You hardly hear any song that does not in one way or the other talk about love. Love songs are songs that talk about love, either falling in love or out of love. Love is something everyone wants to feel, and love songs can give that feeling. Love songs go hand in hand with romance, you hardly hear of a romance without a romantic love song involved, it’s what adds flavor to a romantic situation. There are lots of love songs out there, so we have made a critical search and have come up with these most romantic love songs for your  girlfriend.

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20 Most Romantic Love Songs For My Girlfriend

1) Rihanna feat. Calvin Harris – We Found Love

[youtube_video video_id=”tg00YEETFzg”]

2) Céline Dion – The Power Of Love

[youtube_video video_id=”Y8HOfcYWZoo”]

3) Beyonce –The Closer I Get To You

[youtube_video video_id=”V4PMSjUbg88"]

4)  Savage Garden–I Knew I Loved You

[y[youtube_video video_id=”jjnmICxvoVY#aid”]p>

5) Marvin Gaye–Let’s Get It On

[y[youtube_video video_id=”x6QZn9xiuOE”]p>