These Are The Boyfriends Carol Tshabalala Has Had Since Divorcing Her Husband Solomon Manana

Carol Tshabalala’s first boyfriend was Solomon Manana who ended up becoming her husband, and their relationship lasted from 2000 to 2006. She has since moved on with her life and has dated South African rapper Sbuda Roc. She is currently rumored to be dating Sadio Mane, the professional soccer star.

When it comes to women in sports journalism, no name rings a louder bell than Carol Tshabalala – the first African to appear as a host of the most prestigious award in the world football – the FIFA Ballon D’Or – in 2011. The self-proclaimed first lady of South African sports is a multiple award-winning sports presenter, broadcaster, producer, and voice-over artist at SuperSport International. Asides from her career, Carol has been in the news for other reasons, including her union with Solomon Manana, which ended in divorce after six years.

Since her divorce, Carol has since focused more on her career and less on relationships. Although she works in a male-dominated industry, over the years, Carol has continued to shine and prove her mettle in sports broadcasting, staking her claim as a respected sportscaster. She serves as a freelance reporter, as well as a live studio anchor at the Barclays Premier League Football Today Live Shows. While it is not known for sure if she is currently dating anyone, Carol has been linked to being in a relationship with a few celebrities lately.

Summary of Carol Tshabalala’s Biography

  • Name: Carol Tshabalala
  • Date of Birth: August 11, 1981
  • Place of Birth: Pimville, Soweto, South Africa
  • Occupation: Sports Presenter, Broadcaster, Producer, and Voice-over artist
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Children: 3

Carol Tshabalala’s Boyfriend is Rumored To Be Sadio Mane, The Senegalese International

The fact that gorgeous Carol Tshabalala has remained single since her break up with rapper Sbu Motloung in 2015 is something her fans don’t seem to be comfortable with. And so when the mother of three started to post pictures of herself with Senegal and Liverpool FC of England soccer star, Sadio Mane, in early 2020, the media went agog with rumors of them dating. Whether intentional or not, Carol Tshabalala got herself caught up in a seeming love affair with the African Footballer of the Year, Sadio Mane, when she posted several photos of them together.

The intended effect of this move is yet unknown as neither of them has confirmed or denied the rumor about a relationship between them. In 2018, Carol had an interview with Mane in the UK, where he told his story of how he moved from the rural parts of Senegal to play in football’s biggest league – the English Premier League. Fans believe it was where their relationship (professional or otherwise) began.

Besides the pictures, the pair have been spotted together on dinner dates. The relationship between the two is yet to be defined and so until then, it is best to assume they are just friends. Sadio Mane, who plays his football in England for Liverpool FC, is also single despite a healthy annual take-home pay of $10.6 million. So, just maybe, something is in the works.

Her Love Affair with Sbu Motloung was Short-lived

In 2011, the South African entertainment sphere came alive with the news that Carol Tshabalala was romantically involved with Sbuda Motloung, a South Africa rapper popularly known as Sbuda Roc. Though it came as a shock to several fans mainly because of the age difference between them (Carol is four years older than Sbuda Roc), she debunked rumors of age being an issue between them.

During her interviews, she insisted that though she was initially worried when she found out about their age difference, they had moved past that phase as her ‘Ben 10’ is so mature, and really appreciates her despite her career in an industry that is male-dominated. She also stressed that her three kids were also not an issue between them as he got along so well with her boys.

Carol Tshabalala

Cheating Allegations Led To Their Eventual Break-Up

After a couple of years, rumors of infidelity on the part of Sbu started making the rounds. While the rumors were confirmed to be true, Carol kept her cool in public, however, friends and close buddies revealed the situation of things between the pair. It was revealed that young Sbu Motloung became apparently dissatisfied with the older Carol and decided it was time to go for a younger catch.

He cheated on Carol Tshabalala with gorgeous Metro FM radio presenter and DJ, Sam Lehoka (who goes by the nickname DJ Sammy Sosa). She is a year younger than Sbu himself. The source also revealed how the revelation has put Carol under a lot of stress, even though she cannot confront the said Sammy Sosa because she does not want to come out as jealous plus she understands that a backlash may be bad for her reputation.

It is said that Sbu had introduced Sammy Sosa as his manager, and Sammy, on her part, had publicly denied the relationship, claiming they (herself and Sbu) were only neighbors and to an extent, good friends. The relationship ended a short while after in 2015.

Carol was Previously Married to Solomon Manana

The first known relationship of the award-winning South African sports personality – which became her first marriage – was with Solomon Manana in 2000. At the young age of 19, Carol ventured into a marital relationship with Manana. Details of when/how they met and what made her marry at such a young age is not known at the moment.

However, the marriage, which ended on a sad note in 2006, lasted only for six years and produced two sons. She has kept full custody of her sons and has picked up lessons from the marriage she has gone on to describe as a “prison” rather than a “union”. Carol has spoken out against abuse – physical and emotional – in marriage as she seeks to inspire young women to draw inspiration from her marital experience.

Her Constant Abuse By Her Ex-Husband Led To Their Divorce

The name “Carol Tshabalala” is today, synonymous with strength, bravery, courage, and a determination to stand out, but the same was not the case when she was married to Solomon Manana. While the marriage lasted, Carol Tshabalala suffered constant abuse from her once loving man. She lost all essence of living, and even though she had started working as a presenter at the time as ‘Carol Manana’, she couldn’t be at her best. Her husband abused her physically, mentally, and emotionally as he sort to control her.

According to Carol, her ex-husband would literally hit her and even ‘choke’ her till she couldn’t breathe. In fact, she claimed she lost her self-esteem and dignity. And even though Solomon Manana accused his ex-wife of infidelity, she was able to break free through a divorce in 2006, which brought the marriage to an end while she was pregnant with their second son. The beautiful Carol has remained unmarried since then, however, she has tasted the relationship waters again.

Carol Tshabalala is a Mother of Three Children

Despite Carol Tshabalala’s failed marriage, she has proven to be successful in her career and as a mother of three children. She gave birth to two sons with Solomon Manana during their ill-fated marriage. Notwithstanding all she went through, the sports celebrity welcomed two boys – Joel (born in 2002 ) and Solomon (born in 2007). Her third son, Mpho, is actually her late sister’s son who she adopted after the former passed on.


Carol prides herself as a wonderful mother to her kids and claims she would not swap that role for anything in the world – her job inclusive. According to her, she makes sure they never miss her, even though she travels – outside the country – for a job. They communicate often and ensures they are in proper shape. They understand her job and knows why she has to be away as they are all sports fans themselves.

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