How to Activate Rain SIM Card

To activate a Rain sim card means setting up the sim card to be able to utilize Rain network’s unlimited data deals that come with different prices, packages, and benefits. The activation process is the same as registration.

Activation of the Rain SIM card can be done in only a couple of seconds. The 4G and 5G South African network’s primary focus is to create an avenue through which its customers would browse, surf the net, chat, post updates on social media, and also watch their favorite movies with affordable data.

Rain SIM Card Registration

To register or activate your Rain sim card after purchase from any authorized center, follow these steps to have your sim registered.

However, it is important to find out if Rain’s 4G or 5G coverage is within your area before you make a purchase, and to do that, visit Rain’s website ( and find your way to the coverage map. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to where you see the heading ‘check your coverage’.

Once you are within their coverage, you can go ahead to register your sim card.

  • Visit the Rain website
  • You will see the ‘activate SIM option’ on the home page among the menu items
  • Click on the get started button
  • Enter your first and last name, e-mail, the phone number you received, and the password
  • Click on the empty circle in front of a South African ID or passport (if you’re a foreigner)
  • Enter proof of address (utility bill, landline phone bill, etc.) or the home address or the address you’re staying at (passport). Both can’t be older than 3 months
  • Then, click on the create account button
  • Enter the code on the back of the SIM pack you received from Rain
  • Enter your payment details (credit and debit cards only)
  • Click on activate with ‘SA ID’ or ‘activate with passport’
  • Select one of the available data plans and click on buy now
  • Pick up the full-size SIM card from Rain, and enter your SIM number (found above the bar code, in the top right corner) and your SIM ICCID (found below the bar code, bottom right corner)
  • Click on the check button, then finish the RICA process by taking pictures of your identity documents as instructed
  • Your Rain SIM should be active in a few minutes or up to 2 hours

Once the registration process is successfully completed, you will get a notification via SMS informing you that your Rain SIM Card is now active. If you also wish to check your SIM’s activation status, you can do that online using the My Rain dashboard.

How To Deactivate Rain SIM Card

If for any reason, you decide to deactivate your Rain sim card, the steps listed below are all you need to complete the process.

  • Visit Rain’s website
  • Log into your account using your username and password
  • Click on Manage In your account
  • Move to where you have Cancel SIM at the bottom of the screen and click on it

How To Activate Rain SIM Card On Router

  • Activate the antenna upward and position them accordingly
  • Then push the micro-SIM card into the slot for a few seconds until it clicks
  • Connect the router to a power source and turn it on
  • Then select the options for Wireless & Networks > More, Mobile network, and Access Point Name (APN)
  • Navigate to New Profile or New APN
  • Rain is the name of the profile
  • Set username and password entries
  • Click on the Save button
  • Re-install the Mobile Network app


  • Unless your Rain Sim has been permanently locked, it can perfectly work on any 4G router
  • Rain recommends routers from manufacturers, including Huawei. Here are some of the Huawei routers that are compatible with Rain – the Huawei MiFi E5573, the Huawei CPE X – N5368, the Huawei CPE Pro – H112, the Huawei B315, the Huawei B2338, and the Huawei B618.
  • Once you successfully active your Rain Sim on a router, it should be working within 2 hours
  • These are the APN settings for Rain SIM cards that are inserted into Huawei routers; Profile name- rain, APN name: rain, Username: blank, and Password: blank

What Situation (s) Can Lead To My Sim Being Deactivated?

1. Outstanding Debt

The most common reason Rain sim cards are deactivated is when they are owing Rain for services rendered to them. For the records, Rain does not offer a prepaid service, except for the initial deposit.

Therefore, it is expected that a customer would pay up after using the service on a month-by-month basis. If after using Rain for the entire month and you fail to pay on time, the service will be terminated and your SIM deactivated.

You can only resume enjoying their service after you have made your payment of the full amount that you owe. Again, you cannot owe the company more than a month’s amount. So, to avoid the deactivation of your SIM, you must pay on the due date or adjust your Rain payment date if you are finding it difficult to meet up with your earlier set date.

As for the things one cannot do if their sim is deactivated, you would be barred from using Rain’s data service until you do the needful – if you would still want to reconnect your Sim Card.

Is Rain Sim Activation The Same As Sim Registration?

Yes. Rain Sim activation is the same as Sim registration. Both of them involve setting up your sim card to be able to connect and maximize Rain’s service. The company designed the activation/registration of the Rain sim in such a way that it would give customers little or no trouble to have their sim activated.

The simple steps to follow to get your Sim registered or activated are listed above.

Step-by-Step Procedure For Reactivating A Rain Sim Card

It takes a couple of steps to reactivate a Rain sim card. Follow the steps below to successfully reactivate your sim.

  • Log into your Rain account
  • Click on manage
  • Next, click on Pay now
  • Proceed to make your Rain payment
  • Once the payment is complete and successful, your SIM will then be reactivated

It is not known how long the process above takes before the reactivation takes effect.

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