Who is Nandi Mbatha and How Old is She?

Nandi Mbatha (born 1997) is a fast-rising South African actress who is easily recognized for effortlessly playing the fictional character Simlindile “Simi” Ngema in one of South Africa’s most beloved popular soap operas, Isithembiso.

Although Nandi is widely known as an actress, she began her career as a fashion model but has quickly carved a name for herself through her wonderful acting chops.

Miss. Mbatha has been a household name since she gracefully stormed onto the scene in the soapie Isithembiso. She equally has a huge fan base across social media platforms, especially on Instagram, where she has thousands of followers who are loyal to her. Besides acting, the ever dazzling Nandi has done a couple of modeling gigs for some brands. She is also a talented event MC and a well-known fashion influencer.

Summary of Nandi Mbatha’s Biography

  • Full Name: Nandi Mbatha
  • Nickname: Stargirl
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: November 27, 1996
  • Nandi Mbatha’s Age: 27 Years Old
  • Ethnicity: Zulu
  • Nationality: South African
  • Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Nandi Mbatha’s Parents: Mduduzi & Zandile Mbatha
  • Nandi Mbatha’s Siblings: Pamela Mbatha, Azienda Mbatha
  • Education: University of Johannesburg; University of South Africa
  • Nandi Mbatha’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 7 inches
  • Nandi Mbatha’s Weight: 62 kg
  • Nandi Mbatha’s Net Worth: $500,000
  • Famous for: Actress & Model
  • Nandi Mbatha’s Instagram: nandii_m
  • Nandi Mbatha’s Twitter: @nandii_m

Actress Nandi Mbatha Is In Her 20s

Nandi Mbatha absolutely has many years ahead of her to grow her career and get to the pinnacle of the industry’s ladder. She belongs to the crop of South African actresses who became a sensation at a young age. She was born in 1997 to South African parents. Sadly, the actress hasn’t shared the exact day and month her parents gave birth to her.

Miss. Mbatha’s hometown is Newcastle, in KwaZulu-Natal Province. She was born in the region and still pays homage to her native town. She is a proud Zulu woman, and often speaks highly of her tribe, and loves doing things that put them in a good light, including showcasing their culture.

Not much is known about the actress’s childhood and early life, but we do know she completed her primary and secondary school levels in South Africa before she got admitted to the University of Johannesburg to study public management and governance. Nandi dropped out in her second year because she didn’t like the course and was offered admission to study her dream course – Law – at the University of South Africa (Unisa).

Her Family Is Very Supportive And Protective Of Her

Nandi Mbatha’s parents and siblings are her biggest supporters. However, a lot is still not known about her family as there’s little information about their personal life and history. Mbatha’s father, Mduduzi Mbatha, is a magistrate while her mother, Zandile Mbatha, is a teacher.

The actress was raised alongside an older sister and a younger sister. Her elder sister, Pamella Mbatha, is an accountant while Azanda, her younger sister, is a student. Further information about Pamella and Azanda is under the radar.

Nandi and her family reside in South Africa. It’s unclear if the whole family lives together in their hometown or if the actress has moved out of her family house. The actress has proven on several occasions that she loves her family so much. They, in turn, are proud of how far she has come in her career and the woman she is becoming.

Nandi Mbatha Began Her Career As a Model

Before leaping to the acting world, Mbatha did a slew of modeling jobs and some adverts. She indicated an interest in auditioning for a role in Isithembiso after she read about it on social media.

Nandi admitted that when she started acting newly, she used to make some mistakes such as not researching her character very well and not pronouncing some places and names correctly. However, things began to fall into shape for her with the help of some of her colleagues such as revered actor Hamilton Dlamini, who doubles as her role model. She also credits actor Meshack Mavuso as another person that helped her to hone her acting skills.

A few years into the game, Nandi Mbatha has already established herself as one of the fast-rising actresses to watch out for in the acting industry. She has everything it takes to replace old hands and also win prestigious awards in the nearest future.

Isithembiso Was Her First And Breakout Acting Job

The South African entertainment industry is a land of endless opportunities for young and ambitious performers, and it’s so amazing that Mbatha is one of them. Despite being an up-and-coming actress, she has been to win the love and admiration of viewers and filmmakers with her talent. The Isithembiso actress does not only have the craft but also charisma and other commendable qualities needed to succeed in the ever-competitive entertainment industry.

Nandi’s acting career began with her appearance in Isithembiso, which would become her breakout project. The TV series is also her first job as an actress, and so far, it has elevated her to an enviable height both within and outside of the industry.

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Mbatha looks forward to securing international roles someday in the future. She is currently working out ways to make her career better and take it to the next level. The actress and her breakout character are two complete opposites, but two things they share in common are humility and respect.

Nandi Mbatha’s Acting Projects

  • Isithembiso

She Has Bagged A Couple Of Nominations In The Industry

For someone as young as Nandi Mbatha, bagging three nominations within the short time she has spent in the industry is a milestone and something worth emulating. Although the KwaZulu-Natal-born actress did not win any award from the nominations, she has already distinguished herself among her contemporaries and will be working harder towards winning awards next time.

As a model, the ever-stylish and elegant actress has modeled for top-notch fashion designers, including celebrity designer Quiteria Atelier during Paris Fashion Week 2020.  Apart from Quiteria, other elite brands she has worked with include Coca Cola, Fila, Khosi Nkosi, and Cadbury.

Nandi Mbatha is also a huge fashion inspiration for a lot of people, especially the younger generation. A lot of them follow her on her social media pages to keep themselves abreast with the latest fashion trends.

For the actress, working with renowned South African thespians such as Hamilton Dlamini and Meshack Mavuso on Isithembiso is such a great privilege as she has always respected and loved their talents from afar right from her younger days.

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