Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In South Africa

Arguably, choosing a career path based only on things that appeal to one, is the naivety of livelihood. It’s now a popular sentiment that a good salary makes a happy career.

Of course, you’ll be happier if your vocation is all about what you love doing. But then, it’d be a frustrating vocation if it can’t earn you a respectable livelihood.

Many career experts and motivational speakers have advocated that money isn’t important in choosing a career path. They’ve consistently argued that paycheck size isn’t always tied to long-term satisfaction in jobs.

Yet, a good number of those striving to choose the right career and many job seekers continue to prioritize high pay.

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High pay in-turn, is knotted to jobs that are protected from competition or automation, skills in demand and higher education.

Generally, the most common degrees associated with high pay include Engineering, MBA, Computer Science, Accounting, and Law. In South Africa, most of the highest paying jobs are common within the highest level of management in organizations. Below are the top 10 highest-paying jobs in South Africa this year.

1. Chief Investment Officer (Executive And Management)

CIOs are the most paid in South Africa. Chief Investment Officer is a job title for the board level head of investment within an organization.

You’ll have to practically work out your butt, gather lots of investing experience, and attain a busty track record of investment successes to occupy this executive position. Trust me, nobody in the corporate world wants a nobody or just anybody to be responsible for a company’s investment portfolios.

The average pay for these guys each year is R1,684,800.

2. Legal Service Director


Legal Service Directors typically report to the management of an organization. The responsibility of these guys revolves around overseeing the functions of an establishment’s legal department.

Among other things, they are expected to offer legal counsel and interpret to management the state regulatory requirement on issues, the legal rules of contracts, the intrinsic of intellectual property, trademark protection and as well, coordinate the functions of legal staff in the establishments.

The role of Legal Service Directors is indispensable in organizations. Those employed as such in South Africa, earn an average pay of R1,552,000 per year.

3. IT Director


The average annual pay of an Information Technology Director in South Africa is R1,492,500. IT Directors oversee the information technology strategy for an organization. And, are responsible for the development and implementation of technical policies of the IT department.

In a nutshell, IT Directors are employed to be in charge of technology within an organization.

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4. Financial Systems Manager


Essentially, Financial System Managers are those employed to undertake systems maintenance and administration functions.

They work with IT department to plan, design, develop and launch strong financial system. In doing that, they evaluate user needs and system functionality so as to ensure the Financial Systems meet identified needs.

In South Africa, the average annual pay for Financial System Managers is R1,440,000.

5. Surgeon (Neurology)


The individuals here are not just doctors who perform operations. They are instead, involved with the medical specialty concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of patients with injury to or diseases of, the brain, spine or peripheral nerves.

A neurological surgeon (neurosurgeon) may provide either surgical or non-surgical care depending on the nature of the injury or illness.

They are not just brain surgeons, they are extensively trained to offer operative and non-operative management of neurological disorders.

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Often times, they are consulted by other practitioners in the medical field. Their yearly pay is R1,440,000.

6. Assistants to CEOs (Executive and Management)


Assisting the Chief Executive Officer of an organization in South Africa is tantamount to an average yearly pay of R1,404,229.

The position is often occupied by senior administrators. Oftentimes, they share much of the pressure and long working hours associated with the CEO job.

Their ultimate responsibility is to provide support services to CEOs, help them stay organized, advise them, and thereby, enable the profitable performance of the organizations which is the zenith task of the Chief Executive Officers.

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7. Corporate Director

A Corporate Director is a member of a corporation’s board of directors. If you’re aiming to attain the Corporate Director position in South Africa, you can as well, expect to earn about R1,380,000 per year.

However, you ought to know that a Corporate Director can’t make decisions on behalf of a corporation alone. As members of the board of directors, they function as a part of a group.

The board of directors are responsible for the business affairs of a corporation. They make decisions on behalf of the corporation by resolution at the board of directors’ meetings.

8. Market Segmentation Director


Market Segmentation Directors are usually responsible for the planning, development, and leading of a team tasked with the implementation of marketing programs and projects designed for the attainment of marketing objectives.

They often take on marketing strategy which involves separating a broad target market into units with common needs. Thereafter, they design and implement strategies to target the units.

Also, they ensure the effective control of marketing activities so as to guarantee the achievement of marketing objectives fall within designated budgets. Their average pay per year is R1,300,000.

9. Top Research and Development Executive


The business planning job requires expertise and extensive experience in planning and accomplishing goals. The individuals occupying this position are always required to be creative.

They oversee, plan and direct all affairs related to an organization’s research and development policies, objectives, and initiatives.

Aside from that, it’s their duty to maintain an organization’s competitive position and profitability. To achieve that, they formulate research and development programs. The average salary for Top Research and Development Executives in South Africa is R1,300,000 per year.

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10. Finance Executive (Accounting and Finance) 


Finance Executives are experienced in finance, economics, accounting and business administration. They work closely with departmental heads to out-map budget and tax plans.

Being a Finance Executive, you’ll have to manage the income, expenses and other money transactions of your organization. You’ll have to oversee the cash, design ways to improve financial performance, produce and analyze financial reports.

Simply put, you are employed to help your organizations maximize profits and cut costs. Majority of Finance Executives in South Africa work for finance and insurance companies. You’ll find others working with the government and manufacturing outlets. Their average take-home salary per year is R1,170,000.

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