MTN Loyalty Points: How to Check and Use Your Reward

MTN has never shied away from revamping and rewarding its overwhelming number of customers ever since it began operation. Virtually all of the brand’s hugely-rewarding programs are targeted at loyal customers with no plans of making a switch to other competitive telecommunication brands. In a bid to keep its customers and also add value to its services, the company came up with a point-based scheme called the MTN loyalty points initiative and it’s been hugely rewarding indeed.

Though customer retention is tough in the competitive market, MTN has been able to hold millions of its customers intact through this point-based program.

Everything You Need To Know About MTN Loyalty Points Program

The MTN Loyalty Point Program is a reward-based initiative that allows MTN users in South Africa to earn points each time they spend on the network. In other words, the company rewards every customer that spends on the network through the MTN 141 Loyalty Program by giving them points that are equivalent to the amount they spent.

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One of the reasons MTN launched the program is to effectively reward its loyal customers because the company believes that loyalty points are a great way of retaining customers and people will stick around if they are rewarded and also get motivated to spend more because they will be getting something in return.

To be part of the program, you will need to register first. Here’s how to do it.

  • Dial *141*9* on your phone
  • Enter your valid South African identification number plus # (ie *141*9* your ID number#)
  • Press the dial button
  • Wait patiently for a feedback
  • A message will pop up on your screen indicating that you have successfully registered for the program and an SMS confirming your registration will be sent to your line.
  • If you did not receive a confirmation message, just know that your registration failed. You might have to try again or contact their customer care line at 135 or 083135.

Who Is Eligible For MTN Loyalty Points And How Much Will I Spend To Earn A Point?

The loyalty point program is exclusively designed for MTN loyal customers. Those who are eligible to enjoy this amazing initiative include pre-paid customers or pay-as-you-go customers as well as customers under contract packages.

Earning a point on the scheme starts immediately after registration and you don’t have to have millions before you begin raking in your points. You simply earn one point for every R1 you spend on the network. You also earn one point for each day you’re active on the network. Rewards are credited to your phone immediately.

Another amazing part of the program is that there is no limit to how much you can spend to earn the points. Points could be earned by making calls, sending SMS, by the use of mobile data to surf the internet, or by purchasing musiq bundles.

How To Check MTN Points

Wondering how to check your loyalty points. You can find out how many points you have accrued by following the under-listed steps.

  • Simply dial *141*9*0# on your phone to check your MTN points

However, you can also perform other related tasks before or after checking your points.

  • Dial *136# to get a summary balance
  • Dial 136 to know the balance of your remaining data, airtime, and SMS
  • Dial *136*1# to get a detailed balance

How To Spend MTN Points

It is one thing to amass the loyal points and another to make good use of them. It is not really a nice idea to allow your points to be ‘wasted’ without using them. Interestingly, there are tons of things you can do with your points and multiple ways to enjoy your points.

For clarity purposes, here’s a list of things you can do with your points.

  • To purchase airtime
  • Send SMS
  • Buy musiq bundle
  • Enroll in promotion competitions
  • Donations
  • Buy internet bundles

1. Airtime

To buy airtime with your loyalty points:

  • Dial *141*9*2#
  • Select 1 to be specific that you want airtime
  • Between keys, 1 and 7, choose the amount you would like. Remember, the amount will depend on the bonuses you have
  • Choose 1 again to confirm your request

2. Internet Bundles

  • Dial *141*9*2#
  • Select 3, which stands for internet data
  • Select the amount between the keys, 1 and 7
  • Press 1 to confirm

3. Donations

The MTN loyal points program is simply amazing. One of the benefits of the program is that MTN customers can also give back to other people through it. This can be made possible through the ‘Donation’ option.

To help someone in need through your MTN points, follow the steps below.

  • Dial *141*9*2#
  • Press 6
  • Enter any number of your choice that corresponds with the donation of your choice
  • Select 1 to confirm

4. SMS Bundles

To buy an SMS bundle with your points:

  • Dial *141*9*2#
  • Select 2
  • Enter any key between 1-6 to choose the amount
  • Select 1 to confirm

5. Musiq Bundles

For musiq bundles:

  • Dial *141*9*2#
  • Select 5 to choose musiq bundles
  • Select between 1 and 4 to request the amount you want
  • Press 1 to confirm

6. Competitions

You can as well enroll in promotion competitions with your points. You stand to win exclusive prizes if you join any of the company’s numerous competitions. To navigate:

  • Dial *141*9*2#
  • Press 4 to access the competition menu
  • Choose any number that corresponds with the competition of your choice
  • Select 1 to confirm

Note: Whether you want to use your points for airtime, data, donation, or musiq bundle, there is a specific requirement of points attached to each of them. For further clearance on this aspect of the program, kindly contact the MTN customer care unit by dialing 135 or 083135.

Where To Redeem Your MTN Points

After a thorough search, we couldn’t find any reliable source with information on where customers can redeem their MTN points. However, we do know that you can always reach out to MTN via their numerous platforms – customer care service, SMS, email, chats, and website to find out exactly where to redeem your points.

Dial 135 to reach them on your MTN line and 083 135 from your non-MTN line.

MTN Loyalty Points USSD Code

The essence of the USSD code is to help customers utilize their loyalty points on their phones without stress. Below are the USSD codes you would need to perform any of the tasks listed below.

Function USSD Option
Convert MTN loyalty points to airtime *141*9*2# 1
Convert MTN loyalty points to data bundles *141*9*2# 3
Buy Musiq bundles *141*9*2# 5
Buy SMS bundles *141*9*2# 2
Enter competitions *141*9*2# 4
Donate points to somebody else *141*9*2# 6


How To Buy Airtime With MTN Points

It takes absolutely little or nothing to buy airtime from your MTN points. To begin:

  • Dial *141*9*2#
  • Choose 1
    Select the amount you would like between keys 1 and 7. As mentioned earlier, the amount will depend on the bonuses you have
  • Press 1 one more time to confirm your request

How To Transfer MTN Loyalty Points To Another MTN Number

MTN loyal points are transferrable. Whether you want to surprise your friends or family or top-up for them, it is possible with the loyal point scheme. By so doing, they in turn gain points from using the airtime you transferred to them.

Remember that each time you use R1, MTN loyalty points are immediately loaded on your cell phone, so you can decide to share some or all of your points with someone else.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Dial *136*3#
  • Select 3
  • Follow the prompts and it will be sorted out.

You must be a registered user before you will be able to transfer loyalty points to other people.

Can You Use MTN Points For Data?

Yes. It is possible to buy data with your MTN points. If you are running low on data and you have enough loyal points, you can use the appropriate USSD code to convert your points to data. Follow the steps below.

  • Dial *141*9*2#
  • Select 3, which stands for internet data
  • Select the amount between the keys, 1 and 7
  • Press 1 to confirm


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