How To Do A Cell Phone Number Search or Track A Number in South Africa

Receiving a call from someone whose number is not on your contact list can be discouraging because you do not know who you are about to talk to. Some people go as far as deciding not to pick up calls from numbers that are not saved on their phones. But with the available methods for searching and tracking a number, you don’t have to make such a drastic decision.

There are different methods for searching for a number. A good number of them are free to use, while others are paid for. The major limitation to this is that it will require a smartphone; as such, it can’t be done by none smartphone users. In this article, we have put together all you need to know about how to search for or track a phone number in South Africa.

How To Track A Cellphone Number In South Africa

Tracking a cellphone number is very easy because many apps and platforms make it possible. Some of these apps are paid for, while others are free. Even the free apps still provide a lot of value in terms of number tracking.

How To Track or Search A Cell Phone Number

Although there are several reasons why you may want to search for or track a number, it is noteworthy that you keep in mind that number tracking is an illegal activity if done without the consent of the owner of the number.

You can save yourself the stress of flouting the law by obtaining written permission from the phone owner. This is best and easier when the owner of the phone is your loved one. Though illegal if relevant measures are not put in place, phone tracking is an important process if you feel your life or the life of your loved one is at risk.

What Do I Need To Search For or Track A Number?

You can track a cell phone number by yourself without seeking help from a third party. To track a cell phone number, you only will need the following requirements:

  • A smartphone and/or laptop
  • Internet connection
  • Available data connection
  • The mobile number you want to track

How To Track A Mobile Number

There are four different effective methods of tracking a number. Thankfully, most of these methods are free and will only require that you have an available data bundle. The methods for tracking a cellphone number include:

Cell Phone Number Search
How To Track or Search A Cell Phone Number
  • Using a search engine
  • Using reverse lookups apps
  • You can track a number with social media
  • You can track a number a the Truecaller app

How To Track A Number Using Search Engines

Although Google is one of the most populated search engines, it is not the only search engine you can use to track a number. There are other search engines like Bing. Here is how the process of number tracking using a search engine works:

  • Open a browser (Chrome, Firefox, Phoniex, or Bing) on your smartphone.
  • Type in the number on the space provided for you to search.
  • Click the search button or icon.
  • You can use different formats of the number to search so that you can compare the results.
  • If the number you are tracking belongs to a company, it will be available for the general public to see and make use of.

How To Track Mobile Number Using Social Media

Social media has made the world a very small place. As long as a mobile number has been used to open or has been put up on social media platforms like Telegram, Facebook, and WhatsApp, it is easier to track the number to identify the owner.

What makes social media one of the easiest methods is that it does not require any extra technicality, seeing that it is the regular apps we use every day that will serve as the ‘search engine.’

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If the person is active on social media, especially on Facebook, you will not only be able to identify the person’s name, and you will get to see the face and also get other relevant information about that person. Searching for a number on social media is free.

How To Search for a Number On Facebook

  • Open your Facebook app.
  • Type in the number you want to search for on the search space.
  • If the number is registered on Facebook as a business page, you will see that page it is linked to.
Cell Phone Number Search
How To Track or Search A Cell Phone Number

How To Search For A Number on WhatsApp

  • Save the number you want to search for on your contact list.
  • Turn on your mobile data.
  • Open your WhatsApp application.
  • Refresh your contact list on WhatsApp.
  • Search for the name you used to save for the number.
  • If the number is registered on WhatsApp, you will see the persons’ profile picture and even chat with them anonymously (with a different number from what the person has). That way, you can get more information from the person.

How To Search For A Number on Telegram

  • Add the mobile number you want to search for as a contact.
  • Turn in your mobile data.
  • Open your Telegram app.
  • Search for the name you used to save the contact.
  • If the number is registered on Telegram, it will be displayed.
  • You can now see the person’s profile picture.

You Can Search For a Mobile Number Using Reverse Lookup Apps

Reverse phone lookup apps can be paid for or free. What makes it very effective is the fact you can search for a wide range of numbers online. Here is how to look up a number on reverse lookup apps:

  • Search for the number you want to look up on a search engine or directory.
  • Check up the different listings.

How To Track A Number On The Truecaller App

Cell Phone Number Search
How To Track or Search A Cell Phone Number

Truecaller is one of the most reliable mobile phone apps for tracking a mobile number. This app has over 50 million users in Africa. In South Africa alone, there are about 3.2 million users, which means that you can search for millions of people.

The mobile app gives you access to the name other users of this app have saved it with. This app is free to use, but there is also a version that is paid for. The version that is paid for gives you access to the location and profile picture of the person. Here is how to search for a number on Truecaller:

  • Turn on your mobile data.
  • Attempt to put a call through to the number.
  • While the call is going through, Truecaller will display the person’s name on your screen.

How To Track A Number By Location

It is possible to track the location of a cell phone using a mobile number. This is important in the case of phone theft or when you suspect that the person may be in danger. Here is how it works:

How To Track a Number Using Google GPS

  • Open any browser on your phone.
  • Enter the mobile number you want to search for.
  • Click on the first search result that is displayed on your screen
  • Copy the addresses that are listed for that mobile number.
  • Paste those addresses in Google Maps, and it will bring up the exact location and the distance from where you are.
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