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Love and romantic feelings is more like a license to be stupid. I mean, there are many instances of strong, smart, vibrant, good thinking, attractive and decent gentlemen, and ladies who found love and literally took their first step into the unending journey of a retarded lifestyle. They essentially started acting, thinking and living like morons, who consistently make lame decisions that deny them of having things they’ve always wanted to have. This is exactly the case with those ladies who want to get married to their male partners but have forever postponed the wedding day by moving in with their to-be-spouses.

Let me give it to you all straight: he might never get to marry you, and will never make serious plans about marriage when you’re already living with him. Want to get married to him? It’s easy, pack out now! you’ve to – below are five (5) reasons why living with them romantic partners isn’t a wise move.

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1. You Can’t Be A Wife, Until You’re a Wife

Can we agree that it is always unnecessary to go get things we already have. In fact, doing such amounts to being foolish. If that’s the case, why expect someone who’s already married in every sense of the word to get married? Give your partner some credit. He isn’t stupid, and as the ancient cliché noted, he’ll “never buy the cow when he’s getting the milk” already. Yes, that’s an unpleasant expression but the fact is, the sexual motivation aspect that drives marriage proposal is usually eradicated that moment you moved in with your partner. Yes again, its unpleasant to think sex does motivate marriage proposals. But then, there are numerous sexually willing and active guys out there to offer your partner sex if you’re thinking the proposal will be all about that. So, move out and quit playing the role of a wife to a man who is yet to be your husband.

2. Your Partner’s Idea of Living Together Before Marriage Is Twisted

The idea of living together in a relationship is usually associated with some unvoiced assumptions. While many take it as a major bold step towards getting acquainted with marriage, most ladies believe moving in with their partner will generate a greater bond, get them to understand the partner better, know them better, love them better and all that. But guess what your partner might be thinking about the whole issue of living together? “A free trial of marriage” where he gets the opportunity to test whether it’s workable to marry you. Can’t you see the problem already? While you’re waiting on him to propose, he’s still checking you out. For all we know, he’s not liking much of you lately from all the checking(s) he’s done. He’s probably waiting for the right moment to tell you, you guys aren’t compatible. While he’s at it, he’s hoping to get all he can. Redeem your dignity now, remedy the contradictory assumptions about you guys living together now. Move out now!

3. Your Partner Is Less Enthusiastic About You While You Guy’s Co-habits

There’s this saying about not having to feed the fish you caught. “You don’t feed the fish you caught”, it says. The phrase best captures the attitude that goes with co-habiting with your partner. It steals all the fun in the relationship, there’s no longer that special feeling of having your partner visit you. The conscious attempts and efforts to make each other happy gradually dies, the thrills are all suddenly gone, and the value of what you share rapidly diminishes. Who wants a marriage as such? The issue is, you’re simply always there. Move out, and maybe you guys will find the fun again. But if you stay on and get him to propose, then he’s probably going to say things like; “I only proposed because everyone expected me to” when you’re not there.

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4. Living Together Get You More Conscious About Marriage 

This is ultimately frustrating, especially for ladies who as seen in some cases are humiliated to such extent they “beg for marriage”. The begging usually manifest as an ultimatum – “Marry me or I’m done.” They simply can’t see why the marriage is delayed and the feeling is as though what they wanted is so close and yet out of reach. They are usually exhausted anticipating when he’ll propose, and are generally exasperated by the disappointments. It’s almost natural for the gentleman to get more unwilling to marry with the persuasions. He might even exaggerate his worth and think he can do better than settle for a woman desperate to get the licence to associate her name to his name. Still want to live with him?

5. Co-habiting Steals The Fun And Joy Of Being Newly Married

Marriage isn’t a cake, so forgive this analogy. But if there’s ever a scene in your life where you can’t have your cake and eat it, it’s that moment you’re newly married after living together with your partner. Nothing is special about the occasion, so don’t be disappointed if your partner is not that interested with all the honeymoon arrangement. He has taken his honey the first few weeks you moved in with him.

On a general note, the society is quite complex today, I mean, a man can be a wife, a woman, a husband. So lets just say this article is for whoever that is more eager for marriage in a relationship.

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