Facts About Thandiswa Mazwai’s Partner Anika and Her Daughter With Stoan Seate

Thandiswa Mazwai has been in a relationship with a woman known only as Anika for over a decade, but they are not legally married. Meanwhile, before she started dating Anika, she was involved with the South African celebrity TV presenter Tshepo Seate, professionally known as Stoan Seate, and their relationship produced a daughter named Malaika Mazwai.

Thandiswa Mazwai is revered as one of the most talented contemporary singers in South Africa. Looking at her career profile and what she truly represents, we can’t agree less that she deserves to be ranked among South Africa’s greatest singers of all time. The sensational singer is openly gay and her partner, Anika, has been by her side for years.

Also known as King Tha, Mazwai launched her career in 1998 and is regarded as one of the pioneers of the kwaito movement. Born in Mqanduli, Eastern Cape, on March 31, 1976, the multiple award-winner has worked with several local and international talents, including but not limited to Sean Paul, Stevie Wonder, the Marley clan, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Chaka Khan, Steel Pulse, and Skunk Anansie.

Thandiswa Mazwai’s Journey To Coming Out

Thandiswa Mazwai loves her life regardless of how people see her. Trying to make people understand what it feels like to be in an intimate relationship with people of similar gender is not really an easy task for anyone. It takes a lot and above all courage to ‘come out’ and stick to what makes you happy. Mazwai is currently in a relationship with a woman she loves so much.

It all started many years after she had a child with kwaito singer, music producer, actor, and television presenter Stoan Seate. The singer is yet to fully share her ‘coming out’ story but she mentioned in one of the posts she shared in 2020 that when she realized that she was gay, she ‘hated’ the word because she knew she was quite different from other people.

Though Mazwai is not always in the news, she has, on several occasions, lent her voice in defending the LGBT community. She remains one of South Africa’s openly gay celebrities. The award-winning singer believes that men are nice but that women are nicer and so much more. The sensational singer’s relationship has been thriving for over a decade and it seems she and her partner are not leaving each other’s side anytime soon.

Thandiswa Mazwai’s Partner Of Over A Decade Is A White Lady

Thandiswa is quite protective of her relationship and it’s all good for her, considering how trolls intentionally provoke and attack celebrities when they share information about their personal lives online. She and her partner Anika are secretive about their relationship. This explains why most people don’t know about them and there is little information on both their affair and Anika’s personal life.

Neither the singer nor her partner has opened up about how and where they met;  if they have plans of tying the knot or having their own kids and more. Nevertheless, one thing that astonishes us about the private couple is the way they’ve stuck to each other for years.

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Thandiswa Mazwai’s partner Anika and the celebrity singer have been together for more than a decade, although the particular year they started dating is not public knowledge. Anika is a white lady and the couple is cool with their background and cultural differences. The singer has never shied away from talking about sexuality ever since she opened up about her sexual preference. As for her relationship with Anika, it is one decision she never regrets.

Mazwai doesn’t show her off all the time, neither does she share pictures of them together always but the singer doesn’t hesitate to reassure Anika of her love and commitment on special occasions like her birthday.

Thandiswa Mazwai’s Partner Anika Seems To Be Her First Known Gay Partner

Most partners don’t get to spend many years together without cheating scandals or divorce. The case is, however, different for Thandiswa and her sweetheart. The two have been together for years and Anika seems to be the singer’s first and only known partner.

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It’s not clear if Mazwai has been in a relationship with a woman before Anika came along. The Eastern Cape-born singer has never mentioned dating any other woman before Anika. There’s a possibility that Thandiswa has been only in one same-sex relationship all her life.

The couple has never had any issues since they started dating, at least to the best of our knowledge. Though Mazwai is more popular than her partner, the two have grown to love, support, and respect each other.

Thandiswa Mazwai Had Her Daughter In The Year 2000

The singer has only one child, Malaika Mazwai. The young lady was born on 22nd April 2000 in South Africa. Malaika’s biological father is none other than South African celebrity TV presenter Tshepo Seate, professionally known as Stoan Seate.

Malaika’s whereabouts and what she is currently up to are not known. The young lady has hundreds of followers on her Instagram page, where she wrote that she is pansexual.

It is unclear if Thandiswa’s daughter would follow in her footstep someday in the future. Right now, she is working out ways on how to live a fulfilled life and become the best version of herself too.

Thandiswa Mazwai’s Baby Daddy Is No Stranger To The Spotlight

As mentioned earlier, Malaika’s father is well-known in the South African entertainment industry, starting from his singing days in the music community. Seate is easily recognized for his role in the success of the popular kwaito band, Bongo Maffin, starting from the year 1996.

Besides music, he is an actor and TV presenter. He starred in the SABC1 youth drama series Soul Buddyz as teacher Pule, Khumo, Lehuma le Kgosi: War – Season 1 as Lerumo as well as Society – Season 2 as Tiro. Seate guest-starred in Generations season 1 and has hosted numerous shows, including Afro Café – Season 6 to 10, SABC Crown Gospel Music Awards – Season 6 (as Presenter), and SAFTAs – Season 11 (as Red Carpet Host / Presenter).

To his credit, Mr. Stoan was the narrator of the SABC1 kwaito-themed documentary series Vuma – A Music Revolution, which ran from December 2009 to January 2010.

A Look At Thandiswa Mazwai’s Relationship With Her Baby Daddy

Thandiswa and Seate’s relationship dates back to the time they were still doing kwaito music together. Both of them were once band members of the group Bongo Maffin and are believed to have hooked up through music.

It is not known exactly when and how their friendship began but one thing led to another and along the line, Thandiswa got pregnant for Stoan. The latter never denied being the father of the baby and as fate may have it, Mazwai gave the TV presenter his first child.

News about the duo’s relationship did not make it to the public then and even now, nothing has changed as information about their separation and the reason they called it quits is still under the radar.

It appears Malaika is not staying under the same roof with her father. Seate may not be physically involved in his daughter’s upbringing, but he is not an absent father. He recently took to his Twitter page to celebrate Malaika when she clocked 21. He lavishly expressed his love for his daughter and also thanked her mother for making it all happen.

Thandiswa and Seate may not be together again, the two have never shied away from proving to their daughter that she is their best and greatest gift ever.

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