5 Practical Ways To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

With the direction the world is going today, everyone is talking about a possible ‘end of the world’, it may come as Armageddon, we might just end up killing each other or there’s the chance that there might be a zombie apocalypse.

Even the US Center For Disease Control has a whole page devoted to this so we are on the right track here.

Yes, weirder things have happened so we might as well explore the chances that it could happen and here are a few pointers in case it happens.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

Step one is always the planning and preparation phase, do not let anything take you by surprise, for starters make sure that you watch some of the best zombie movies out there.

Here’s a small list to guide you, just work your way down and you are covered on the first survival step ‘prepare’. There’s Zombieland, Night Of The Living Dead, Day Of The Dead, Shaun Of The Dead and Warm Bodies.

Zombie apocalypse 1

There you have the perfect mix of the farcical, political, scary and romantic zombie movies to watch. Glean all you can out of these ‘educative’ films. In addition to that, make sure that you have your basic supplies on ground, the only thing worse than being stuck in an actual zombie apocalypse is being unprepared with zero supplies at hand.

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Zombie apocalypse 2

Things like water, non-perishable food, medication, hygiene products, utility supplies and weapons should definitely be at the top of your list. More importantly than having a list is having an accessible place to store these things, it may vary from one person to another, but figure out your routine and make a plan to store your supplies well.

A Zombie Apocalypse Is No Joke, Zombie Proof Your House

Your usual day to day security systems will not help you in this front, so have no faith in your alarm systems and the rest, they are obviously amazing when it comes to alerting the police of a possible ‘human’ home invasion, they are quite efficient, but in the event of a zombie apocalypse it would be wiser to get down to some real security.

Zombie apocalypse 3

So first of all, kick proof your door because that zombie is not going to knock politely or waste time picking your lock, chances are it’s going to kick your door down and with its super undead strength, it will definitely succeed. The key is to search for devices that reinforce the weak points of a door such as the door jamb, hinges, and the area around the locks.

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Zombie apocalypse 4

Also, baseball bat proof your windows, remove potential zombie hiding places such as any large sized shrubbery around the house, also illuminate all those dark corners that they could find refuge in.

Come Up With A Zombie Apocalypse-Proof Plan

In the probable case that your house is unsuitable for surviving the apocalypse, you need to have a backup plan, be sure to identify a safe assembling area and the easiest route to get there. In addition to that make sure that you have scouted out the nearest hospital, gas station, grocery store or any other building of importance.

Zombie apocalypse 5

You do not want to choose any place too far from any of these important buildings, the key is to stay alive and in order to do that, you have to stay unseen as much as possible.

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Whatever You Do Stay Away From The Departmental Store

If you have seen any of the zombie movies out there, you will know for sure that this is not a ridiculous notion, there is ample proof out there that departmental stores are usually the hub of zombie attacks. For those that did not have enough supplies for the attack, the store would be a good place to start and if there is one thing we can agree on it’s the fact that people make zombies.

Zombie apocalypse 6

So ask yourself this, while you’re devising a last-minute zombie survival plan, will other people be doing the same? Most likely, that’s why you should stay ahead of the game and get your supplies on right now. Also, stay away from places that are generally crowded, because a lot of people will eventually translate into a lot of zombies.

Start Hitting The Gym

Yeah, this one is essential to your survival as a whole, in the advent of you running into a zombie, which is perfectly plausible in a zombie apocalypse, you need to be able to outrun them at most. Nobody loves the gym that much, but if you had to choose that over getting your brains eaten out or walking the earth eating other people’s brains to survive, which would you choose?

Zombie apocalypse 8Yeah, I thought so too, it would be wise to start hitting the gym right now.

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