Thembinkosi Lorch’s Troubled Relationship With Girlfriend Nokuphiwa Mathithibala That Got Him Arrested

The arrest of Thembinkosi Lorch, one of South Africa’s biggest soccer players, by his girlfriend, Nokuphiwa Mathithibala, came as a surprise to everyone because they had always kept their relationship a secret, and no one even knew he was dating. As always, most celebrities’ problem is not keeping the relationship secret; rather, it is keeping the scandal that may come with the relationship a secret. The news of his arrest was certainly not a nice way for fans to get to know he was in a relationship.

As a result of the entire scandal, some fans feel the lady never loved him, while others support her standing up against gender-based violence. However, what both sets of fans have in common is they want to learn more about her. They also want to know what really transpired between the duo that led to the GBV scandal.

Thembinkosi Lorch’s Relationship With Nokuphiwa Mathithibala Has Always Been Away From Limelight

Despite being someone who is of public interest, Thembinkosi Lorch managed to successfully grow his relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Nokuphiwa Mathithibala, away from the public domain for reasons best known to them. Besides being each other’s followers on social media, they never gave anyone the reason to suspect that they were an item. Lorch did not have even one picture of Nokuphiwa Mathithibala on his account, and neither did she upload a picture of him. It is quite obvious that they had agreed on being totally discrete.Thembinkosi Lorch

As a result of this, neither fans nor the media know when the duo started dating and how well it has been going, but they must have had good times, just like other couples who start off happy. Hopefully, as time goes on, either Thembinkosi Lorch or Nokuphiwa Mathithibala will open up more concerning what their private relationship was really like.

He Is One Of The Best Football Players In South Africa

Thembinkosi Lorch plays as a defender for South Africa’s professional football club, Orlando Pirates, and South African national team. Before moving to Orlando Pirates, he played for Maluti FET College, Cape Town All-Stars, and Chippa United.

In 2018/2019, he was named the South African Player of the Season and Players’ Player of the Season, but the following season he fell out of luck and was unable to bring his team to the finals. He is the inspiration behind the 2019 song titled Lorch by DJ Maphorisa and Kabza De Small. Currently, he is one of the best footballers in South Africa.

Thembinkosi Lorch had always been a private person. Before now, all the ladies he has been rumored to have been in a relationship with have always been unconfirmed. He has been able to draw a thick line between what the public should know about him and what they shouldn’t, and everything about his relationship is totally off-limits.

Well, being a private person is totally cool, as long as you are sure to keep all scandals away from the public. You may control how you give out information from your end, but not from the end of the other party involved.

Nokuphiwa Mathithibala Became Popular As A Result Of Her Assault Case Against Thembinkosi Lorch

While Thembinkosi Lorch is famous and has always been of public interest, especially to football lovers, his ex-girlfriend, Nokuphiwa Mathithibala, has not always been in the limelight. This is why die-hard fans who have made up their minds to support their favorite South African footballer believe that she never truly loved him. They believe it is evident with the police case she opened against him. They believe she was only in a relationship with him for the fame.

Miss Nokuphiwa Mathithibala may not have always been famous, but she has also done well for herself. She owns her own business called ‘Life Coach with Phiwa’ and is also a professional and licensed life coach. Her business is aimed at giving clients professional help with achieving their personal goals. She also offers professional football coaching, which may be how she met Thembinkosi.

She is also a quality assurance facilitator at Next Corporate and Travel Solutions and does not take health and fitness for granted. She also uploads pictures and videos of her intensive workout sessions. Mathithibala obviously has many qualities that may have attracted Thembinkosi Lorch to her, and although the entire scandal brought her fame, she was already doing well for herself.

Thembinkosi Lorch Allegedly Slapped And Choked Nokuphiwa Mathithibala in 2020

In September 2020, Sunday world reported that Thembinkosi Lorch had been arrested after an assault case was opened against him at the Midrand police station by his girlfriend, Nokuphiwa Mathithibala. According to the report, he was absent for six hours without Nokuphiwa knowing where he was. When he returned, she confronted him regarding his whereabouts, and he slapped her and tried to strangle her. Luckily, a friend was around to rescue her from his grasp.

After the episode, Lorch got into his car and drove off. The reason for his rage and actions is still not totally clear. A provincial police spokesman confirmed this report by Sunday World. Orlando Pirates was also not supporting his actions and released a statement stating their stance against gender-based violence (GBV).

They were also willing to let the law take its course against Thembinkosi Lorch for his actions before taking any punitive action against him. This came as a surprise to everyone, and fans took to social media to express their opinion concerning what transpired. As expected, they all had mixed opinions. While some were for Nokuphiwa Mathithibala, others were against her.

The Assault Case Against Thembinkosi Lorch Was Temporarily Withdrawn in January 2021

Following his arrest in September 2020, Lorch was charged with assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm and was released on bail at the cost of R2,000. In January 2021, the assault case against him was temporarily withdrawn from the Randburg Magistrate’s court after his legal team submitted representations to the Senior Public Prosecutor (SPP). The SPP considered his representations and decided to withdraw the case.

The SA Police have also been instructed to continue with investigations regarding the case to guide the NPA to decide whether the case and prosecution should be carried out. This certainly was not the best way for a private relationship to be announced and ended. And both parties must have had their fair share of the heat that came from the assault scandal.

As time goes on, when the police are done with their investigation, we will get to know if he is guilty and the penalty Thembinkosi Lorch has to pay for his actions. Since his relationship with Nokuphiwa, he has not been associated with another lady. He is probably getting over her, but most importantly, his relationship card is very close to his chest.

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