Big Zulu Cars: A Look at His Car Collection

Big Zulu’s car collection is valued at millions of rands. The South African rapper currently has six luxury cars in his garage, which are a Range Rover Sport, a BMW M3 Coupe, a Hyundai Santa Fe, a BMW 325i Gusheshe Convertible, an Audi AG, and a Volkswagen GTI.  

Big Zulu enjoys driving his exotic automobiles around town when he’s not touring the nation, working out, or spending time with his loved ones.

Big Zulu has a Thing for Supercars

Rapper Big Zulu has an impressive car collection. His music career may have slowed, but the ‘Dear My Love’ crooner is still living the Good Life as far as his garage is concerned. He is car-savvy, having amassed many exotic vehicles that any automobile lover would salivate over within a few years.

Big Zulu’s car collection is almost as impressive as his career. He has always loved cars from a young age which is why his love for automobiles isn’t much of a secret to many people.

Although the rapper has quite a few rides when compared to celebrities like Shauwn Mkhize and Cassper Nyovest, his obsession with supercars is something he isn’t ready to tame or squash. He intends to add more sophisticated automobiles to his garage.

Big Zulu has an affinity for BMW machines, and recently, his dream of owning the M3 Coupe model of the brand came to a realization. Interestingly, he is not done yet, as he has plans to expand his already-glamorous car collection.

List of Big Zulu’s Cars

The South African rapper has six luxury vehicles. His collection, which comprises diverse cars, is a car lover’s delight.

BMW M3 Coupe

This is currently the hottest car in his collection. He added this fancy German-made fancy wheel to his fleet of cars on August 10, 22. According to him, the BMW M3 Coupe has always been his dream car.

Big Zulu couldn’t hide his excitement after his purchase, and so he took to Twitter to show the car off (which was still covered with a car cover) and also asked his followers to guess the brand of car he bought. When he eventually uncovered the car, he shared that he had always wanted to own a BMW M3 Coupe.

He later shared a picture of himself receiving his new ride’s key from the dealer. Shortly after the announcement, fans and industry friends of the rapper, including DJ Tira, Celeste Ntuli, and Priddy Ugly, flooded his comments section with congratulatory messages.

However, Big Zulu’s decision to buy himself a luxury car was criticized by rapper Nhlamulo Baloyi. The latter slammed him for spending his money on buying a car instead of channeling his energy into reviving his waning career.

Nhlamulo was criticized by Big Zulu’s fans. They insisted that the rapper has every right to spend his money as he wished. Big Zulu’s latest car is presently his favorite ride as he is often seen moving around in it.

The BMW M3 Couple currently sells for R 2 040 797.00. The supercar has a 0-60 mph acceleration time of roughly 4.1 seconds. It has a 503 horsepower 3.0L inline-6 engine mated to an 8-speed automated gearbox.

Volkswagen Golf GTI

Big Zulu’s stable also boasts a white Volkswagen Golf GTI. The exact year he bought the car is not known. It seems the car has been parked in his garage, as he’s not been seen driving it for years.

The Volkswagen Golf GTI, which has a 2.0 L turbocharged engine, is regarded as one of the best sports compact vehicles, fusing performance and usability to create a potent and enjoyable vehicle to drive.

A new Volkswagen GTI costs around R 669 300 at launch.

Range Rover Sport

Big Zulu has a white Range Rover Sport, which he acquired in February 2022. The glamorous car, one of his biggest and favorite vehicles, is worth between R1.5 million and R2 million.

The Range Rover Sport is today regarded as one of the most upscale SUVs and is well-liked for its potent performance, superb off-road abilities, and good interior décor, which together provide consumers with a polished, pleasant experience.

BMW 325i Gusheshe Convertible

Big Zulu bought his maroon BMW 325i Gusheshe Convertible in the year 2021. The rapper hasn’t mentioned his purchase price for his BMW 325i Gusheshe Convertible. However, the car is currently valued at about R350,000.

The BMW 325i Gusheshe Convertible has a 2.0-liter, four-cylinder turbocharged engine with 166 horsepower. The phrase “Akusheshe,” which is slang meaning swift, gave rise to the name “Gusheshe.”

The rapper is often seen in this car, especially at certain public events.

Audi AG

Big Zulu has an Audi AG, which he bought for a whopping R950,000. The exact year he bought the car is not known, and he does use the car as he uses his other cars. However, he apparently bought the car in his early days as a rapper.

The Audi AG is a dynamic, well-built vehicle with cutting-edge styling. It is renowned for being a stylish vehicle that combines excellent comfort, performance, and fuel efficiency.

Hyundai Santa Fe

Also sitting on Siyabonga Nene’s collection is a Hyundai Santa Fe, which he bought in early 2022. The rapper shared an Instagram picture of himself receiving the key to the luxury car from the dealer in February 2022.

It’s not clear how much he bought the car. The rapper is hardly seen driving the car as well.

Hyundai has been making the Hyundai Santa Fe, a sport utility vehicle, since 2000. The basic engine for the exotic automobile is a 2.5-liter four-cylinder with 191 horsepower. It only has a 1.6-liter turbocharged gasoline engine and a six-speed automated transmission.

Hyundai Santa FE specification

  • Engine Type: 2.2 R CRDi
  • Displacement (cc): 2,199 cc
  • Max Speed (kph): 195 kph
  • Max Power (ps/rpm): 200/3,800 ps / rpm
  • Max Toque (kg-m/rpm): 45/1,750~2,750 kg·m / rpm
  • Acceleration (0 – 100 kph): (sec) 9.5 sec
  • Number of Cylinders: 4
  • Valves of Cylinders:16
  • Head-Up Display (HUD)
  • Wireless smartphone charger
  • Integrated Memory System (IMS)
  • One-Touch FoldingWalk-in Handle
  • Tailgate System

The Most Favorite of Big Zulu’s Cars Is His BMW M3 Coupe

The BMW M3 Coupe is one of this era’s most iconic and stunning cars. The rapper has had his heart set on this vehicle since he acquired it. The fancy wheel is his go-to vehicle for most trips and celebrity events.

The rapper’s BMW M3 Couple is a perfect reflection of his stature.

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