Survival in South Africa has become something that both citizens and visitors alike need to take seriously and lets face it, South Africa is doomed, and apartheid has been blamed long enough for South Africa’s deterioration. Our country is in a mess. We are practically, directly or otherwise, told to brace up for harder days to come. As those we elected to make things better are equally bracing up for the said harder days by increasing their salaries, we clearly have to do something as well. Here are highlights of how to survive in South Africa. And interestingly, the survival is possible without any form of assistance from the guys we elected into offices.

1. Surviving The Looming Water Crisis


Water is very important for your survival. Figure out how to get your water as the next upcoming scarcity in South Africa is water. Find a solution now! News24 reported that “the country is running on empty unless government spends 100 times more to secure our water supply”

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2. Surviving Eskom Tariff Increase And Load Shedding

blackoutEskom is really drumming hard on load shedding and increase in the cost of electricity. They clearly expect South Africans to pay more and be grateful for the smaller ration of an already small amount of electricity they’ll supply. Not quite long ago, some reports said Mayor Danny Jordaan has not been billed for electricity for the last seven years. Find out what he did and how he is doing it or install a solar. Eskom is really officially informing us of a very long session of blackouts.

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3. Over-living The Joblessness

SA Jobless.jpg4

Thousands are jobless, and many more thousands will join the jobless population. Do not expect to get a job immediately after graduation. Rather, be hopeful as you join the ever-increasing jobless South Africans but don’t stop there, get your hands busy doing a business or learning a trade or better still try getting yourself a job.

4. Surviving The Sick Economy


Yes, the economy of South Africa is the second largest in Africa, behind Nigeria. The emphasis is on ‘behind Nigeria’. Nigeria is presently going through loads of negative issues regarding its economy. Yet, the country is rated above South Africa. It simply shows our economy is sick. Rand is unpredictable as it can nosedive anytime. So, don’t save all your eggs here if you have any. Get a foreign account in a country with more reliable currency and economy and it would do you good to be careful of the changing rounds going on in the stock market.

5. Get Used To The Thievery


Stealing is a profession in South Africa. Get use to it. Hijacking, smash and grab, grab and run, armed robbery, and burglary are everyday events. Just position your mind to accepting that these things can happen at anytime so that when it actually does, you would have set a get set a good shock mechanism in place and you wont end up in the hospital.

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