Where Is Fourways Farmers Market and Is There An Entrance Fee?

Healthy living has become fashionable, so people try their best to eat from the most nutritious options available. It is for this reason that farmers’ markets are a go-to for healthy food options. The Fourways Farmers Market in South Africa is one of such farmers’ markets that provide the public with healthy food options to choose from. It is designed to provide that wonderful feeling of being on the farm.

Fourways Farmers Market in the Gauteng Province offers visitors within her abode unforgettable weekend experiences. It is among the biggest weekend food and craft events in the province. It brings together local farmers, chefs, small businesses, and artisans to showcase their products and talents to food and fun lovers. The market goes beyond selling organic and fresh farm produce to providing exotic, freshly prepared meals. A lot of creativity goes into all that is done at the market to give the market-goers an experience they will not forget in a hurry.

Fourways Farmers Market offers a fantastic range of services. Here you can enjoy the best of Mzansi local delicacies prepared in the most traditional way possible. You can also have a taste of international cuisine and juices pressed straight from fruits. There are vendors selling items such as farm produce, seedlings, cloths, and local craft at the market. There are also picnic lawns and bars, all in an incredibly beautiful environment. You can also enjoy live entertainment while shopping or enjoying an outing in the market.

How Fourways Farmers Market Started

The famous Fourways Farmers Market is the brainchild of Greg Straw, a landscape architect and horticulturist. The market was established in 2013. His dream was to set up a serene environment away from the hustle and bustle of city life where local small businesses and artisans could sell to the public. The business kicked off in the Fourways Farmstead, a beautiful outdoor garden with picturesque views that mimicked the countryside.

Shortly after its grand opening, the market drew hundreds of visitors every weekend. It had about 107 vending points making it one of the busiest markets of its kind in Johannesburg. There is ample plant life at the market, and visitors can relax on wooden stools under jacaranda trees or their iconic hay bales. Although in the heart of Johannesburg, the creator took time to design the market so that it became a place that allowed city people to relax and unwind.

As the market grew in popularity, it attracted more market-goers, and soon space became a problem. Their issues with parking space and people had to park further away from the market and get there on foot. Also, the crowd wanting to enjoy the great outdoors at the market defeated Greg Straw’s dream of providing an intimate market experience and his pledge to protect the environment as a horticulturist. The need arose for a bigger market and a new location to accommodate his customers.

Where Did Fourways Farmers Market Move To?

In 2019, Fourways Farmers Market announced its relocation. The weekly market was moved to Taroko Farm in the Modderfontein Nature Reserve. The reserve is situated at Norfolk Lane, Klipfontein 12-Ir, Lethabong, 1609. Now in the second-largest privately owned reserve in the Gauteng province, visitors to the market have nothing to worry about as there is enough space to accommodate everyone.

The market now sits on 265 hectares of land and has within its borders part of the Modderfontein Spruit, dams, hills, and well-maintained grasslands. Distance is no barrier as it is only ten minutes from Sandton and has recently constructed roads connecting it to Marlborough Drive and the N3. Parking space is no longer a problem for visitors to be worried about.

Does The Market Have An Entrance Fee?

The market charges an R10 entrance fee, but children and senior citizens are allowed free entry into the market. This fee enables the organizers to provide visitors to the market with the best entertainment on the ground. Each market day, at least three award-winning artists or bands play at the market, and they do not come cheap.

The market opens every Saturday and Sunday from 08h00 to 16h00 for Farmers Pop Up Café and Bar. The exits are closed at 17h00, whether rain or shine. Should there be any special market events or night markets, information regarding such is usually posted on their social media handles. The market can be booked for non-market events such as weddings, birthday parties, and the like but not on market days, and you are not allowed to bring your food to the venue. All your catering needs will be sorted by their professional vendors.

The market is child-friendly and has entertainment designed to keep children engaged. It also has facilities for parents to change their babies at each convenience. Those with disabilities are also provided for in terms of parking space, and you can bring your furry friends along as long as you stick to the rules. For pets on the market, owners are mandated to look after them. All dogs must be on a leash and with their owners at all times. Dogs must be friendly with people and fellow dogs.

Is Fourways Farmers Market Cheaper?

This is a tough question to answer because, at the farmers’ market, extra effort is put in place to make whatever is being sold appealing to buyers. The farmers’ market appears to sell at cheaper rates as their products are sold directly by the farmers without the meddling of middlemen. Organic farm produce and products are also a lot cheaper at the Fourways Farmers Market than the supermarkets. The reason is that at the farmers’ market, you buy directly from the producers.

While the Fourways Farmers Market has moved from Fourways to Modderfontein, the fun getaway market has retained the culture of excellence begun at Fourways. The fun just got bigger with more vending points, parking space, and picnic ground. And now you can even go running or hiking within the reserve.

There is also a remarkable improvement in food options with an increase in the number of vendors at the market. There are child-friendly meals, vegan and Halaal meals available, with plans to introduce kosher vendors on the way. And yes, there are no plans to change the name from Fourways Farmers Market yet.

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