How to Check Balance on FNB

If you do not have the time to visit a branch of the First National Bank and you do not have an ATM close to you, there are several other options you can explore to check your balance on FNB. With your phone, you can check your FNB balance using the offline or online options. The offline options allow you to check your balance without an internet connection. However, if you have an internet connection, you can explore the online options.

Online Options For Checking FNB Balance

The following methods can be used to check your FNB balance online.

FNB Connect Balance Check

If you have a phone and the FNB online banking app and you want to check your balance, follow the steps below;

  • Use your correct username and password and login into the online banking
  • Go to the “My Bank Accounts” option and click on it
  • Select “My SIM Cards”
  • On the landing page for “My SIM Cards”, you will see all your FNB Connect SIM Card balances

How To Check FNB Balance Using the Online Banking App

If you do not have the app used to check your FNB balance on your phone, you will first have to download the app (Android, iOS, and Huawei) and sign up. After that, log in to the app using your correct credentials. The steps involved are the same as the steps for FNB connect balance check discussed above.

Offline Options Used To Check FNB Balance

If you don’t have internet or a smart device, these options can work for you perfectly.

How To Check Balance on FNB SIM Card

Checking the balance on an FNB sim card is a very easy process. Dial *111# from your FNB connect sim. After dialing the code, you will receive a notification that will reveal your balance summary. The summary includes your airtime balance, data balance, and SMS balance.

FNB USSD Balance Check

To check your balance using the FNB USSD code, simply dial *120*321# and you will be notified of your balance in a short time.

How To Check FNB Balance Using a Phone

FNB cellphone banking just got easier. To check your balance quickly on your cell phone, dial *120*321#.

How To Check FNB Balance Without an App

In case you need to check your balance but do not have the app on your phone, there is an available code with which you can check your balance. Dial *120*321# and follow the prompts to check your balance

How To Check FNB Ewallet Balance

The code you use to check your FNB e-wallet balance is similar to that with which you get your FNB e-wallet pin. The difference between them is “1”. While the code for getting your pin is *120*277*1#, the code for checking your FNB e-wallet balance is *120*277#

However, you should note that the method you use to check your e-wallet balance will differ from service to service. That is, the services you are using will determine the method you will use. Nonetheless, you still have to use the same banking code.

Balance vs Available Balance on FNB

Your account balance is the total amount of money that is available in your account. It includes pending transactions and checks. However, if you see “OD” written in front of this amount, it means that is the amount you owe. “OD” is short for overdraft.

Your available balance on the other hand is the amount you can access for withdrawals and purchases because it does not include pending transactions. It is the money that is readily available for transactions.

For a transactional account, your available balance can sometimes be more than your account balance. This happens when you have an arranged overdraft. Also, if you have uncleared funds, your available balance might become less than the account balance.

FNB Balance Check Works Both Online and Offline

Online and offline banking has come to make transactions easier, more convenient, and swifter. Without needing to go to the bank or ATM, you can check your bank balance on your phone. If you do not have access to the internet, you can easily use the offline options to check your balance. The FNB banking app is also a great option for people with an internet connection. These mobile options are available for both individual and business accounts on FNB.

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