Inside Kenny Kunene’s Family With Wife Nonkululeko Mhlanga and Their Kids

Kenny Kunene has made a name for himself in Mzansi and is one of the most talked-about personalities. He is famous for many reasons and has a good fan base. He can best be described as a successful businessman, politician, and family man. Kunene’s life as an ex-convict turned politician and entrepreneur is as interesting as his personal life, especially his love and marriage life. He is a rich controversial figure who has worked hard to get where he is today. While he is notorious for being a playboy and living a very lavish lifestyle, he has equally managed to keep his family together and is now a dutiful father after being married twice.

Meet Kenny Kunene’s Wife, Nonkululeko Whitney Mhlanga

Kenny Kunene is currently married to his gorgeous longtime girlfriend, Nonkululeko Whitney Mhlanga. While Kunene is from Odendaalsrus, his wife comes from Galeshewe in Kimberly, Northern Cape Province. She is popularly known as the wife of South Africa’s famous money manager, Kenny Kunene. While her marital status has brought her immense fame, the beautiful Nonkululeko leads a private life. There is not much that is known about her life before her marriage to Kunene.

Whitney has kept a low profile following her marriage to Kunene, making it difficult for the public to obtain personal information about her. As such, it is difficult to provide information about her birth and family background. It is also not known if she has any siblings and what growing up was like for her. Information regarding her education and career life is also not available. She is, however, believed to be a housewife.

Kenny Kunene Met Nonkululeko When She Was 18 And Dated Her For 4 Years

Kenny Kunene and Nonkululeko Whitney Mhlanga’s love story began when they met in Kimberly at the Maloof Skateboarding Cup in 2013 when she was about eighteen years of age (This was one year after his divorce from his ex-wife, Mathato Kunene). For the couple, it was love at first sight. Kunene immediately knew he wanted her for a wife, but that dream took a long time to come true. They began dating and enjoyed each other’s company. Whitney kept turning down his proposals because she wanted to complete her studies.

While on a trip to Bangkok, she eventually accepted his proposal, and the duo decided to become man and wife. Whitney and Kunene dated for about four years before they tied the knot. Their marriage took place five years after his divorce from his first marriage. Kunene’s marriage to Whitney was a wedding like no other in Kimberly. The wedding was a major VIP event with high-profile celebrities such as Mbau and other business moguls and politicians in attendance.

The famous wedding had a guest list of six hundred persons and featured the best of South Africa’s branded products and the best alcohol available. Guests were treated to mouth-watering dishes and remarkable entertainment. The Sushi King left no stone unturned to ensure that his wedding was lavish and one of its kind.

His First Marriage To Mathato Kunene Was Plagued By Infidelity

Before Kunene’s 2017 marriage to Whitney, he was married to Mathato Kunene. There is not much that is known regarding how and when he met his first wife. However, they supposedly got married around 1996. They made a very happy couple until things began to turn sour for them. Some believe that Kunene’s philandering behavior played a role in the crisis that rocked their marriage.

While he was married to Mathato, he had multiple relationships with other women, notably his involvement with Sophie Ndaba (now Sophie Lichaba) and radio personality Zama Ngcobo. There were also his speculated affairs with some fifteen women simultaneously and a fling with some Swazi girls on his show.

Their Union Hit A Brick Wall After 16 Years In 2012

Their union could not survive the extra-marital affairs, and the news of their divorce broke in 2012. Kunene announced on his show and expressed deep regrets that his marriage of sixteen years was coming to an end amid serious controversies. He was more hurt that his wife was leaving him despite having strong feelings for him.

He made it known to the public that Mathato was never with him for the money but loved him wholeheartedly. He also disclosed that she had turned down a blank cheque from him. Their divorce was finalized in 2012. They parted ways amicably, Mathato retained their house, and Kunene was to foot her car bills. Their union was blessed with children.

Kenny Kunene’s Kids With Nonkululeko Have Been Dubbed “Billionaire Kids”

Kenny Kunene’s family is a moderate one as he has five children. He had three children from his first marriage to Mathato and two from his current marriage with Whitney. He had Mpho, Thato, and Mosa from his first marriage. It is unclear the time and dates they were born. However, his first daughter, Mpho, was embroiled in a controversy about her romance with a businessman from Soweto who had only broken up with his wife. They made news when the wife of the businessman began sending messages to Mpho on social media.

Kunene’s second marriage is blessed with two children, a boy and a girl. They welcomed their boy, Remo, shortly after their wedding in 2017 as Whitney was already pregnant before her wedding. Their second child, a daughter named Reemona, made it into the world on 5 January 2019. While Kunene claims to be actively involved in the lives of all his children, the two he shares with Whitney seem to have the best of him as a father.

Remo and Reemona are given the billionaire treatment and can be described as celebrity kids. The news of an R80,000 pram for Remo, which was the only one of its kind in South Africa, made the news. The then father of four, who was criticized for being extravagant, called out his critics who thought that children do not deserve to be spoilt if their parents can afford it. Both children are already Instagram kid influencers. Their Instagram accounts are @babybillionairekunene and @pinkbabybillionaire, respectively.

Besides his controversial affairs with women and the drama within his home, Kenny Kunene has had other controversial issues surrounding his life. He has had criminal cases in the past that sent him to jail. He has also been able to go from being an ex-convict to a very influential person in the country. In the course of building his multi-million empire, he attracted public criticisms when he hosted one of his birthday parties and had sushi served on the bodies of semi-nude women.

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