A Look At Cassper Nyovest Sneakers and Shoe Price

Cassper Nyovest’s sneakers line is Root of Fame 990 sneakers. The stylish footwear costs from R990 to R1,000. The Root of Fame 990 Blue and Green and The Root of Fame 990 Black and Green versions cost R990, while the Root of Fame 990 Sunset, Root of Fame 990 Summer Splash, and Root of Fame 990 Purple Oreo cost R1,000. 

The footwear has several colors, including 5 unique colorways, which are blue and green, black and green, sunset, summer splash, and purple oreo. The South African celebrity rapper is almost set to release the next Root Of Fame sneakers called V2. He informed his followers on Twitter in August 2022 that they were working on the pricing at the time.

Cassper and Drip Footwear’s Collaboration is called The Legacy Deal

Rapper Cassper Nyovest and the South African shoe brand Drip footwear announced their long-term business relationship on the 8th of June 2021 towards the launch of a deal they called “The Legacy Deal.”

Prior to their partnership, the rapper had always been a great fan of Drip Footwear; he often wears the brand. He inked the contract under the name of his record company, The Family Tree, which specializes in making high-end music and designer clothing.

The deal, which he described as a remarkable milestone, was signed at the tallest building in Africa, The Leonardo, in Sandton. Lekau Sehoana, the owner of Drip shoes, stated that the connection between him and Cassper stems from their similar upbringings. Through their partnership, they hope to encourage the next generation, particularly those from Ivory Park, where he grew up, and Mahikeng, where the rapper is from.

The Rapper was Initially Mistaken for the Owner of Drip Shoes

Prior to Cassper formally agreeing to the legacy contract with Drip Shoes, many people conjectured that he was the brand’s owner. The rapper is known for his love for Drip shoes and is frequently spotted in their stores, which may be one of the causes for the speculation.

The public only realized he wasn’t the owner after he revealed his partnership with the company. So far, the partnership with Drip Shoes has been fantastic, as Nyovest has continued to generate millions of rands from his shoe line.

Cassper Nyovest’s Shoes Sells From R990 to R1,000

The Root of Fame 990 shoes by Cassper Nyoves are priced between R990 and R1000 – a price as outlandish as their designer. The sale of the sneakers for a record-breaking million rands speaks volumes about Cassper Nyovest’s legacy as one of South Africa’s most important fashion and sneaker designers.

While the Root of Fame 990 Sunset, Root of Fame 990 Summer Splash, and Root of Fame 990 Purple Oreo versions cost R1,000.00 each, the Root of Fame 990 Blue and Green and Root of Fame 990 Black and Green versions cost R990.00 each.

The fashionable Root of Fame 990 version from Nyovest’s footwear line has been on sale since mid-2022 when it was launched.

What is the Name of Cassper Nyovest’s Sneakers?

The rapper’s sneakers are called Root of Fame 990. The footwear line’s logo is really remarkable. The tree is the “f” from Fame; hence it represents the brand’s origins.

The Root of Fame 990 has a grey, all-mesh top with a sock-fit construction that allows for simple slip-on and ventilation from the mesh. Its sock-fit design makes it simple to move around while preventing the foot from overheating.

The toe box and sides of the sneakers have much larger mesh holes than the front and forefoot, which have a mesh with much thinner perforations.

More Features of the Root of Fame 990

The elastic collar on Nyovest’s sneakers makes it simpler to stay locked in once you’ve slid into them. In order to pull the sneaker up when you slide into it, it also has the same pull tab on the back.

Halfway around the heel area, a heel counter supports the heel lock and serves as a suitable location for the”990″ text. A plastic polymer was used to create this portion.

The front of the collar of the sneakers has a tab that you may use to pull the shoe up when putting it on. Similar to the back tab, there is a plastic square in front of the shoes that have the Root of Fame insignia.

The sneakers also have a single rubber frame with crisp lines in the midsole. The “D” from the Drip logo is shown on the toe of the shoes, while the slogan “Root of Fame” is displayed on the back.

The online store website for the sneakers states that they are “not suited for heavy use.” They are designed for errand running or mild walking. The Root of Fame 990 shoe’s single-piece midsole serves as its whole bottom, meaning there is no outsole below.

Cassper Nyovest is Set to Release the Next ROF Sneakers, V2

Cassper Nyovest revealed in August 2022 that he was working on the V2 version of his upcoming Root of Fame sneakers. When a follower questioned whether it would cost the same as the ROF 990, he responded that the V2 would be of higher quality, more advanced, and more expensive than the ROF 990 version.

The rapper refused to share a sample of the shoes when pressed further and said that the V2 would be shown when appropriate and that proper procedures would be followed.

South African Businessman Lekau Sehoana is the Owner of Drip Shoes

The Drip Group, which creates the Drip shoes, was founded by Lekau Sehoana, a businessman born in Ivory Park, Gauteng. He finally launched the footwear line in 2019 after 16 years of purely diligent work.

He started the company with only 26 pairs of sneakers. Sehoana spent five years at Eqinisweni Secondary School making clothes and redesigning sneakers. The journey began in grade 8 when his teacher asked them to wear home clothes to school.

Lekau had no good clothes like most of his peers, so he decided to design new cloth for himself and also redesigned his torn sneakers with old denim. He was taught how to sew by his grandmother.

From that day, he began recycling footwear and clothes. Sehoana turned to the footwear business after several failed businesses, and since then, the journey has been rewarding.

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