Who is Uncle Roland Muchegwa the Zimbabwean Blesser?

Uncle Roland Muchegwa is a self-acclaimed business tycoon known as the African playboy, or even his famous nickname “The Blesser.” He is a Zimbabwean born in 1969 but lived in South Africa as one of the country’s Socialites.

Muchegwa seems to have an affinity for living a flamboyant lifestyle and has often bragged that his lavish way of living would remain a constant until he is no more. This piece clearly explains his early life, the source of his wealth, the reason for his sentence, and many other facts you might find interesting.

Summary of Uncle Roland Muchegwa’s Biography

  • Full Name: Rolen Iseanesu Muchegwa
  • Nickname: Uncle Roland; The Blesser
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: 1969
  • Nationality: Zimbabwean
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Uncle Roland Muchegwa’s Wives: Bridggete Mpofu, Michelle Kawome
  • Uncle Roland Muchegwa’s Children: 8
  • Famous for: His luxurious lifestyle with the girls
  • Uncle Roland Muchegwa’s Instagram: @roland_muchengwa

Uncle Roland Muchegwa Is From Zimbabwe

Roland Iseanesu Muchegwa was born in the streets of Zvishavane, deep down in the Midlands province of Zimbabwe, but he lives in South Africa. Not so much is known regarding who his parents or siblings are, but it has been stated that his father worked with the cold storage commission, which specializes in the sales of cold room warehouses, cold room panels, and cooling systems.

During his father’s work in Harare, Roland Iseanesu Muchegwa moved there and attended elementary school.

He Was Expelled From High School

After his elementary school, Uncle Roland Muchegwa moved to a top school where he studied till form three and got expelled for placing a mathematical set compass on his teacher’s seat that pricked his teacher’s bum.

This expulsion sent him to the ghetto, where he enrolled in Mukai High School in Highfield. A number of his classmates attest that he was book smart and multilingual, as he was able to speak five different languages, although he was quite a naughty student.

Why Was Roland Muchegwa Sentenced to Prison?

After high school, Roland started to work with Zimnat insurance company, and he took part in a marijuana deal that didn’t end up smoothly. He was caught by the authorities and was arraigned before a court, where he got a verdict to serve a two-year jail term.

After His Serving His Jail Term, He Ventured Into Business

After his time in prison, Uncle Roland Muchegwa started his business career by selling second-hand imported clothes to make ends meet. He did this until he met Victor Mereki, who manages several service stations around town, and got introduced to the petroleum business.

In a short time after he started trading petroleum, he made some profit and expanded his business. He began distributing petroleum to even National bodies like the Zimbabwean government and other SADC countries. His business continued to expand, and today – according to him – he also owns a big club in Cape Town, South Africa, and a mining business.

Rolen Muchegwa also has a local transportation industry, and he is the brain behind Hwindi Taxis – a local version of Uber. All these sources make up his income streams, but no figures represent how much his net worth could be. However, he makes a lot to be able to keep up with his lavish lifestyle.

Uncle Roland Muchegwa Has Been Involved In Several Legal Troubles

Sometime in December 2019, Uncle Rolen Muchegwa’s accounts were frozen on the grounds of illegal business dealings. He was allegedly involved in dirty fuel deals wherein he bought petrol from cheaper areas like Kwazulu Natal province in South Africa and then misrepresented exports by saying it would be headed for The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) but ended up offloading the fuel in Zimbabwe.

He also sells it off in the black market for extravagant prices in Limpopo province. After this is done, he exports water-filled tanks to the DRC without being noticed, as the weighbridge cannot dictate the type of liquid in a vessel. So the circle of illegal business continues.

He has also been accused of tax evasion, which has left the internet speculating it would be a bad season for his slay queens. The South African Revenue Service (SARS) froze his business accounts to be able to investigate his tax evasion and illicit fuel dealing allegations. It is also stated that what could have triggered the accusations and audit of his business was his flamboyant lifestyle which went viral on social media platforms.

Uncle Rolen Muchegwa Has Been Married Twice

Uncle Rolen Muchegwa was first married to a woman named Bridgette Mpofu. Details about where and where they got married are unavailable, but shortly after their marriage, they were divorced. The marriage, however, produced a son named Brassington, an amateur footballer playing in the U18 Zimbabwe national soccer team.

After his divorce from Bridgette, Rolen went on to marry businesswoman Michelle Kawome, with whom he had two children. And after being married for 10 years, his second marriage ended with accusations that Michelle had cheated on him with a late Harare lawyer, Mr. Eddie Jori.

He has been accused of attacking his ex-wife Michelle and leaving her fighting for her life on several occasions. The late lawyer Jori, who died mysteriously, also accused Rolen of harassing and threatening him publicly. This led to a court summons which he defied by fleeing Zimbabwe, and so the court issued a police warrant of arrest for him.

As a result of the foregoing, he is careful about public appearances. Being multilingual with a passport from 7 different countries grants him access to several countries in Africa, so hiding in one of those isn’t a big deal to him.

The Blesser Lives A Lavish Lifestyle

Uncle Rolen Muchegwa’s wealth shows off in his luxurious lifestyle and the money he lavishes on young girls. The latter is what earned him the nickname “The Blesser.” He is said to make his money from both his legal and illegal business dealings. However, he is yet to reveal his net worth to the public.

Uncle Roland Muchegwa

He has houses and fleets of cars from well-known brands in Germany and Britain, some of which are Mercedes Benz, SUVs, BMWs, and Range Rovers. His mansion screams flamboyance and affluence, and it is obvious Rolen Muchegwa has a taste for the good stuff. Here are the specs of one of his fast and nice cars:

Toyota Land Cruiser VX model

  • Max Power (bhp@rpm): 261.49bhp@3400rpm
  • Max Torque (nm@rpm): 650Nm@1600-2600rpm
  • Number of Cylinders: 8
  • Engine Displacement: 4461
  • ARAI Mileage: 11.0 kmpl

Aside from cars, another thing that ‘The Blesser’ invests a lot of money into is women. He came to the limelight after a video of him and a young girl went viral. The obvious age difference between them amused South Africans, and he is well known for flaunting girls.

And despite his looks and age, many young girls are obsessed with being around him due to the money he lavishes on them. Right now, he stays away from the public, but considering how much he loves women, it is possible he still risks being with women at some point.

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