How To Transfer Data on Cell C

Data transfer on Cell C allows you to share and receive data bundles from your family, friends, and almost anyone. It means your friends and close pals will never run out of data again. This is an important way to stay close and connected always. So, how do you send or receive data? In this article, we’ll explore the various methods to transfer data on the Cell C network, which is easy and simple to follow.

How to Transfer Data From Cell C to Cell C

The three major methods of data sharing are listed below, and the procedures are easy to follow

  • On the Cell C app
  • Using the USSD code
  • On the Self-service web portal

How To Use the Cell C App to Transfer Data

You can download the Cell C app from your Google Play Store, iOS App Store, or Huawei App Gallery, and follow the procedures listed below to get started

  • Log in to the app on your mobile and navigate to the main menu on the dashboard
  • Click the “Service” option, followed by the “Send Data” option
  • Then enter the amount you want to send, and the phone number of the recipient of the data with
  • Then click the “Continue” button
  • The recipient will immediately be credited while your data balance deducted

How To Transfer Data Using the USSD Code

The USSD code for transferring data is *147#. To get started, follow the steps below;

  • Dial the code from your mobile device and select option 3 “Send Data and Airtime”
  • Next, select option 1 “Send Data”
  • Then enter the phone number of the recipient, or select from your list of beneficiaries
  • Next is to select the bundle you want to transfer the data from, and enter the desired amount you wish to send
  • Confirm the details you’ve provided and click the “Continue” button
  • Your data will be deducted, and the recipient will receive the credit alert

How Can I Transfer Data on the Self-service on the Cell C Web Portal?

To transfer data on the Cell C web portal, follow the steps below;

  • Go to the “My Bundle” option and click on “Send Data”
  • Then select the bundle you want to select from
  • Next, enter the amount of the data you want to share
  • Enter the phone number of the person receiving the transferred data and click on “Continue”
  • Data gets deducted immediately with an alert at the receiving end

What are the Terms and Conditions For Data Transfer on Cell C?

As a Postpaid, Prepaid, or Top-Up customer on the Cell C network, you can transfer your purchased data bundle to pre-selected beneficiaries on your phone. Interestingly, you can share your data as many times as you possibly can, only that it can’t be transferred back to you.

However, for you to transfer data on the Cell C network, there are certain terms and conditions that are required of you by the Cell C network providers. The terms and conditions available to transfer data bundles to other Cell C users are highlighted below.

 Transferrable Customers

  • Postpaid, Prepaid, TopUp, and Upfront Cell C customers can only transfer to customers under the same plan
  • Customers can transfer to another Cell C number that is active on the network

The Only Bundle Allowed to Transfer Data

  • Daily data bundles
  • 30-day data bundles
  • Daily and Monthly night data bundles
  • Inclusive data bundle
  • 365-day data bundle

Limitations of Cell C Data Transfer

  • 1GB transfer per month for one customer
  • No charges on every transfer done
  • 3 transfers per customer daily
  • Transferred data comes in with the current expiry date and no extension of the date
  • Data transfer is done multiple times
  • Rollover of transferred data, so long the bundle is compatible with rollover
  • The person sending the data gets a confirmation and the same with the receiver

The Data Bundle Not Transferable on Cell C

  • Data on prepaid plans like Easy chat (MegaData) and SuperCharge
  • Promotional data like data value on SmartData and night data on SmartData
  • Free data are given to customers like the onto voice and data contracts, which can either be monthly and/or one-off

Important Points to Note About Cell C Data Share

Going by the information above, keep in mind that you can only share a total of 1GB of data on a monthly basis. And the limit you can do daily is three times. Therefore, it’s best you share your data with friends and family members who’ll appreciate your kindness.

Can You Transfer Data from Cell C to MTN

Are you looking to share your data bundle with your friends and loved ones on the MTN network? Unfortunately, this isn’t possible because the two network providers are completely different companies. Their data bundle and charges are different, and as such, you can’t share your Cell C data with anyone using MTN.

Can You Transfer Data from Cell C to Telkom?

The Cell C network provider has no such data bundle to be transferred to the Telkom network. Transferring data from one network to another isn’t possible because of their different rates and promotions.

How to Convert Night Data to Day Data on Cell C

The Cell C night data is meant to be consumed between the hours of 1 am and 7 am. However, if you’re not able to use up all your data bundle before the timeframe elapses, you might have to forfeit your Cell C data balance. Meaning, night data cannot be converted into day data on the Cell C network.

However, the Cell C network providers are so thoughtful that they’ve made available a smart data plan that allows its customers to surf the internet both at night and day at a friendly low-cost rate. The SmartData plan contracts offer FREE inclusive night data. You can access the smart data deal based on the amount you wish.

Can You Get Cell C Free Data?

The Cell C free data offer is only open to prepaid customers that have Opera Mini installed on their mobile devices. This is a partnership between Opera Mini and the Cell C network in South Africa to provide users with 25MB of free data everyday to stay connected to their loved ones daily. The free data allows you to browse any website only, but for videos, you’ll need to buy a data bundle.

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