Who Is Leslee Neshehe, Mutodi Neshehe’s Wife?

Leslee Neshehe is an American-born South African life coach, a mother of two, best recognized as the estranged wife of Mutodi Neshehe, the recently deceased South African actor and TV star.

Mutodi Neshehe was a popular face in the South African entertainment landscape who brought moments of delight to the public and his fans with his acting abilities in movies and TV series such as Generations: The Legacy, Jacob’s Cross, and Muvhango, amongst others. His life story is well-documented, but we are about to learn more about the woman who crossed the Atlantic ocean to become his wife.

Leslee Neshehe’s Bio

  • BIRTHDAY: 1970s
  • BIRTHPLACE: United States of America
  • NAME: Leslee Neshehe (néé Dalton)
  • ETHNICITY: Caucasian
  • NATIONALITY: American/South African
  • MARITAL STATUS: Estranged wife
  • LESLEE NESHEHE’S HUSBAND: Mutodi Neshehe (deceased)
  • CHILDREN: 2 daughters (Alexis Love Neshehe and Sadeen Belle Nashehe)
  • HAIR COLOR: Brunette
  • EYE COLOR: Dark Brown
  • OCCUPATION: Life Coach
  • FAMOUS FOR: Being the celebrity wife of the late South African actor, Mutodi Neshehe
  • TWITTER: @LesleeNeshehe

What Is Leslee Neshehe’s Age?

Leslee Neshehe appears to be in her mid to late 40s. Her exact age is currently unknown as a result of the fact that she has never publicly disclosed her date of birth. One would assume that she was a few years younger than her late husband, Mutodi Neshehe, at the time of his death. He was born on January 12, 1975, and died on July 1, 2021, aged 46.

From the statement mentioned above and as yet unconfirmed assumptions, one can also presume tentatively that Leslee Neshehe was born during the mid to slightly late 1970s.

The celebrity widow was born Leslee Dalton in the United States of America. Her exact place of birth in the US is unknown, but she belongs to the Caucasian ethnic group, spotting some of the classic physical features of people from her ethnic group.

Leslee Neshehe’s citizenship status is not as straightforward as her ethnic identity. She has a dual nationality status. For starters, her birth status makes her a citizen of the United States of America. However, she earned the right of being called a South African citizen when she married the late South African-born actor Mutodi Neshehe.

There is also the fact that the celebrity wife has lived in South Africa for close to two decades now. Surely her status as a citizen would have been confirmed even if she weren’t married to a citizen of the country.

Leslee Neshehe spent most of her formative and part of her adult life in the country of her birth. She didn’t necessarily fall from the sky, so that means she must have parents. There is also nothing that suggests she might have been adopted. However, there is little to no information about her birth parents, such as their identity, what they do or did for a living, and if they are still alive.

There is also next to nothing known about other members of her birth family, including her siblings, if she has any. The mystery surrounding Leslee Neshehe’s early life also extends to her formal education background. She has not revealed where she got her basic, high school, and most likely college education. However, she seems to be a sufficiently educated woman whose formal training has helped her take on the career responsibilities she has today.

Leslee Neshehe Became Mutodi Neshehe’s Wife In 2004

In a pre-recorded eulogy at Mutodi Neshehe’s burial service, Leslee said her late husband died knowing she loved him so much. That love was kindled in 2003 in a small restaurant in North Carolina, United States of America.

Leslee Neshehe

That was the venue of the first meeting between the former couple. At the time, Mutodi was an international student in the country and in the process of bagging a degree in Business Administration. For Leslee and the late Mutodi, it was love at first sight, the kind of love neither of them wasted no time exploring further. Before long, they were dating and all over each other.

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When it was time for the late Mutodi to return to his country in 2004, he asked Leslee to go with him, and she agreed. He had to go first, and not long after, she flew more than 10,000 miles to become his wife in an intimate traditional wedding ceremony that was attended by both sets of family members.

Leslee Neshehe’s Marriage Broke Down In 2018

It was relatively pure bliss between the couple for the next 15 years. They were both committed to building a happy and long-lasting family as a couple. They created fond memories as a family that later included two beautiful daughters, and it seemed like it would go on like that forever.

Things changed in 2018 when Leslee temporarily suspended her marriage to Mutodi on the grounds of infidelity on the late actor’s part. She had held nagging doubts about his fidelity for a while, and when she set out to confirm those doubts by going through his phone, she was shocked and appalled at what she saw.

Mutodi had allegedly been sexting with two younger women, which was something that did not sit well with Leslee. The late actor proceeded to move out of the family home, and not long after, divorce proceedings were initiated by Leslee.

There were also accusations that the late South African actor was both physically and emotionally abusive towards his estranged wife, a fact alluded to by one of Leslee’s close friends who claimed to have moved in with her because he feared for the safety of the celebrity wife and her kids at the time. Both allegations of cheating and violence were vehemently denied by Mutodi.

All the bitterness and acrimony trailed the divorce, and subsequent divorce proceedings were halted in November 2020 after the couple decided to mend their fences and get back together as a couple. Tragedy struck as the late actor succumbed to COVID-19 complications on July 1, 2021, the day he was supposed to officially move back home.

Leslee Neshehe Had Two Children With Her Late Husband

Before their separation and eventual reconciliation, Leslee and her late husband had the privilege of being the parents of two beautiful daughters, Alexis Love Neshehe and Sadeen Belle Nashehe. There is no information on their birth records at the moment.

Even during the turmoil that her marriage went through, one subject Leslee and her late husband agreed on unequivocally was that they both loved their daughters unconditionally. There was even a time Leslee claimed her then estranged husband had shirked his duties of providing for his children, but that statement was taken with a grain of salt by all who heard it as Mutodi had been expressive of his love for his children.

Leslee Neshehe Is A Certified Life Coach

Leslee Neshehe

Leslee Neshehe is a trained psychologist. Before and since her husband’s demise, the resilient celebrity widow has been a pillar of support to people looking to realize their dreams. Her Instagram bio describes her as the owner of an unnamed consulting company and a talent agency determined to help people achieve and reach their full potential.

She is relatively successful at what she does, but there is no way to quantify that as she has yet to disclose her net worth. Her late husband’s estate was reportedly worth around $1.3 million at the time of his death, and it is presumed that Leslee got the lion’s share of that estate to support herself and the children she had with the late actor.

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