12 Kinds Of People You Have No Business Discussing Marriage With

Marriage seems to be the order of the day these days. If you are a young lady and you are not married or you don’t have young men lining up to ask for your hand in marriage, then you are certainly doing something wrong. If you are a young man and you don’t have ladies sidling up to you and longing to take your last name, then you are not hot enough yet. But as the toll in marriage rises, so also does the rate of divorce in the society. People seem to go into marriage for fun and then run out when they don’t seem to be getting all the fun they want. With many people wanting to know the best way to avoid getting divorced, it is important to understand certain things.

The easiest way to prevent a divorce and to stay happy in your marriage is to carry out a survey while you are still single and fish out certain things while your eyes are wide open and there are no chains binding you to your partner. Your antenna is better able to discern danger signals while you are single than after you are married, so we say, if you don’t want a divorce, it starts from while you are still single.

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There are traits that some people carry from while they are single and they cannot drop it even after marriage. It would be like hoping that a right-handed spouse will one day become left-handed so you need to shine your eyes now and watch out for the following kinds of people. Be wary of these 12 groups of people and never (under any circumstance) accept their proposal or propose to them.

12 Kinds Of People You Should Avoid Getting Married To

1. Those Who Have Excessive Or Inadequate Libido

libidoSexual intercourse is a very important factor in marriage, but when you have a spouse that needs it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper, it becomes difficult to have any peace in the family. Infidelity also knocks on the door. On the other hand, when you have a spouse that hates sex or thinks that sex should be an annual event undertaken during the wedding anniversary or birthday celebration, then you know that you have some real trouble in the house. Infidelity also usually becomes the solution. This is made worse by the fact that sex is one topic that couples find difficult to discuss, even with those who genuinely want to help resolve the marital rift.

2. Those Who Can Never Apologise

sorry_hero.pngThey would hurt you, annoy you, disappoint you, but still, they would never apologise, because they believe that it would belittle them. When you are wrong, you apologize to them, and when you are right, you still apologise to them, hoping that they would change. But they never do. Soon you start to feel irritated and agitated. The love and respect you felt for them starts to wear out.

3. Those Who Can Never Say Thank You

thank youWhatever you do for them, they are never grateful. They make statements like: “Why should I say thank you when you are just doing your duty?” Some would say that their gratitude is in their heart. So, do I have to open your heart to see the gratitude inside and get it? Ingratitude is an attitude that causes irritation, frustration and unhappiness. Such people also believe the world owes them a lot. They go around their activities with an entitlement mentality. They are difficult to please. You are better off trying to please an irate donkey.

4. Men Who Think Women Are To Be Seen But Not Heard

young-OWS-protestor-wore-tape-over-her-mouth-outside-IowaIn spite of the depth of education they profess, some men still live in the 16th century. It is true that marriage is not a zone for feminist crusade, but if a man has archaic views about women, then please avoid him like you would do an Ebola patient. Watch out for statements like: “How can an ordinary woman want to be the CEO?” “How can a woman debate with men?”

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5.  That Lady Who Believes She Doesn’t Need A Man In Her Life

blair_waldorf_boyfriendsSuch women believe that they are self-sufficient in all things. They have the ‘I-don’t-give-a-damn attitude’. Men feel ill at ease when they are with women who don’t allow a room in their lives for a man to fill. Such women find it difficult to express love. They always believe a man wants to dominate them. They are usually too defensive, too competitive, and too contentious. Men who relate with them usually feel frustrated. Such men always choose their words and actions carefully to avoid quarrels. That smothers affection and joy.

6. That Cute Guy who Is Looking For A Housemaid And Not A Wife

Woman by the kitchen sinkThese are men who still live in the 15th century in this modern age. They have an archaic idea of what the role of a woman is. They believe that women are only meant to cook, clean the house, bear children, and serve the men. They believe that when men talk, women just have to obey; when men talk, women must keep quiet. The man can keep mistresses, but the woman should keep quiet and not even be seen greeting a man. A woman should not work, should not step out of the house, and should not complain, whatever the man doles out to her. When You see such people, run for your life.

7. Those Who Can Never Trust Anybody

-font-b-Trust-b-font-font-b-Quote-b-font-Greater-Love-Decor-vinyl-wallThese are those who believe that everybody is an enemy. Everybody is filled with evil designs against them. They have an obsession with fear of people, including their spouse, that is rather irritating. Once a spouse cannot be trusted, there can never be joy in the family. They see through every action. They believe that everybody has evil intentions.

8. Those Who Have No Respect For Others

respectPeople can mouth love, but without respect, a marriage can never be happy. Women who love to prove a point by insulting their husbands, or men who believe in treating their wives without dignity in the name of cutting their wives to size: such people make terrible marriage partners. Nothing kills marriages like disrespect.

9. Ladies Who See All Men As Competition

CompetitionMarriage is not a place for activism. A woman who sees a man as a competitor rather than a complement is a dangerous person to marry. When a man has to contend with a woman every minute, when a man is always too conscious of what to say or do to his wife, then there is a problem at home.

10. Those Who Can’t Control Their Temper

Domestic violenceHot-tempered people are dangerous. They can utter anything in anger. They can do things that they will regret for life. They can be violent. Their words can be venomous. They can put you in trouble. They are unpredictable.

11. Those Who Cannot Forgive

cant-forgive_zps6cfdc304Forgiveness makes us look superhuman. But there are those who cannot forgive, no matter the circumstances. Not only can they not forgive, they can also not forget. Because they can’t forgive, they usually think of how to get revenge.

12. Those Who Have Not Been Weaned Off Their Parents

diapersAge has little to do with maturity in marriage. Those who have not been “weaned” by their parents make poor marriage partners. They are full of “Mummy and Daddy issues”. They take every family discussion to their parents. They cannot do anything unless their parents approve. They allow their parents to run their homes in the name of showing respect. Those who are tied to the apron strings of their parents make marriage tasteless. Such spouses are a constant source of frustration and sadness. You will always be wrong in their sight. You will always be vilified.

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In summary, marriage is not a bed of roses. There is nobody without some faults or idiosyncrasies. But it is foolhardy to walk into a landmine with one’s eyes open, praying and hoping that the explosive would not go off. To avoid heartaches, neither blind love nor desperation to get married should push a bachelor or spinster to jump into a marriage with someone who will cause nothing but pain, sadness, and sorrow. Marriage should not be treated as a game of Russian roulette.

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