Dissecting Yolanda Mvelase’s Age and The Love Story That Made Her Kwesta’s Wife

Everyone loves to hear a good love story, especially, one with a happy ending which seems to be the case for 33-year-old Yolanda Mvelase and her knight in shining armor, Kwesta. The love story of the beautiful businesswoman and the popular South Africa rapper and songwriter is nothing like the regular kind of celebrity relationship that starts with so much public show of affection and later ends in a bitter and messy divorce with stories of physical, emotional, or mental abuse following its wake.

On the contrary, these two have been in love for more than a decade, and are waxing stronger each day. Most importantly, they do not seem to be ending their happy marriage any time soon. Despite trying to keep their private lives away from the media as much as they can, the love and unity in the Kwesta and Yolanda love garden is undeniable and can be seen – if not felt – by any onlooker. Their love story before marriage is one that you would absolutely love to learn about, thankfully, they have not kept their romantic story away from the public.

Yolanda Mvelase’s Profile Summary

  • Name: Yolanda Vanessa Mvelase
  • Age: 33 years old
  • Date of birth: 13th October 1990
  • Parents: Vusi Mvelase (father)
  • Nationality: South African
  • Occupation: Businesswoman – CEO Beaded Bride
  • Relationship: Married
  • Spouse: Senzo Mfundo Vilakazi (popularly known as Kwesta)
  • Children: Two (Khai Asemahle Vilakazi and Kenya Elihle Vilakazi)

Yolanda Mvelase Shares The Same October 13th Birthdate With Her First Daughter

Born on the 13th October 1990 into the family of Vusi Mvelase, the exact birthplace of the beautiful Yolanda Vanessa Mvelase cannot be ascertained. And even though her parents are now based in Westville, a town located west of Durban in KwaZulu-Natal, there is no data to prove she was born there. An interesting fact about the life of the 33-year-old is that she shares the same birthdate with her first daughter, Khai Asemahle Vilakazi, who was born on the 13th of October, 2012.


She Came Into The Limelight As A Result Of Kwesta’s Music Career

Yolanda Mvelase is married to popular award-winning South African rapper, Kwesta, whose real name is Senzo Mfundo Vilakazi. Although they met in 2010 when Kwesta was still an upcoming musician and was unknown, he became successful eventually with a couple of albums to his name, including Special Rekwest (2010), DaKAR (2013), and DaKAR II (2016).

His albums/songs have been successful and the evidence of this is the fact that he has become the most awarded rapper in the South African music industry. Kwesta’s success inevitably brought him fame and popularity which by extension, rubbed off on Yolanda and landed her in the limelight.

Even though she was not popular or famous for anything before getting married to the Gcwala hitmaker, there is obviously something intriguing about her that has kept Kwesta madly in love with her over the years. He has been faithful too – a virtue which is rare to find among South African celebrities, especially musicians – and unlike other celebrities, Kwesta has never had a cheating or baby mama scandal – outside what they share in their relationship.

Aside from being a supportive wife and an amazing mother, Yolanda is also a businesswoman. She owns a bridal accessories company called ‘Beaded Brides’ which was launched in March 2020. According to her, the aim of her business is to give brides that perfect modern bridal look with an African flair.

The Lovebirds Met On The Set Of Kwesta’s Video Shoot

For some couples like the Fergusons, it is love at first sight for both, while for some others, it was not love at first sight at all. For Kwesta and Yolanda, it was a blend of both – love at first sight and taking a little time to open up. The hopeless romantics first met at Kwesta’s video shoot in 2010. Kwesta, who was already into music at that time, was in need of ladies who would play the role of video vixens in his video shoot and a mutual friend decided to reach out to Yolanda.

You would not be surprised that Yolanda was considered for the job, considering how beautiful she is even after two children. She accepted the job in a bid to assist her friend who needed the favor. Little did she know that the venture would be a spark of something new, and that job would always be remembered forever.

While speaking in an interview with Sony Music Africa, Kwesta revealed that for him, it was love at first sight as immediately he set his eyes on the beautiful lady who had just accepted to be a video vixen in his video shoot, he liked her and decided to shoot his shot, even though it didn’t seem to be yielding any fruit at first.

Yolanda Mvelase Rebuffed Kwesta’s Initial Advances Because He Was Not Her ‘Type’

Kwesta’s attempt to crack jokes with Yolanda in order to make her laugh did not get the desired reaction from Yolanda, rather, she reacted in an annoying manner, but surprisingly that made Kwesta more interested in her.

For Yolanda, it was strictly about the job and she had no intention to mingle with anyone, especially, Kwesta, as he did not fall into the category of Yolanda’s type of man at that time. This accounts for why she did not want to be receptive to his jokes. Her annoying reactions did not stop Kwesta from making advances, and finally, she gave in.

His persistence paid off after all as she started laughing and stopped acting repulsively towards him. Throughout the rest of the video shoot, they maintained a cordial relationship with each other, as she was now friendly with him. The exact date they started dating is not known, but their meeting sparked up something beautiful between them, and since then, they have been together.

