Discovery Bank Branch Code and Contact Details

The Discovery Bank Branch Code is 679000. Since Discovery Bank began full operation as an independent bank, there have been a few changes in the system. The mode of payment and card usage are among the few tweaks made in the system. It is important for customers to know the current Discovery Bank Branch Code and Contact Details, among other information that will make transactions easy. This information is contained in this article.

Discovery Bank Branch Code

The Discovery Bank Branch Code is 679000. It is like every other South African bank’s universal branch code, which is used for making payments. Without the correct branch code, your transaction will not be processed. The code is not a piece of hidden information. You can find it on the net by simply searching with the right query.

Why You Need the Discovery Bank Branch Code

If you had a discovery card in the past, you might need to change your beneficiary details as the old one may no longer be valid. This is because the Discovery Bank is now fully operational and no longer a joint venture as in the past.

Previously,  the Discovery Bank was a joint venture with First National Bank until the former started operating independently. In the light of this, the bank has taken over the administration of the discovery card accounts, which was formerly done by First National Bank (FNB).

For this reason, you need to change certain information for your account to run smoothly if you wish to continue banking with them. You also need to know the Discovery Bank Branch Code for you to be able to update your beneficiary information and make payments.

Although most things like the rewards and benefits remain unchanged, there are a few changes. Like the Discovery Bank website, modifications for your PIN, and how you pay your account. Every other thing about your product and how it works stays the same.

Following the change in card operation, you cannot use the FNB branch network anymore, nor can you use your Discovery MotorCard. Nonetheless, you will be able to use all banks’ ATMs, including that of FNB, but you may not be able to use FNB ATMs until after seven days of moving to Discovery Bank.

Without the Discovery Bank Branch Code and other necessary information needed for the upgrade, you may be able to still use your discovery card. This means that you get to keep the discovery card and continue to enjoy the already existing discovery card product and benefits. However, if you want to enjoy better benefits and rewards, like a wide range of products to suit your needs, you will have to acquire the code and make other necessary upgrades.

You Need the Discovery Bank Branch Code To Create a New Beneficiary

As mentioned earlier, if you have an already existing discovery card account, you need to create a new beneficiary to be able to continue to make payments. Below are the details you need for the new account.

  • Beneficiary bank: Discovery Bank
  • Discovery Bank Branch Code: 679000
  • Account Type: Current (Cheque) account
  • Account number: your new 11-digit account number (not your 16-digit card number). You can find your new account number on the new-look website –
  • Reference: Choose anything you’d like. For example, “Discovery Card.”

Ensure you remove the old beneficiary to avoid making payment into the wrong account. However, if you mistakenly pay into the old beneficiary, the money will be transferred to your discovery card. This may take up to two or five days to process.

You Need the Discovery Bank Branch Code To Make Payments

Firstly, before you can pay money into your Discovery Bank account from your account at another bank, you need to create a beneficiary, as discussed above. Having a discovery card in addition to your 11-digit account number helps you make and receive payments in real-time, make EFTs directly to and from your credit card, and load debit orders for payment. To be able to make payments follow the steps below:

Go to the other bank’s account that you’re paying from and find the option to create or add a new personal beneficiary.

Add the following details:

  • Beneficiary Name: You can add an account nickname of your choosing
  • Discovery Bank Branch Code:  679000
  • Account Number: This is the 11-digit account number found on the front of your card or in your Accounts list on the Discovery Bank app
  • For credit cards or transaction accounts: Select Current or Cheque
  • For savings accounts: Select Savings

You can add a reference if you want to, and you can save these details to your beneficiary list to help make future transactions faster.

Discovery Bank Contact

Discovery Bank uses different contact mediums to help customers reach them at any time of the day when they need the service of a customer care provider. Their contacts range from phone call support to secure messages to live chat and mails.

Contact Discovery Bank by Phone Calls

If you wish to place a call to the customer care center, there are different lines available depending on your complaint or inquiry. Below is the list of Discovery Bank phone contact

  • Open an account or bank by phone


  • For calls from a TDD/TTY device


  • Online Banking Technical Support


  • Discover Student Deposits Program


  • Account Agreement


  • Report phishing & fraudulent activity


  • Opening Bank Accounts for Trust 


  • Identity Verification


  • Inactive Accounts


  • For calls outside the U.S. 


Contact Discovery Bank by Mail

If you prefer the traditional mailing system, there are different mails available through which you can send your request or inquiry to the bank.

  • For checking and savings accounts

General Correspondence, Discovery Bank, PO Box 30416, Salt Lake City, UT 84130

  • For new accounts and deposits

Discover Bank, PO Box 30417, Salt Lake City, UT 84130, For retirement accounts

  • New IRA Accounts, Contributions, and General Correspondence.

Discover Bank, PO Box 30418, Salt Lake City, UT 84130

Discovery Bank Branch Code and Contact Details

Contact Discovery Bank Through a Secure Message

Secure message is another means to interact with a customer care agent from Discovery Bank. You can access this method here.

Contact Discovery Bank Through Live Chat

You can initiate a live chat and get an immediate response from the bank. Try the live chat option here.

Contact Discovery Bank By Email

To lay your complaint via email, contact the ban at [email protected]

Discovery Bank Has Made Everything Easy

There is no need to panic over the few changes made in the Discovery Bank system following its independence from FNB. Although a few tweaks have been made, major modes of operations are still the same. The rewards and benefits are still available too. This article contains all you need to know about  Discovery Bank Branch Code and Contact Details to help you continue to have a great online banking experience.

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