A Look at Lamiez Hairstyle Evolution

Lamiez’s hairstyle is renowned for its distinctive and fashionable appearance. She is well-recognized for experimenting with different hairstyles and embracing adaptability and originality in her appearance.

Lamiez Holworthy has been spotted wearing various hairstyles, such as braids, natural afros, and elaborate updos. She sometimes uses vivid hair colors and accessories to add flair to her haircuts. Her hair is frequently styled to go with her entire aesthetic, noted for its urban and modern inspirations.

Lamiez’s Hairstyle was Inspired by Her Insecurities about her Curl Pattern

Lamiez rarely dons a wig or a weave-on and always sports edgy haircuts that are “on-fleek.” She chose to wear her natural hair due to receiving highly derogatory comments about it as a child because she didn’t have curly hair like her siblings had.

Her concerns about her curl pattern and the fact that her mane never grew long enough for her inspired her to a large extent to start her natural hairstyle journey. So, she began wearing short, natural hair cut on the sides and a soft, wavy top to get over her fears.

Lamiez typically sports her natural (black) hair color. However, when she feels out of it, she sometimes takes a more adventurous approach and colors her hair a bright color – yes, she has, on several occasions, experimented and embraced a variety of colors, ranging from strong blues and vibrant purples, enabling her hair to be a reflection of her outgoing personality.

Her bold color selections have enhanced her reputation as a fashion star, encouraging people to embrace their distinctive and fearless style. Lamiez has been spotted with pink and platinum curls.

The DJ’s haircuts are frequently seen as an expression of her fashion-forward attitude and personality. She is renowned for advocating body acceptance and self-expression, and she often tells her fans and followers to embrace their uniqueness and inherent beauty.

An excellent conditioner, which has aided in developing the richness and texture of her hair, is the key to her stunning hairstyles.

Lamiez’s Hairstyle Has Evolved Over the Years 

Lamiez’s haircuts have changed, and she attributes this to her hairdresser, Shelden from Legends Barbershop. She has worn long dreadlocks, ponytail updos, and her preferred natural black mohawk styles.

The DJ typically manipulates her hair, giving the back and sides of her head different shapes and patterns. The development of Lamiez’s hairstyle is evidence of her originality, boldness, and self-assurance.

Lamiez has established herself as a true trendsetter through her early experiments with various appearances, her distinctive curly mohawk styles, and her ongoing study of new looks.

The development of Lamiez’s hairstyle reminds us that our hair may be a potent tool for self-expression and a window into our inner fortitude and self-assurance.

Here are some of the styles she has sported over the years.

What is DJ Lamiez’s Current Hairstyle?

DJ Lamiez currently wears a natural black curly mohawk updo hairstyle. Her last hairdo before she had her first baby in the month of May 2023 was a long beautiful ponytail updo. She immediately switched to her favorite natural hairstyle after she had her baby in mid-May.

Besides her favorite hairdo, she occasionally wears sleek hairdos like long curly and short straight weave-ons, which enhances her trendy and attractive appeal.

These looks demonstrated her adaptability and ability to follow numerous fashion trends while maintaining her own distinctive flair.

Below is a beautiful collection of times she has left her fans drooling in wigs.

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