Who Is Thami Ngubeni: Biography and Rise to Fame of the Actress and Radio Presenter

Thami Ngubeni (born on January 31, 1975) is a South African actress, editor, writer, producer, on-air radio personality, as well as a television presenter. She is best known for being a presenter of various shows as a teenager. 

Thami is as versatile and dynamic as it gets and caps off this dynamism with her credibility as an excellent producer. The amazing multi-talented and multi-award-winning personality broke onto the scene as a young teenage producer, anchoring several shows across different television stations in South Africa. She is a bundle of pure talent and has shown this time and again across the several and sometimes divergent paths her career has led her on. While a lot of people can relate to her more as an actress, Thami is a million times more than just an actress. To discover more about the enigma that is Thami Ngubeni, read on.

Summary Of Thami Ngubeni's Biography

  • Full name: Thami Mathamsaanqa Ngube
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: January 31, 1975
  • Place of Birth: Katlegong, Gauteng Province
  • Thami Ngubeni’s Age:49 years old
  • Ethnicity: Black
  • Nationality: South African
  • Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
  • Occupation: TV Presenter, Producer, Writer, Actress, and Radio Personality
  • Famous for: Being a presenter of various shows as a teenager
  •  Thami Ngubeni’s Twitter: @LifeWithThami
  • Facebook: facebook.com/lifewiththami/

Thami Ngubeni Was Born in Katlehong, Gauteng 

Thami Ngubeni whose real name is Mathansanqa Ngubeni was born in Katlehong township, which is located in Gauteng Province of South Africa. Not much is publicly known about her early life and much less is known about her family, parents, siblings, and background. Our best attempt to uncover details about her early life, as well as background proved rather abortive.

Therefore, there is still much uncertainty as to the actual identity of her parents or siblings if at all there exists any, and much less if they are still alive.

A Peek Into Her Educational Background

As with Thami Ngubeni’s early life and family background, quite a lot is yet unknown about her educational history and what role it possibly played in laying the foundations for the career path she eventually chose. The blogosphere is rife with a number of speculations as regards her educational background, with some suggesting that she dropped out of Mashupje high school at the age of 11. The veracity of these claims and speculations could not be ascertained at this time. However, as soon as these details are available, this page will be duly updated.

An Overview of Thami Ngubeni’s Trailblazing Career

The greater part of Thami Ngubeni’s career in the South African entertainment industry, has been behind the camera, from production to editing, and writing scripts for television shows across South Africa. However, her career on television officially jump-started with her emergence as a teenage sensation, anchoring and presenting highly successful television shows such as; Talk Talk, Live Your Dreams, and Teleschool.

Thami has also carved a niche as an outstanding radio newscaster and interviewer, capable of asking questions that cut through embellishments to reveal the heart of whatever topic is on the front burner. Arguably, her highest point as an actress was when she landed one of the high-profile roles of the then well-known television soapie ‘Generations’ which was also televised across popular television stations across Ghana.

She went on to feature in popular comedies like Going Up, as well as Suburban Bliss. The actress was cast for a role in Molo Fish, a popular drama series but she did not stop there. Thami Ngubeni got her first taste of the big screen when she worked with movie sensation and action hero, Michael Power in the 2004 blockbuster Critical Assignment. Thami also made a cameo appearance in the movie Country of my Skull (2004), however, the scenes in which she featured did not make the final cut.

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Thami brought the character ‘Nana Soci’ to life as she effortlessly portrayed the lead role in Known Gods (2005-2006), the then-popular drama series produced by Wineland. She went on to play ‘Dr. Nyoka Ingrid’, in the 2007 drama series Jozi-H which is based on the intricacies and dynamics of the medical profession. She has not done badly as a thespian, with a vast repertoire of stage credits to her name, notable amongst which includes Sizwe Bansi is Dead as ‘Sizwe Bansi’, Romeo and Juliet where she played ‘Juliet’, Oliver Twist where she played ‘Fagin’ and The Crucible where she portrayed ‘Tituba’.

Media Exploits

As a media personality, Thami has anchored the show Free Spirit which is sponsored by Lifestyle Magazine. She was also named the Editor of The Oprah Magazine from 2007 to 2008. Thami also added another feather to her cap as she got on the roster of Fremantle Media from 1999 to 2006 as one of its producers and writers.

The year 2011 also saw the birth of Thami’s own show, produced and hosted by her on ONE Gospel titled Sacred Space (She had initially published the book ‘My Sacred Spaces’ in 2006). Thami Ngubeni is an accomplished newscaster. She also hosts and anchors her personal radio programs on one of South Africa’s leading radio houses.

The radio and TV personality has gone on to start up her own media company called Thamzin, where she holds the position of Managing Director. The company is dedicated to the production and creation of media content for television, radio, film, and print.

Thami Ngubeni’s Honours and Awards

With the work she has put into the radio and television industry in South Africa, it is only fair that she is recognized for her efforts. Some of the awards and recognitions the iconic media personality has earned over the years include:

  • Miss African Times in 1997
  • Miss South Africa in 1998
  • Her talk show “Life With Thami” was nominated in the ‘Best TV Talk Show’ category at the 2014 South Africa Films and TV Awards (SAFTA), which she eventually won.

Exploring Thami Ngubeni’s Personal Life

Thami Ngubeni’s personal life is heavily riddled with assumptions, speculations, and in some cases borderline superstition. The award-winning media personality has blazed an excellent trail in her career, carving out a niche for herself in the South African entertainment industry that would be hard for another to fill. It is however very ironic and indeed worthy of note that such a notable figure as Thami Ngubeni is still shrouded in mystery, especially with regards to her personal life.

As a result of Thami actively keeping the spotlight away from her personal life, there is nothing but uncertainties and speculation to go by, which she neither credits nor debunks. No public information is available about her personal life, nothing is known of her marital status or if she has children. On the issue of her personal life, this Mzanzi movie star and successful media entrepreneur remains veiled in mystery.

However, as soon as we can provide verifiable information on her personal life, this column will be updated.

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