Top 10 Most Innovative Start-ups In South Africa

Very few young companies have the potential to become big businesses, and even fewer can be classified as innovative. There are a good number of companies and start-ups in South Africa that would not just be classified as big but also innovative.

The country has also made a huge impact in science and technology; several important scientific and technological developments have originated from South Africa. It will be recalled that Mark Shuttleworth founded an early Internet security company, Thawte that was subsequently bought out by world-leader in internet security: VeriSign. Companies like SpaceXPayPalTesla Motors, were also founded by South African born Elon Musk

In honouring Innovation and technology in South Africa, we’ve decided to compile a list of 10 young and innovative companies you’ll be hearing a lot more about over the next few years. We believe that these companies have the potential to shake up the tech, media, advertising, services sector and what have you. All the companies we’ve listed here have fresh concepts with the potential to become industry leaders.

In selecting these companies, we’ve looked at which companies offer the unique products, which ones are most likely to have an impact on our digital culture and the world beyond, which companies are the most promising in terms of services, products, innovation, and technology

Here Goes Our List of 10 Most Innovative Young Companies and Start-ups in South Africa



10 Most Innovative Start-ups in South Africa

Hashtag South Africa

Hashtag South Africa is a newly formed company in line with the National Development Plan 2030 of South Africa to introduce, implement and integrate the use of Social Media, Fiber Communication, Cloud Computing and Mobile Application Development into SME, Corporate and Public Sector in #SouthAfrica.

The company offers unique products and services you don’t usually find available elsewhere. It’s about engaging with your business model, mission objectives and development. Strategies aligning it with effective digital communication platforms and ensuring that your business or lifestyle needs are well catered for, it’s all about sharing the Gospel of Social Media with South African communities


The high cost of broadband and a low-speed Internet connection has made It both difficult and frustrating to watch or stream videos online in Africa. Sometimes you’ll have to wait for so long before you can be able to connect and watch the next video. So many people in Africa today still access the internet with low-speed mobile phone networks via GSM/EDGE networks that operate at very low speeds

What Tuluntulu innovative technology does is to bring both the low data speeds, and video streaming together and manage it in such a way that It keeps the audio track in place at all times thereby giving you a seamless and smooth video delivery adapting to varying throughput rates for each individual connected user without disruption (no re-buffering, fast start-up, etc.) the viewed stream.

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Messaging engine is built into the core of the technology to reduce the cost of entry where the adverts/branding/messages are integrated into the video space (non-invasive) such that ‘URL stealing’ and syndication of content remains revenue generating. It also uses Massively scalable architecture for large numbers of simultaneous viewers even with individual adapting video streaming. Tuluntulu is built with South Africans and Africans in mind


Jobcrawler is a new job search engine that provides job seekers free access to millions of job openings across thousands of job categories and industries. This website is an aggregator that aggregates, filters and sorts huge amounts of data from hundreds of job boards, classifieds sites, company homepages and other job-related Websites and make them available to you in a fast, clean and easy to use interface. What makes this site unique is their map-based search feature which allows you to search for jobs within a certain geographic area and our search filters allow you to drill down to the exact job details you need.

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SPOTTM makes it safer to privately connect with your neighbours in your neighbourhood. Crime is still a major issue in South Africa but this Cape Town-based mobile start-up SPOTTM is looking to address it with their crowdsourced crime-fighting app. is an innovative South Africa’s leading comparison engine website. The company helps you save time and money by offering you multiple quotes to compare from some of South Africa’s leading brands so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs and save.

EDGE Campus (Qurio)

This is a Stellenbosch-based education software start-up that delivers high quality, low-cost education solutions to the masses through mobile web technologies. Founded in 2010 by two young entrepreneurs (Paul Kim and Gareth Heuer), Qurio is a free mobile and web product designed to make creating a quiz, test, survey of overall assessment processes for teachers across the African continent a piece of cake. Qurio is an innovative education solution for teachers and one of the buzzing start-ups in South Africa.

Gust Pay

If you’re sick and tired of hearing about mobile, just wait until the end of 2014 when you’ve heard “wearable tech, wearable tech, wearable tech” ad nauseam. It’s the next big trend, and South African start-up Gust Pay is placed well to take it with its mobile payment app and NFC wristband tech.

Of all the Start-ups in South Africa, Why is it worth watching?

Gust Pay’s NFC wristband makes mobile payment convenient and efficient. It was used at 2013 Rocking the Daisies festival in Cape Town, alongside the Gust Pay Rocking the Daisie’s festival app which allowed party-goers to create their own schedule, provided GPS coordinates, and navigate a 2D map. We’re interested to see how this tech could be adapted to other large-scale events like conferences and sports’ games.


Peace of mind for parents. As heard on Cape Talk 567, sBubble is a cool and highly innovative app that links a small device on your child’s clothes to your smartphone. As soon as they step beyond the secure zone the smartphone app alerts you, it does this by creating a Bluetooth tag that connects to your smartphone to notify you when your children go beyond a certain range

Smart Toy Club

This is an exciting, convenient, innovative and money-saving service for Cape Town Moms and Dads that would want to keep their kids entertained. It is one of the start-ups in South Africa with a variety of high quality, long-lasting, age-appropriate and educational toys which are updated to the kid’s age and interests on a monthly basis. Parents may not have to buy brand new toys and having the old ones clutter all over the house

The Artery

The Artery is one of the start-ups in South Africa that is blazing the trail. It isa platform for discovering and promoting local undiscovered art talent, it provides an affordable sales channel and eliminates expensive gallery with the ultimate aim of fostering a new generation of art lovers and artists, bloody good art at affordable prices, It might interest you to know there’s free shipping on all orders.

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