How to Check My Vodacom Number or Cancel WASP Content Subscriptions

All cellphone users should be able to memorize their mobile numbers, at least that’s what is expected. However, there are situations when we just forget, either because it skipped our minds or it’s a new line and we are still in the process of memorizing it. Vodacom knows that such things can happen to their users, and as such, they have made it possible to easily check their Vodacom number using different methods.

Making it easy to check your Vodacom number is not the only thing the network provider has put in place to ensure optimum customer satisfaction. Oftentimes, Vodacom users unintentionally subscribe to WASP content subscriptions, which can be very offensive. Knowing this, Vodacom has also created ways of knowing the services you are subscribed to, so you can unsubscribe from the ones you no longer need at any time.

How Do I Check My Vodacom Number?

There are different methods Vodacom users can check their mobile number. While some of these methods are 100% free, others require that you have little data on your mobile phone. The different methods for checking your Vodacom number include:

1. Using the USSD Code

This is one of the easiest methods for checking your Vodacom number. Unlike some other methods that are limited to smartphones, all Vodacom users can use this means, irrespective of the kind of phone they use. To check your Vodacom number using a USSD code, follow the steps below:

  • Open your phone dialer
  • Dial *135*501#
  • Almost immediately, your number will be displayed on the screen of your device

2. Via My Vodacom Portal

This method can only be used by smartphone users and requires a little data. Vodacom users who have registered their number on the Vodacom website can access their number via the website. All you need to do is log in to the app using your registered email address. As soon as you are logged in, your number will be displayed on your ‘My Vodacom’ page. Users who do not have a profile yet will have to register first before they can have access to this service.

3. Through the Vodacom Mobile App

This method is as easy as others. Simply download the Vodacom app from Google Play Store or App Store, install and register your number on the app and whenever you log in to the app, you will see your number on the top left corner of the screen. Downloading the Vodacom app requires data, but after downloading it, you can always log in without data, because the app is zero-rated.

4. By Sending a ‘Please Call Me’ SMS

This is more like a hack with which you can check your mobile number. When you send a ‘Please Call Me’ message to another Vodacom user, your mobile number is attached to the free message, that way, you can see your number. To send a free ‘Please Call Me’ SMS to another Vodacom user, simply dial *140*(recipient’s cell phone number)#.

What You Need To Know About WASP Content Subscriptions

WASP content subscription is one of Vodacom’s third-party subscriptions. The acronym WASP stands for Wireless Application Services Provider. These third-party subscriptions provide services that users can subscribe to, some of such services are SMS, ringtones, horoscope, news updates, and so much more.

Although some users intentionally subscribe to these offers, oftentimes users subscribe unintentionally. With your subscription (intentional or not), your airtime will be deducted daily, weekly or monthly as payment for any of the contents you have subscribed to. Payment for these services may also be added to your monthly bill.

WASP Content Subscriptions

But, not to worry, you can easily unsubscribe from any of these contents or even all of them – whether you subscribed to them willingly or unwillingly.

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How Do I Know The WASP Subscriptions I Am Subscribed To?

If you notice your airtime is consistently being deducted as payment for one service or another which you are not sure you subscribed to, there is a simple procedure that Vodacom has provided for you to check the services you are subscribed to.

  • Open your phone dialer
  • Dial *135*997# with your Vodacom line
  • Select ‘1’
  • The WASP services you are subscribed to will be displayed on your screen

How to unsubscribe from a WASP content subscription

If you want to unsubscribe from a particular Vodacom WASP content subscription, you can simply do that with a USSD code by doing the following:

  • Open the dialer on your mobile phone.
  • dial *135*997# using your Vodacom SIM.
  •  Select ‘1’ to see a list of all the services you are currently subscribed to.
  • Select the service you wish to unsubscribe from.
  • Follow the prompts to unsubscribe from the unwanted service.

How to unsubscribe from all Vodacom WASP services

Vodacom users who are no longer interested in being subscribed to all WASP subscriptions can unsubscribe all at the same time using the steps below:

  • Dial *135*997# on your Vodacom line.
  • Select option 2 from the list of options.
  • Proceed to unsubscribe.

After doing this, all Vodacom WASP services you subscribed to will be deactivated for your line. It is important to note that using this procedure to stop all your WASP subscriptions will also result in the cancellation of all your ‘Add to Bill’ services. You can also send ‘Stop All’ to 31050 via SMS to cancel all WASP services.

Vodacom Add to Bill Services

Vodacom Add to Bill services are also third-party subscriptions. Some users benefit from it since they can just pay for all their app, streaming, and online subscriptions at once through Vodacom. However, other users do not need this service, but have subscribed to it. Users who do not need this service can simply go to their Play Store settings and change the subscription billing setting. You can also cancel all ‘Add to Bill’ services by dialing *135*997# on your Vodacom line.

Vodacom V-Live Services

While ‘Add to Bill’ and Vodacom WASP content subscriptions are third-party subscriptions, V-Live is a Vodacom subscription that involves bundles like instant messaging, games, and once-off purchases. To know the V-Live services you are subscribed to, simply log in to the V-Live services portal on the Vodacom website.

Unsubscribing from V-Live services is also as easy as unsubscribing WASP and ‘Add to Bill’ services. Here is all you need to do:

  • Dial *177# on your Vodacom mobile line.
  • Select Next.
  • Choose ‘Unsubscribe’.

How Do I Bar My Line From Vodacom WASP Content Subscriptions?

Vodacom users can manage all content services that they are subscribed to via the Vodacom mobile app. All you need to do is download the app from Google Play Store (for Android users) or App Store (for iPhone users) and register your line, after which you can log in anytime to manage your account. One of the things you can do with the app is to block your SIM from all Vodacom subscriptions:

  • Log in to the Vodacom app.
  • Click on ‘More’ at the bottom of the homepage.
  • Select ‘Content Services’.
  • All the contents you are currently subscribed to will be displayed.
  • Select the ‘Block All’ option.

After all the services are displayed, you can also decide to stop individual services or all of them. Blocking all will mean that no content service will be added to your account in the future.

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