How To Find Love in 10 Simple Ways

Finding love has become a priority for many. Surprisingly, with the growth of dating apps, it has become increasingly harder to find the right one. Even more surprising is that with the amount of social media apps, people are becoming more and more closed off from the people around them.

With all these, finding love is a little more complicated than before. However, if you find yourself wondering how to find love in today’s world, you’ll be surprised to find that it’s easier than you think. There are a few find things you might need to do first, one of which is to:

1. Stop Searching Too Hard

There’s a reason people say love happens when you least expect it… because it’s true. If you calm down and keep an open and positive spirit, you’d be surprised where and when love will sneak up on you.

The important thing is to be receptive to finding love but not too aggressive about it. Sometimes, when searching, you might go looking in the wrong places and get results you didn’t beckon for.
try so hard

2. Switch Your Routine Up A Bit

As creatures of habit, it only makes sense that we’ve fallen into a bit of a routine when it comes to proceeding with our daily lives. However, trying something new might have hidden potential.

For example, eating in a different place for lunch (or eating out if you never did), or picking up a new hobby (like working out at the gym or taking a dance class or joining a book club). The truth is, trying something new gives you the opportunity to meet people who you’d have never met otherwise, one of whom could be your soulmate.

3. Don’t Hold On To The Past

Learn from it. Most people are too afraid of lightning striking in the same place twice, especially when they’ve been hurt, that they keep themselves closed off. The truth is, once you learn from the mistakes of the past, you cannot make the same mistakes twice.

Knowledge can be an armour. If you’re cheated on by your ex, don’t expect to always get cheated on and thus become apprehensive towards all relationships. Instead, keep a watchful but not paranoid eye for the telltale signs but don’t get hung up on there – focus on taking your new relationship forward insteadlove4. Get Into the Relationship For The Right Reasons

Do not get into a relationship because you’re bored. Do not get into a relationship to get laid. Especially, don’t get into a relationship just to get over your ex. A relationship can be a beautiful and a nurturing thing if entered into for the right reasons. But if you enter one for the wrong reasons, you’ll only find hurt – not love.

5. Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin

Don’t go looking for love as a means to validate yourself. Finding your worth in someone’s love is quite self-destructive because you’ll only end up feeling worthless if the relationship doesn’t work out or you’ll end up going back to a toxic relationship because of how you feel when you’re around the person.

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However, if you take the time to appreciate yourself, spend time doing things you love, working on yourself and have meaningful relationships with your friends and family, then you will get to a healthy enough place where you won’t need someone’s opinion to value yourself. This makes it easier to find the right kind of healthy comfortable in your own skin6. Don’t Let Your Fears Control you

Go into a new relationship or friendship even with an open door on the positive possibilities. Spending too much time focusing on the negative possibilities will breed fear which will only stunt your chances at love.

The truth is, there are people who are selfish and are also liars but there are also people who are kind, selfless, truthful and beautiful. If you let your fears control you, you won’t only keep the bad ones but you’ll also keep the good ones out too.

7. Have You Tried Online Dating?

With the progress of social media these days, the best probable place to find love is online. There are many people out there who haven’t found love in their immediate surrounding and are looking to give online dating a chance. What’s best, if you don’t like a potential match, you can just swipe left. ‘Swipe right’ if you agree.Love yourself

8. Be Patient

You’re not going to fall in love overnight (even if you do find the right match). Give your relationships, or potential relationship, a chance to grow – spend time together, try new things, don’t go to bed angry at each other and focus on the little things they do to make you smile.

If you haven’t found a potential partner, also keep calm. It might take a while, but you will find your mate soon and you will find love too.

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 9. Live Your Life

Spend your time doing things that make your life better. Do not put your life on hold, instead, go out and make your life better in whatever way you can and make your life full of memories. An interesting life has a better chance of attracting the right partner.

10. Finding  Love Is A Bonus Not An Achievement

Finding love should not be your primary goal in life. It can definitely be a nice addition but it should not be the definitive aspect of your life. The absence of love does not make any of your previous achievements any less valid – that is quite important to remember.

When you keep this in mind, your approach on how to find love will be more organic and will definitely not be a let down when you don’t find love at the pace or time you expect to. Love is a beautiful thing that should not be rushed, it should also not be placed on a mantle.

Finding love doesn’t automatically make your life worth living, but it does help.

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Eddy Valerii
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