she has worked as a brand ambassador for a couple of brands, including UnravelMe Swim & Sportswear, Sissy Boy Jeans, and Milani Hair Studio.

Fitness Content Creation

The Big Brother Titans winner, Khosi, is a fitness guru who often shares pictures and videos about fitness on social media platforms. By flaunting her gym-toned body frame, she inspires her followers to achieve similar results by hitting the gym. Interestingly, her stunning physique has not only helped to propel her career as an IG model but also gained her a formidable fanbase known for its unwavering support.

On Instagram and TikTok, she has over 500K followers and also boasts more than 23K subscribers on YouTube.

Khosi’s Rise To Stardom as Big Brother Titans Winner

On January 15th, 2023, Khosi Twala entered the Big Brother Titans reality show – a fusion of Big Brother Naija and Big Brother Mzansi. Coincidentally, she was the first housemate to be announced, followed by 23 other housemates who joined her on the reality show. She was paired with Nigerian housemate Chinedu Okafor Paul, best known as Miracle OP.

Though Khosi was presumed favorite from day one, her 78-day stay in the Big Brother House was not a walk in the park. She faced tough competition from her fellow housemates as she was nominated for eviction almost every week. The show lasted for 11 weeks, and the IG model was nominated nine times. At one point, she broke down in tears while wondering if she was loved by the people outside since her fellow housemates didn’t like her.

Thanks to her fans, Khosi Twala survived the possible evictions and ended up becoming the winner of Big Brother Titans: Ziyakhala Wahala. She was dubbed King Khosi by Big Brother and took home a cash prize of $100,000 (R1.8 million). She outclassed five other housemates: the season’s Veto Power holder and the first to make it to the finale, Ipeleng (South Africa), Ebubu (Nigeria), Tsatsii (South Africa), Yvonne (Nigeria), and Kanaga Jnr (Nigeria) to win the grand prize.

Since getting crowned as the winner of BBTitans, Khosi Twala’s star has been shining brighter. She hosted the KwaZulu-Natal Film Red Carpet and also attended the 2023 edition of Durban July together with her former housemate, Marvin Achi.

What Is Khosi Twala’s Net Worth?

Khosi Twala’s net worth is estimated at over $100,000 (over R1.8 million). In addition to the whooping R1.8 million she won in prize money, the 26-year-old was gifted R100,000 by eleven of her Twitter friends a few months after becoming a rand millionaire. She has further augmented her wealth through her diverse works in the media and entertainment industries.

In June 2023, she launched an eponymous YouTube channel. Khosi loves being followed by cameras and making videos to show people her lifestyle, interests, etc. Amazingly, within 12 hours of launch, she attained over 10,000 subscribers, and the channel now has more than 23K subscribers.

In addition to documenting her life on the channel, Khosi Twala decided to open the YouTube channel to be able to tell her own story herself and be in control of the narrative shared about her in the media. More so, she has increased her net worth by launching a fitness app and athleisure wear line called Activelifestyle Brands.

Khosi Twala’s Charity Work

Coming from an underprivileged home and society, Twala has always been passionate about helping the less fortunate as she can relate to them. Before participating in the MultiChoice reality TV show, she was part of a church organization known as the Good Deeds, which helped homeless people with the provision of food and shelter. Then, after winning the Big Brother prize money, she revealed that she planned to use it to change people’s lives through charity.

Khosi Twala also expressed her desire to collaborate with non-profit organizations that not only work in South Africa but across the continent. To continue with her charity work, the former Jacaranda FM reporter stated that she aims to provide sustainable development goals for different African countries.

Khosi Twala’s Awards

Since BBTitans ended, Khosi has been working hard to carve out a successful career as a media personality. She has also been a role model to the youth and, thus, was nominated for the 40 Under 40 SA Award. She was among one of the over 100 people chosen for nomination. Interestingly, the gorgeous model won the People’s Choice Award at the 40 Under 40 SA Awards, which took place at The Houghton Hotel in September 2023.

Consequently, she received a one-year voucher worth R65,000 from Dr Lungile F. Mhlongo, who founded Numa Medical Aesthetics. As her fans were impressed with her work ethic, Khosi Twala was also nominated for the Sebenza Women Award and the Social Media Award.

Who Is Khosi Twala’s Boyfriend?

Khosi Twala is currently single. While on BBTitans, Twala revealed that she was dating a Nigerian guy. She, however, started dating fellow housemate Yemi Cregx and also got romantically involved with another housemate, Thabang, after Yemi’s eviction from the show.

Also, her partner on the show, Miracle OP, asked her out, but she declined his request due to the fact that he was asking every girl out. Thus, the two became close friends and only had a platonic relationship. After Big Brother Titans ended, many people were surprised that Khosi ended her relationship with her housemates and also with her Nigerian boyfriend, whom she had dated for four years before entering the reality show.

Khosi Twala explained that she separated from her Nigerian boyfriend because he was not ready to get married to her. Though he expressed his disappointment with the way she was flirting with other men on screen, he remained supportive of her. Nevertheless, the two broke up as they knew the relationship wouldn’t lead to marriage. Then Khosi’s relationship with Yemi Cregx ended immediately after he left the show as he never contacted her again, and the same goes for her affair with Thabang, whom she said never gave himself to her one hundred percent.

Furthermore, Khosi Twala has been rumored to be dating her former housemate, Marvin Achi, due to the several appearances they have made together. She, however, revealed that Marvin is her close friend and business partner and that they had been working on some projects.

Does Khosi Twala Have a Child?

No, Khosi Twala does not have a child. Having been raised in a Christian home, the BBTitans winner doesn’t wish to have a child outside wedlock. She is reportedly keeping herself for her husband. There’s no denying that Khosi would make a doting mother as she is very passionate about helping underprivileged children.

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