Cell C Customer Care Number and Contact Details For Customer Service

Cell C Head Office in South Africa is located at Cell C Main Building, N1, Woodmead, Sandton, 2191, South Africa. However, you don’t have to visit an outlet to perform certain services. You can simply dial Cell C’s toll-free customer service number 135.

In this article, we have provided the Cell C customer care number and contact details for customer service. We have also included the location of Cell C outlets and other means through which you can reach Cell C when the need arises.

Cell C Customer Care Number To Speak To A Consultant

One of the most effective and fastest methods of getting to Cell C is by putting a call through to a customer care agent. Although you may have to wait in a virtual queue until your call is directed to the next available consultant, you don’t have to wait for days.

There are several reasons why you may need to speak to a consultant, some of these reasons include:

  • SIM swap: You may need to speak to a Cell C customer service agent if you intend to swap your SIM
  • Lost SIM: If you lose your SIM card, it is important that you contact Cell C immediately to report the case. This way the SIM may be blocked and the number retrieved. Also by reporting to Cell C, you can avert any intended crime that could be perpetuated by the thief
  • Network issues: If you are having problems connecting with the Cell C network, you should call customer service

Please note that as trivial as your reason for reaching out may be, it is better you reach out to a Cell C customer care service than to receive inaccurate information from external sources.

How To Reach Cell C Help Line

Cell C Customer Care

There are different numbers through which you can get to a Cell C customer service agent. These different numbers have different uses and they include:

  • 135: This is Cell C’s toll-free number. You can only place a call through to this number with a Cell C SIM
  • 084 135: You can make a call through to Cell C using any line. However, it is not toll-free and standard charges may apply
  • 084 1555555: This particular number is dedicated to technical support
  • 084 143 29: You can reach Cell C by sending an SMS to this line
  • 084 167 6598: Cell C customer care fax

What Is Cell C Email Address?

If you are a Cell C business customer and you need to speak to an account manager, you don’t have to call the general toll-free number. You can simply dial 084194400 or you can send a mail to [email protected] or [email protected].

You Can Also Leave A Message To Cell C On Their Website

Aside from putting a call through to Cell C, you can also decide to leave them a message via their website. The downside to this is that you may have to wait for some minutes, hours, or probably days to get a response, so you must be patient. Here is how to go about leaving a message for Cell C on their website:

  • Visit Cell C ‘Contact Us’ page
  • Click on ‘Write to us’
  • Enter your name, surname, telephone number, email inquiry subject, and then the message
  • Ensure that all the information you have provided is detailed and correct
  • Click ‘Submit’

Where Is Cell C Head Office?

Cell C’s head office is located at Cell C Main Building, N1, Woodmead, Sandton, 2191, South Africa. If you are finding it difficult to locate Cell C Head Office, you can also make use of Google Maps.

Cell C’s website can also serve as a guide. Here is how to make use of it:

  • Visit Cell C ‘Contact Us’ page
  • Click on ‘Corporate Office’
  • The address will be displayed on your screen
  • Highlight it and tap on the goggle map icon
  • The goggle map location will be displayed on your screen

How To Find The Closest Cell C Branch

Cell C head office may be too far from your current location and you don’t necessarily have to go there to lodge a complaint, especially if there is an outlet closer to you. Using the Cell C contact us page, you can find the closest Cell C branch to you by following these simple steps:

  • Visit the Cell C ‘Contact Us’ page
  • Click on the nearest store
  • Follow the prompts to find the store closest to you
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If there is no Cell C store close to you, you will notice that the page will fail to load and there will be a ‘Call be back’ button on the broken page.

What Is Cell C Head Office Contact Number?

Cell C Customer Care

You can contact Cell C head office by dialing +27 84 135. Their website does not indicate whether or not this is a toll-free number. So, if you don’t want to be charged for speaking to a Cell C customer service agent, then simply call the general Cell C toll-free number – 135.

You Can Reach Cell C Through Social Media

Social media is another platform where you can contact Cell C. What makes social media unique compared to other means of contact is that on social media, you can also get to know how other Cell C customers feel about the network. Here are the different social media platforms where you can contact Cell C.


If you have an active Facebook account and app installed on your phone, here is how to reach out to cell C using the official Cell C Facebook account;

  • Visit the Cell C ‘Contact Us’ page
  • Scroll to the Facebook icon
  • You will be redirected to Facebook
  • Click on the messenger icon
  • Leave a message

Alternatively, you can also make use of the comment section if you want everyone to see the message you intend to leave for Cell C. You can also decide to search for Cell C on Facebook, the account is verified so it would be easy to locate it, instead of going through the contact page.


Twitter is practically one of the best platforms to visit anytime you are having network challenges and wish to know whether other customers are going through the same problem. Here is how to reach Cell C on Twitter without tagging them:

  • Search for “Cell C”. Their Twitter account is verified
  • Click on the verified Cell C account
  • Click on the message icon
  • Leave a message and in no time, a customer service agent will respond to you


If you prefer Instagram, then you can also reach Cell C there.

  • Search for @cellcsa
  • Click on the verified Cell C account
  • Click on ‘Message’
  • Leave your message and someone will respond to you

You can also leave your message in the comment section, however, with so many other comments under a post, your comment may become difficult to find.

You Can Also Leave Network Feedback On The Cell C Website

Cell C Customer Care

If you are facing a bad Cell C network, you can quickly lodge a complaint to Cell C by making use of their website. Here is how it works:

  • Visit the Cell C ‘Contact Us’ page
  • Click on Network feedback
  • A short form will be displayed on your screen
  • Provide accurate answers to all the questions provided
  • Prove that you are not a robot
  • Click on Submit

Cell C Self Service Portal

Cell C self-service allows Cell C users to perform a wide range of services without having to contact a Cell C customer care service agent. To make use of the self-service portal, you will have to contact a customer service agent who will walk you through the process of activating the PIN.

You are not to disclose your self-service PIN to anyone – not even a Cell C customer service agent knows your PIN. You can make use of self-service to borrow airtime, buy data, and even activate your SIM.

How To Opt-Out F on Unsolicited Messages From Cell C

If you feel that Cell C is contacting you so much and it’s becoming offensive to you, you can opt out of receiving unwanted messages. Here is how to go about it:

  • Visit Cell C ‘Contact Us’ page
  • Click on ‘Opt Out’
  • Read through and follow the instructions to opt out of receiving marketing communication from Cell C.
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