Inside Ringo Madlingozi’s Family With His Wife and Son

While it is known that Ringo Madlingozi got married in 2004, the identity of the woman he married has remained a mystery to date. His marriage remained a secret until 2019 when he revealed in an interview with Move that he was previously married and has been divorced from the lady for 10 years. It is claimed that Ringo Madlingozi’s incognito wife is the mother of Phila Madlingozi, one of his six children.

Although Ringo Madlingozi is now more of a politician than a singer, he is still a role model to many young aspiring musicians. His impact in the South African music industry is obviously something that will not be forgotten in a hurry. Thankfully, his son, Phila Madlingozi, has taken after his father’s steps by venturing into the entertainment industry, even though he has no plans of basking in the past glory of his father.

The veteran South African singer turned politician, has not enjoyed as much success in his love life as much as he had with his music career. Despite being a ladies’ man who can literally make ladies throw their panties at him while he performs, he has so far not been able to successfully keep a woman as a wife for long.

Ringo Madlingozi Got Married In 2004

Being a ladies man, you can easily tell that most ladies will be willing to give anything just to be with him. Ringo Madlingozi finally chose a woman with whom he felt he could spend the rest of his life and they got married in 2004. As a couple, they both decided to keep their marriage a secret, as such, we can’t say for certain when Ringo met his wife and the kind of marriage or even relationship they had as there was never any form of public show of affection by the two.

The couple actually decided to keep their relationship private because of Ringo Madlingozi’s fame. They felt that keeping things away from the public was a way of striking a balance between his music career and marriage.

There is Nothing Known About The Woman He Married

Keeping their relationship private for the couple involved keeping the wife’s identity away from the public. As a result, nobody, except close friends and family knows who Ringo Madlingozi got married to. We don’t know whether she was also a celebrity who people also know or whether she was just someone who has always kept a low profile.

But despite all attempts to keep the relationship away from the public domain in a bid to protect it, they were not able to successfully achieved that as their relationship still hit the rocks.

The Singer-Turned-Politician Has Been Divorced From His Wife For 12 Years

We only got to know about Ringo Madlingozi’s marriage in 2019, when he revealed in an interview with Move that he was previously married and have been divorced from the lady for 10 years.

According to Madlingozi, the divorce was his fault, because, despite all efforts to strike a balance between his career and marriage, he still wasn’t able to differentiate ‘Ringo the musician’ from ‘Ringo the husband’. He allowed himself to get carried away by the love and affection he always received from a lot of women which got in the way of his marriage. He believes that he was not mature enough to be a husband at the time.

Divorce is never an easy thing for anyone and it was not for Ringo, but he didn’t allow the experience to ruin his perception of life or his career. According to him, there were times when he just allowed himself to feel the pain and hurt, and afterward, he’d bounce back on his feet.

Despite Being Divorced, Ringo Madlingozi Is Still On Good Terms With His Anonymous Wife

Although their 5-year-old marriage did not last as long as they expected, the former couple is still on good terms. His anonymous ex-wife did not allow the fact that he was the cause of their divorce to ruin their friendship. They are still in contact with each other even after so many years of being separated.

It is claimed (even though there is no evidence to support the claim) that Ringo Madlingozi’s incognito wife is the mother of Phila Madlingozi, one of Ringo’s six children. Phila was born on the 26th of November 1989 in Johannesburg and is currently 34 years old.

Ringo Madlingozi’s Son, Phila, Maintains A Good Relationship With His Father

Before Ringo got married to his ex-wife, his children, including Phila were living with their grandmother, One year before his marriage, he brought his children over to Johannesburg to live with him.

Madlingozi got married when his son Phila was about 15 years old and at the time of his divorce – five years later – his son, who was 20, had already begun his music career. At that age, he must have understood the situations surrounding their divorce. However, rather than taking sides, he has maintained an awesome relationship with his parents.

According to him, he got his passion and talent for music from his father who is a legendary musician, and then his good heart comes from his mother who has a big heart. Again, we are not sure if his reference to ‘mother’ points to Ringo Madlingozi’s ex-wife or someone else. The message he posted has a picture of a woman who you would argue is not his mother because there is almost no resemblance.

Phila Madlingozi May Have Revealed The Identity Of Ringo’s Ex-Wife

On several occasions, Phila Madlingozi uploads pictures of a woman who he refers to as his mother. Whenever he uploads her picture, it is always followed by heartwarming captions. On the 9th of May 2021 which happens to be Mother’s Day, he uploaded a picture of the same woman who he refers to as his mama, wishing her a happy mother’s day.

It is not clear whether she is really his mother or a mother figure to him, but if she is truly his mother, then you can tell that he got a lot of his good looks from her. Also, following his celebration of his mother on Mother’s Day, he repeated the act for his father on Father’s Day. On the 20th of June 2021, he still took out time to celebrate his father, referring to him as a champion. This goes further to buttress the point that he has a good relationship going on with his parents.

Phila Madlingozi Has Followed His Father’s Footstep By Keeping His Love Life A Secret

Ringo Madlingozi who is now a member of the South African Parliament has remained mute about his current relationship status. We cannot tell whether he is in a relationship and has decided to keep it private like the previous one, or if he is now solely focused on his musical and political career.

Phila, his son, is also someone who keeps his relationships private. Just like his father, we do not know whether there is a woman in his life or not. Hopefully, more about their love life will be revealed to the public in due time.


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