Musa Mseleku’s Biography: His Age, Qualifications and Businesses Explored

Musa Mseleku (born on June 22nd, 1975; Age: 49 years old) is a wealthy South African polygamist, businessman, author, and reality TV star well known for creating and starring in the Mzansi Magic reality series, Uthando Nesthembu.

Musa made his first million from his second business after failing in his first venture. He afterward veered into TV production and then launched a reality TV series, Uthando Nesthembu, which focuses on his polygamous family. With the series becoming an instant hit in the first season, it has been running for five seasons, gathering more wealth for the famed polygamist.

Musa Mseleku’s Biography Summary

  • Full name: Musa Christopher Mseleku
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: June 22nd, 1975
  • Musa Mseleku’s Age: 49 years old
  • Ethnicity: Zulu
  • Nationality: South African
  • Zodiac Sign: Cancer
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christian
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Musa Mseleku’s Wives: 4; MaCele Mseleku, Mayeni Mseleku, Thobile MaKumalo Mseleku, and Mangwabe Mseleku
  • Musa Mseleku’s Children: 10; Mpumelelo, Obanzi, Mnini, Lwandle, Mawande, Zenade, Abongwe, Owani, and two daughters
  • Musa Mseleku’s Parents: Joyce Mseleku Nomathemba (late mother) and Phiwe Flo Dingile Mseleku (late grandmother)
  • Musa Mseleku’s Net worth: $2 million (R36 million)
  • Famous for: Starring in hit reality series, Uthando Nsethembu and hosting reality show, Mnakwethu
  • Musa Mseleku’s Instagram: @musamseleku
  • Twitter: @MselekuMusa
  • Facebook: @MusaMseleku

How Old is Musa Mseleku?

Musa Mseleku is 49 years old. His birthplace is Mzumbe in KwaZulu-Natal, and his date of birth is June 22nd, 1975. At a young age, he built himself a business empire. Consequently, the famous TV personality is said to have an estimated net worth of R36 million. He hails from KwaZulu-Natal and is of Zulu ancestry.

Musa was Raised in a Humble Family Background

Musa Mseleku was raised by his late mother, Joyce Nomathemba Mseleku, and grew up in a humble background as his family wasn’t financially well-off. He, however, escaped poverty through hard work and his mother’s blessings. Joyce blessed her son on her death bed, declaring that he won’t end up poor. Thankfully, her blessings have come true as Musa Mseleku ranks as one of the affluent men in South Africa.

The eminent entrepreneur developed a love for wanting a large family by being around his mother, younger sister, and grandmother, Phiwe Flo Dingile Mseleku, while growing up.

What are Musa Mseleku’s Educational Achievements?

Musa Mseleku completed his basic education at different schools located in his hometown. He first attended Denver Zoar Mission School in Umzumbe and then kickstarted his secondary school education at Prince Ngamizizwe School. Later in 1993, the KwaZulu-Natal native obtained his Matric Certificate from Sister Joan’s High School.

Shortly after his matriculation, he enrolled at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. Then in 1997, he bagged a degree certificate from the university.

Musa Mseleku’s Occupation

In an attempt to gain financial stability, Musa Mseleku has worked diverse jobs. From beginning his career as a journalist to working as a community developer and exploring book writing. Here’s a sneak peek into his plethora of careers.


Although Musa Mseleku is well-known for his business success, he actually began his career as a journalist. For some period, he worked as a news reader for Durban Youth Radio and subsequently left the station to join SABC. While carrying out his journalism work, Musa connected to some influential people in the country.

And they became quite valuable to him later in life. Even though his work as a journalist was catering to his basic needs, it didn’t make Mseleku rich as he wanted. He eventually left the job to go and take care of his mother, who fell seriously ill.

Sadly, his mum passed away, but she ensured that she pronounced riches upon his son before dying. And today, the blessings have manifested in the life of the 49 year-old millionaire businessman, thanks to his sheer dedication and hard work.

Community Development

Following the death of his mother, Musa Mseleku bagged a remunerative job within the local government domain. He got a new job with the help of the connections he made during his journalism days. His new role got him involved in the Ugu District Municipality community development.

Mseleku was well-paid for his work, and having amassed huge wealth which he hadn’t tasted before, he squandered the money on a lavish lifestyle. He eventually came to his senses after he was advised by an elderly person to save and invest in business ventures.

Book Authoring

The former radio personality began his journey into polygamy in his early 20s. And having managed his household well for over two decades, he has taken it upon himself to advise men on how to go about having a polygamous family. This he has achieved through his published works.

Over the last few years, the acclaimed author has tried to clear the misconception surrounding polygamy by writing books on the subject. He has also penned important business tips and strategies in his business book, “How I Made My First Million: And how You Can Also Do It,” published in 2020.

List of Musa Mseleku’s Books

  • Imzamo Ka Cebo (Publication Date: 2013)
  • Impilo Nesithembu Ingxenye Yesibili (Publication Date: 2013)
  • Life and Polygamy (Publication Date: 2013)
  • Life and Polygamy Part 2 (Publication Date: 2014)
  • How I Made My First Million: And How You Can Also Do It (Publication Date: 2020)

What Does Musa Mseleku Do for a Living?

Besides the aforementioned sources of income, Musa Mseleku has made his wealth from working as the executive producer and creator of his family’s reality show titled Uthando Nesthembu. He stars in the Mzansi Magic show with his four wives as they navigate a polygamous relationship while staying true to tradition in the modern world.

Since the show’s premiere in 2017, it has garnered rave reviews and become one of the most-watched shows on DStv. With a five-season run, Uthando Nesethembu topped DStv viewership charts in the third week of March 2023. Also, Mnakwethu – a reality show hosted by Musa Mseleku which also focuses on polygamy, garnered high viewership ratings too and has been in the top 10 DStv shows.

Consequently, the businessman reportedly emerged as the highest-rated male personality on DStv as both his shows are pulling impressive ratings.

Musa Mseleku’s Businesses

Musa Mseleku, who has become a master of his wealth, has invested in many businesses. However, he has kept some of his business ventures private. As a result, they are not of public knowledge. That notwithstanding, here are details about some of his known businesses.

Food Business

After failing in his first venture, Mseleku kicked off a food business and became a rand millionaire after a year of selling food within taxi ranks. He opened four shops at different taxi ranks, and with the help of his wives, the shops sold more than 50 plates a day, and each plate of food was sold for R35. As the business raked in a monthly revenue of about R80,000-R100,000, the 49 years old made his first million after one year.

Thanx Ma Productions

Additionally, Musa Mseleku is the owner of a production company called Thanx Ma Productions (PTY) Ltd, established in 2013. It’s located at 53 Oceanview Rd, Seapark, KwaZulu-Natal. The company has over 30 employees, and its services include motion picture and video production, as well as apparel and accessories sales.

In December 2017, Thanx Ma Productions partnered with Place Men’s Boutique to launch Thanx Ma’s family clothing collection. The business is thriving and has reportedly amassed millions of rands in revenue. It’s worth noting that Musa Mseleku works as the director of Thanx Ma productions.

Other companies where Musa Mseleku allegedly served or serves as the director are listed as follows:

  • Ibhodwe Lase Africa Trading
  • Ukuphumelela Group
  • Lwandle Lwami Trading
  • Let’s Have Fish and African Traditional Food
  • Emizamweni Trading
  • Masizenzele Human Development Centre
  • Hashtag Turn Up The Love
  • Lwandlelethu Construction
  • MCM Property Development


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