Kwesta and Yolanda’s Bond Got Even Stronger With A Child On The Way

It is quite surprising how a man who wasn’t your type at first can quickly move from being your friend to being the love of your life and then being the father of your child. Well, we guess life just happens, it truly did in the case of Yolanda Mvelase and Kwesta.

In 2012, at the age of 21, the mother of two realized that she was pregnant with her first child for Kwesta as the duo were already in a romantic relationship after they first met in 2010. Yolanda was unsure about how Kwesta was going to react to the news as the pregnancy was not in their plan at that time, and they were not married.


Kwesta proved his love for Yolanda when he accepted the pregnancy and promised to love her even more and to always be there for her. It made Yolanda very happy, especially when he kept his promise. Even though it was tough, he did his best to be there for her, while hustling to boost his burgeoning career at the same time. He stood by the love of his life throughout the pregnancy until she gave birth to their daughter.

Later that year, on the 13th of October 2012, the lovebirds welcomed their first child, a girl, who they named Khia Asemahle Bulelwa Vilakazi. Kwesta told Drums that the birth of their daughter made him more responsible, and showed him the need to love and be there for his family even more. He has shown this commitment to his family in some of his videos and seems to be a doting father to his daughter.

Khai Asemahle Bulelwa Vilakazi is now 11 years old and her parents are giving her the best they can afford. They are also protecting her from the prying eyes of the media as the little child has not been making a lot of public appearances. For now, she’s just being a kid and there is no pressure on the career path she will follow.

They Tied The Knot After Eight Years of Being Together

What started with Kwesta’s jokes and Yolanda’s disinterest have today blossomed into a beautiful and happily married union. After eight years of knowing each other, and almost five years after their daughter was born, the romantic hotheads decided to tie the knot – traditionally.

In 2018, they decided to make their relationship official by getting married traditionally, a ceremony that was attended by close friends and family. From the pictures that float on social media and celebrity IG pages, it was indeed a beautiful ceremony that took place in Katehong in Gauteng.

After celebrating their traditional marriage, the lovebirds took the next step by having a white wedding on the 22nd of March 2019 at an undisclosed location. The ceremony was a very beautiful occasion attended by friends and family and of course, his celebrity colleagues which include several South African personalities. Among those who were in attendance were Tshepi Vundla, rapper JR, Lootlove, Reason, Thabsie, Kid X, and Rouge.

The beautiful Yolanda looked stunning as she donned a strapless gown and beautiful veil while her husband, Kwesta looked good in his white suit (with a black trimming). Here are some beautiful pictures of the loved-up couple on their day.


In November 2020, The Vilakazi’s Welcomed Another Member Into The Family

In an IG post that the Njandini crooner made in August 2020, he showed off his family, including his wife’s baby bump, their beautiful daughter, and himself. He said that they should not be taken as ‘couple goals’, as they are still making efforts to be better which accounts for the love and unity they have experienced so far. He went further to say that his family also goes through pain, hard times, fear, disappointments, and good times like every other couple but God has always seen them through.

After watching Yolanda Mvelase’s second baby bump grow magnificently and steadily over a couple of months, on November 11, 2020, the happy couple welcomed their second child, a baby girl, who they named Kenya Elihle Vilakazi. Following her birth, Kwesta, took to social media to announce the birth of his second child, with a photo where the child’s face was covered with the words “She’s here.”

Barely one week after the child’s birth, some anonymous persons decided to assist her parents to create five fake Instagram accounts for the child. This move deeply offended Yolanda, who vented her frustrations on Twitter. She has since urged her fans to unfollow, block and report all fake accounts of her child while insisting that she has no IG accounts for her daughter.

Yolanda Mvelase and Kwesta Have Enjoyed Vacations In Beautiful Places

A fun fact from Kwesta and Yolanda Mvelase’s wedding was that they requested that the guests gift them with cash donations to sponsor their honeymoon. This was very laughable as the couple could afford whatever honeymoon destination of their choosing. However, after their white wedding in March 2019, the couple jetted off to the Maldives for their honeymoon. They had a good time at the beach with white sands, the blue sky, beautiful nature, and of course, each other.

This was certainly a good way to spice up their relationship, especially after getting married. They also shared pictures of their special moments with fans on social media. Their time in the Maldives seemed to be a memorable one as Yolanda posted on Instagram, longing for another time there.

In 2020, the couple took another vacation, but this time, it was not to the Maldives. The Vilakazis decided to stay closer to home and their holiday destination of choice was Tanzania. They went in the company of their daughter, Khia, and the family had a fun-filled time. They visited a couple of beautiful places in Tanzania like the Zanzibar island and as they did before, they shared photos of themselves having fun.

The relationship between these two is obviously enviable and worth emulating, for more than a decade since they met, they have found ways to reignite their love, and most importantly settle quarrels and misunderstandings without involving the media.

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