Whatever Happened To Terry and Vyno?

Terry and Vyno have broken up. The two contestants on Big Brother Mzansi season 3 were one of the most talked-about couples on the show. However, their union did not last once outside the house.

Vyno Miller and Terry Treasure met in the BBM house and almost immediately, things escalated between the two of them. But it seemed it was just a phase for them both as things didn’t quite end as many expected. While Terry made it to week 9 in the house, Vyno was evicted much earlier.

Yet they were steadfast in their feelings for each other. Along the line things changed for the worse, leaving their fans seriously confused. Here is the full breakdown of what really happened between the Big Brother Mzansi duo.

Terry and Vyno Were Big Brother Mzansi Season 3 Contestants

Terry Treasure, whose real name is Gugu Bonga, was among the lucky contestants selected for the third season of Big Brother Mzansi which kicked off in February 2022. She introduced herself as a makeup artist and adult content creator with a popular OnlyFans page. She was among the initial set of housemates that were revealed to the viewers. Vyno Miller was brought onto the show a week later, alongside another housemate. He came as a result of an unexpected twist in the game.


Only two weeks after the show began, Terry won the head of house position, a sign that she was clearly not one to mess with. Terry was a natural drama queen, and although she tried to play nice and get along with everyone on the show, she got into a tiff with fellow contestant, Dinky Bliss.

This was one of the highlights of Terry’s stay in the house. Her other highlight, as you might have already guessed, was her budding romance with the ladies’ favorite, Vyno Miller. Miller, who introduced himself as a musician and singer, appeared to be equally interested in Terry. It didn’t take long before Vyno naturally began to gravitate toward her.

The Duo Fell in Love on National Television

Before long, it was clear to everyone where Vyno and Terry were headed. The two began spending significant time together in the house. Still, the journey to their closeness wasn’t a linear one. Apparently, their first meeting had been outside the house, a few years ago, before the coronavirus pandemic. Vyno recalled that Terry’s first impression of him was that he was rude.

His explanation for his behavior had been that he was naturally quiet and so was assumed by many to be rude. Nonetheless, the two proceeded with their romance pretty quickly. There were a lot of reports among the housemates that seemed to suggest that Vyno had only gotten close to Terry to improve his rating among viewers because he believed she was a strong candidate.


There were also times when it seemed like he was speaking ill of Terry behind her back, causing many to be concerned about his true intentions. However, Terry was blissfully unaware of all the rumors and was clearly having the time of her life with Vyno. Terry revealed later on that she had not intended to catch feelings for Vyno initially. She admitted to wanting to friendzone him in the beginning until love took over.

Meanwhile, the aspiring amapiano artist said he was drawn in by Terry’s vivacity and boldness. He was also intrigued upon learning that Terry had a popular OnlyFans account. The couple talked seriously about it, as Terry warned Vyno to think clearly about whether he wanted to start a relationship with someone who was always being heavily criticized online.

Vyno soon realized that his feelings for her weren’t fickle and that he was prepared to weather anything for her sake.

Terry and Vyno Broke Up after Dating for a Month 

Terry and Vino broke up after dating for only a month. The breakup of the two lovers was quite sudden and unexpected. Given how close they were in the house, it came as a huge blow to the entire BBM community when they broke up.

Barely a few weeks after Terry was out of the house, rumors began to circulate in blogs that Vyno had been seen severally with other women. The former Big Brother Mzansi contestants spoke countless times about taking their relationship further outside the house.

Ironically, excluding the time spent in the house, their relationship holds the record for one of the shortest in the show’s history. The duo was together for only one month after their respective evictions.

In April 2022, Vyno was accused of cheating on Terry with a South African public personality named Bontle Smith. However, this was an unsubstantiated allegation made by a blogger named Musa Khawula. Not too long after these rumors broke, Vyno was seen on Twitter, debunking the cheating rumors.

However, he did something that shattered everyone’s hearts as well. He announced the breakup between himself and Terry. According to Miller, he wanted to clarify his intentions even though he already understood that there was no easy way to announce a breakup.

Vyno’s tweet made it clear that he and Terry Treasure had both decided to revert to their original status—being just friends. He took the liberty of speaking for his ex-girlfriend by assuring everyone that they weren’t quarreling or beefing.

Vyno also said he respected Terry and still cared for her, but was obviously no longer interested in continuing the relationship. On the other hand, Terry has never publicly said anything about the embarrassing breakup. The reality TV star simply threw herself right back into work.

Vyno has Since Found Love Again

After his tweet confirming their breakup, many users realized that they might have been mistaken about some of Vyno’s previous tweets. Some days before his infamous breakup tweets, Vyno made a series of tweets saying he was happy and madly in love.

The public had assumed that his tweets about being in love were about Terry. However, in light of the new happenings between them, it is obvious that Vyno is dating someone else and that his tweet was referring to that individual.

Presently, there is no direct information about who this mystery lover of Vyno’s might be. On the other hand, the lovely Terry is all about her business. She is currently looking to get into yoga instructing.

On air, Terry admitted that she didn’t wish to waste her newfound fame and wanted to make as much money as she could while promoting positivity and sexual wellness.

Information about her current love life is carefully kept away from the public, probably because of the nature of her job as an adult entertainer.

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