10 New Innovative Technologies That Will Change Your Life

Technology definitely plays a major part in the lives we live today. It has made everything easier from keeping in touch with friends to heating our meals and even managing our businesses. Some would say the world, as it is, would not be able to survive without technology. However, there are still some that speculate that the growth in innovative technologies has made everyone ‘less human’.

Regardless of what anyone thinks, there is no denying that technology has been life-changing. With the likes of Uber promising a flying car prototype by 2020, be sure that there are still some pretty cool innovative technologies coming our way.

Here are some of the new techs that will change the world as we know it:

1. Holograms


Holograms are no longer just a thing of the future. With the Microsoft Hololens, all that is about to change. The Microsoft Hololens is a head-mounted display currently in development, capable of projecting a hologram into your line of vision. The best part is, you don’t need to wait forever to get one – for $3,000 you can get the development kits which are currently up and running and up for sale.

2. CancerLocator

With a simple blood test, CancerLocator can not only detect cancer but can also locate where it is in the body. CancerLocator was developed by researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). The computer program has an 80% accuracy when it comes to detecting cancers in the early stage, which can be very instrumental in saving many lives.

3. Lab-Grown Meat

Vegetarians can rest easy. In a few years, animals won’t need to be harmed for meat. Scientists have proven that meat can now be ‘grown’ in labs. This not only has great benefits for the agricultural sector but for the environment as well, with the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions to start with. Land and water use will also be greatly reduced. However, it can’t be entirely certain that people will prefer lab-grown meat to the real deal.

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4. Facial Recognition As Currency…Technically

Facial recognition, which is already being used by some businesses and establishments in China, will soon be used as one of the core authentication methods before paying for goods; which is pretty cool new technology if you really think about it.

5. Implants To Walk Again

walk again

Implants which will help paralyzed patients regain body movements have not only been created but also successfully tested. The implants will help restore movement by communicating nerve signals between the brain and the spine. The benefits of this technology can be considered to be immeasurable.

6. Implants To Reverse Blindness

Scientists in Italy have developed prosthetic implants which are organic and made out of silk that are capable of reversing blindness. The implants, which heal onto the surface of the retina, have already been tried and tested on rats, replacing damaged photoreceptors in their eyes. This restored the rats’ abilities to detect light.

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It may or may not be common knowledge but degenerating photoreceptors are the primary cause of blindness in humans as they age.

7. Wireless Phone Charge

You can now charge your phone without a charger and you have Disney to thank for that. Disney researchers have devised a way to wirelessly charge multiple phones in a room; however, the current method requires metal walls for some reason. The good news is that improvements are being made to revise that requirement. Before you know it, you won’t need a phone charger anymore and you can charge your phone anytime, anywhere. Amazing, right?

8. Kuri

Kuri Robot

No need to ever be lonely again. Kuri, a new robot which will be available for sale at $699, will wake you up in the morning, greet you when you return from work, keep an eye on your home/apartment while you’re away and send a text message if something is awry.

It is equipped to be a reliable assistant and companion. At its affordability, it is understandable why this will influence change when it comes to how we view and relate to technology.

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9. GoSun Stove

This simple yet revolutionary stove uses the power of the sun to cook. Even in winter, it is undeterred; the stove has a solar powered tube which allows it to heat up to 550 degrees. But perhaps the best part is the fact that it doesn’t use any fuels which is an undeniable plus, both to our wallets and to the environment. Makes you wonder why it hasn’t been done before, doesn’t it?

10. A.I Lawyers

An artificially intelligent (A.I) lawyer which was built by a student at Stanford Univerity has already overturned parking tickets worth 4million USD at no cost to the users.

This development will no doubt make the process of getting legal help more affordable and certainly more accessible. The existence of legal AIs is not a new concept; AIs such R.O.S.S is said to have drastically reduced the number of time lawyers spend on research.

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