DJ Oskido Has Been Married Twice At His Age – All About His Current Wife Mathapelo

In the South African entertainment scene, DJ Oskido is one of the celebrities that everyone is interested in knowing everything about. The Kwaito pioneer, who is currently 56 years old, has kept his private life jealously, but that has only fuelled people to want to know more about him, including details about his love life.

The musician is currently married to a woman referred to as Mathapelo, and the two are blessed with a son. Before this union, he was once in a long-term relationship with Kibi, a woman that was claimed to be his first wife at some point, before the relationship went sour and ended.

Quick Profile of DJ Oskido

  • Real Name: Oscar Bonginkosi Mdlongwa
  • Date of birth: 23 November 1967
  • Age: 56 Years Old
  • Career: Musician, DJ, record producer, entrepreneur
  • Wife: Mathapelo Khoza, Sanah (ex-wife)
  • Children: 6 (including Mandy Mdlongwa, Naledi Mdlongwa, and  Leano Esaph Mdlongwa)

He Was Married To Sanah For Many Years

DJ Oskido
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Oskido revealed that the first time he walked down the aisle, he was a very young man. It is known that his first marriage was to a woman known as Sanah. Details about how they met, dated, and eventually got married remain in the dark.

However, it was still blessed with two beautiful kids. Unfortunately, the marriage did not last beyond 2005 when they decided to divorce. The real reason behind the divorce is not known. However, Oskido revealed that he was very young when he married Sanah, and so what seemed right at the time might not be right.

The Next Woman He Came Close To Marrying Was Kibi

After the first marriage of DJ Oskido came to an end, he started a relationship with Kibi. Because of how soon they started dating after his divorce, there were speculations that she might be the reason behind his divorce from his first wife. The musician trashed the rumors by clarifying that Kibi had nothing to do with his divorce, and he made it known that he was still good friends with his former wife.

The relationship lasted a long time, and at a point, they were engaged to get married in 2012. In an interview, he made it known that he was now ready both physically and mentally to give marriage another try, but there is no record that the event ever held.

The relationship culminated in the birth of the couple’s three kids before they decided to part ways in 2015. They did not give a reason behind calling off the relationship, but close sources revealed that it was majorly because of the tight schedule of DJ Oskido. That said, they remained friends because of the kids they had together.

DJ Oskido Briefly Dated Tina Dlangwana

The next woman that the South African DJ would date was the late Prosper Mkwaiwa’s ex-wife, Tina Dlangwana. They started dating after his relationship with Kibi came to an end. They seemed as though they would be in it for a long ride, but the relationship ended in a not-so-palatable way after a short while.

Interestingly, they had a history dating back to 2009 when he briefly broke up with Kibi. Tina claimed at some point that she was beaten up by Oskido, a claim that he denied. When his relationship with Kibi finally came to an end in 2015, he rekindled his romance with Tina.

Years after their fallout, Tina claimed that Oskido had approached her, proposing that they started their relationship again. She claimed that they bumped into each other at an event, and he wanted her back, but she made it clear that he was the “puke that I would never swallow back.”

On his part, he insisted that he had already had someone in his life, and at no point did he ask her back. He claimed she was mad and needed prayers because she always sought attention and always ran to the media to cause controversies.

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He Was Involved In A Domestic Abuse Case With A Girlfriend

In 2015, Oskido made the headlines when he was drawn into a case of domestic abuse. However, rather than being the abuser, he was said to be the victim. According to reports, the music maestro was physically abused by an unnamed girlfriend.

The event took place at the Midrand home of the singer. Police reports indicated that the singer was in his bedroom when an argument ensued between him and the girlfriend. Details on what the argument was about were not revealed, but the purported girlfriend allegedly attacked him with a lamp.

Following the incident, the girlfriend was arrested and locked but was later released on R1000 bail. She made known her intention to countersue the DJ, claiming that he was the first person to attack her. Either way, DJ Oskido filed for a restraining order against her.

DJ Oskido Now Has A Stable Relationship With His Second Wife Mathapelo Khoza

The DJ has since put all the past failed relationships behind him and has found love in the arms of another woman, Mathapelo Khoza. There is no revelation on how and when they met and started dating, but it is now clear that they are currently married.

More than that, they are blessed with a kid. He took to social media in 2017 to celebrate the birth of his kid, Leano Esaph Mdlongwa. Known as someone who keeps his private life private, Oskido always takes to social media to celebrate his family members, including his current wife and son.

Oskido and Mathapelo seem to be happy with their relationship. Even though they have an age difference of more than a decade, that doesn’t seem to be a problem for the lovers. With Oskido in his 50s and his wife in her 30s, they have an age difference of around 20 years.

Unfortunately, not so much is known about her personal life, including information regarding her childhood, education, and early life and influences.

DJ Oskido is Blessed With Six Children

From his two marriages and the previous relationships he has been into, the legendary South African DJ has been blessed with six children. While his first two kids were birthed to him by Sanah, and he had two more from Kibi, the last was birthed to him by his new wife.

The Kalawa Jazmee Records boss’s first son is Bass Mdlongwa. Bass has since followed in the footsteps of his father by becoming a music producer. Known among his friends as BoomBoomBass, Bass has his own record label known as Africa Lit, under which he signed Maraza. He revealed that it was his father that advised him to sign the music star.

He is also a father to two daughters, Mandy Mdlongwa and Naledi Mdlongwa. The years in which his kids were born are unknown, but we know that Mandy is studying psychology, and she has an interest in joining the music business. DJ Oskido’s other son is Junero Mdlongwa. He is not very much known in South Africa because he left for the UK to continue his studies after high school. From there, he moved to Spain, where he currently pursues a career as a footballer.

His other daughter’s name is unknown, but his last kid, a son he had with his present wife, is named after his father. One thing that remains clear for anyone who is close to the singer or who follows him on social media is the fact that he places his family above everything else, as he remained a single father for a long time.

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