Kamo Mphela’s Parents: Meet Her Father and Mother

Kamo Mphela’s parents include her father, Onitiaf Mphela. However, the first name of her mother (Mrs. Mphela) is unknown.

Kamo is one lady who is always super proud of her parents anywhere she finds herself. She speaks highly of them and how supportive they have been right from childhood. Without mentioning it, it’s quite obvious her parents are also proud of the woman she has become. Let’s meet Kamo Mphela’s lovely parents.

Who Is Onitiaf Mphela, Kamo Mphela’s Father?

Kamo’s dad, Onitiaf, hails from Emdeni in Soweto. Unfortunately, there is no information about his background, birth details, family members, and relationship with other members of his immediate family. He was the one who introduced his daughter Kamo to the entertainment as a young girl.

Onitiaf worked as a production team member at the youth-focused radio station YFM many years ago. During his active days at YFM, he used to take his daughter along with him to shows and events, and he would bring her to the stage to perform before a large crowd.

The dancer also mentioned that her dad was instrumental in her acting career as he was the one who made it possible for her to join the South African soap opera, Scandal! According to her, her dad is the “coolest dad in the world.”

She made this incredible statement about her while introducing him to students some time ago. She encouraged the younger generation to seek their parents’ support before venturing into any art.

Although Onitiaf’s age is not publicly known, he is still very young. He seems to be in his forties or somewhere a little above that. He shares a special bond with his beautiful daughter.

Who Is Kamo Mphela’s Mother?

Kao Mphela’s mother is a South African; however, the exact town she was born in is unknown to the public. Similarly, there is no information about her background, family members, siblings, educational background, and current whereabouts.

Mrs. Mphela’s occupation is also under the radar as her daughter has not mentioned the kind of job she does. The dancer once admitted that she had a rocky relationship with her mother, but she played a pivotal role in convincing her father to allow her to become an actress.

No one knows what their relationship looks like at the moment, but that has never stopped her from praising her super mom publicly for the roles she has been playing in her life and career.

Kamo’s career has been on the upward side since she broke into mainstream success, having released so many projects and worked with numerous big names in the entertainment industry.

What Does Kamo Mphela’s Father Do for a Living?

It is unknown exactly what Kamo Mphela’s dad does for a living right now. The dancer has only mentioned that he worked at YFM and that he was instrumental in her journey to greatness, but she hasn’t spoken further about what he does now, his current whereabouts and other details about his life.

Regardless, being someone who believes so much in hard work, Mr. Onitiaf must have something meaningful to do with his time as he has not retired yet.

Are Kamo Mphela’s Parents Still Together?

It is difficult to tell if Kamo Mphela’s parents are still together as husband and wife because information about their marriage is currently unavailable for public consumption right now. The dancer has never opened up about her parents’ marriage either.

Whether they are still together or not, one commendable thing about Mr. and Mrs. Mphela is the fact that they were very supportive and instrumental in their daughter’s journey to success and greatness.

Though it appears Kamo is closer to her father, she has never stopped speaking highly of the woman who brought her into the world.

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