Who Is Sannah Mchunu, the Real-life Zodwa from Gomora?

Sannah Mchunu (born March 19, 1972; Age: 52 years old) is a South African actress best known for playing the role of Zodwa in Gomora, the South African soapie. She is also widely recognized for her on-screen roles in other TV shows like The River, Muvhango, and eKasi: Our Stories.

The award-winning actress currently plays the role of Zodwa in Gomora. She also receives the Mzansi Viewer’s Choice Award for the year 2022. Sannah Mchunu is indisputably one of the prominent figures the South African entertainment industry has produced, and many newbies look up to her to draw their inspiration and encouragement. Partly because her story and rise to stardom are made up of kinds of stuff that dreams are made of.

Summary of Sannah Mchunu’s Bio

  • Full Name: Sannah Mchunu
  • Nickname: Sana
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: March 19, 1972
  • Sannah Mchunu’s Age: 52 years old
  • Place of Birth: Mofolo North, Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Nationality: South African
  • Occupation: Producer and Actress
  • Relationship Status: Divorced
  • Sannah Mchunu’s Children: 7
  • Sibling: Ntombizodwa Kobese
  • Sannah Mchunu’s Net Worth: $400,000
  • Famous for: Playing the role of Zodwa on Gomora
  • Sannah Mchulu’s Instagram: @sanamchunu7
  • Twitter: @sanamchunu

How Old Is Sannah Mchunu and Where Was She Born?

Sannah Mchunu was born in Soweto on the 19th of March 1972, but not with the proverbial silver spoon. She lost both her parents at an early age, and after the death of her parents, she took a janitorial job in the quest to survive. She was forced to settle for that since she had no formal educational certificates, having dropped out of school due to the series of pregnancies she had.

Growing up was a difficult experience for Mchunu on various fronts, including the emotional front. She had become a mother at the age of 14, and so instead of integrating with her peers at that age, she was faced with the responsibilities of motherhood at a very young age.

Sannah Mchunu’s Family

Sana has a lot of arrows in her quiver. She is a proud mother of seven beautiful children: Thokozai, Simphiwe, Sbusiso, Busisiwe, Themba and the twins – Ayanonga and Abongile. Her first pregnancy was at the age of 14, and despite numerous pieces of advice from her parents, she took in again at age  19.

She was initiated into the martial world at a very young age but deserted it years later due to the verbal and physical abuse she suffered. After nine years of abuse, Sana got fed up and returned to Soweto to live with her younger sister, Ntombizodwa Kobese. The separation was a painful experience because she had to leave her children with the man since she couldn’t fend for them at the time.

Who is Sannah Mchunu’s Husband?

Sannah Mchunu is currently not married, and we do not have facts on the identity of her first husband – who he was, what he did for a living, etc. After leaving her abusive marriage, there’s no record to show she remarried or is currently in any relationship presently.

Sannah Mchunu Was a Dancer For Brenda Fassie As A Teen

Though interrupted by her multiple pregnancies, Sana danced for the late Brenda Fassie in her teenage years. She got in as part of the cast for eKasi: Our Stories after auditioning for the role under the tutelage of her friend, Winnie Khumalo.

She played Miles Simelane, also known as Sis K. Sana began trending after her debut in the South African blockbuster movie, Muvhango, where she played Nomarashiya.

She Has Featured In Soapies Like Isibaya, Generation, and Rhythm City

Sannah Mchunu has also found her way into featuring in some of the biggest soap operas in South Africa. 2013 saw her debut as Grace Letsoala in the series Vuka Mawulele. Blockbuster South African films/series such as Generation, Hope, iSibaya, Rhythm City, Keeping Score, and Ring of Lies have had the honor of having her as part of their cast.

In the Mzansi Magic mini-series, Vuka Mawulele, Sana played the role of Grace Letsoalo. Also appearing in two more shows the same year, she played Mrs. Qoboza in the SABC1 mystery thriller Endgame and Sibu in another Mzansi Magic mini-series Shabangu P.I.

2019 witnessed her play the role of Mam Lindi in e.TV supernatural series, Isipho. She starred as Tryphina in the fourth season of the Mzansi Magic drama, The Queen. Her role as Zodwa in the telenovela Gomora has received wide praise since she appeared in 2020.

Sannah Mchunu’s Movie Appearances

The award-winning actress is privileged and honored to have a couple of movie appearances to her credit.

In 2013, Sannah Mchunu starred as:

  • Grace in the TV series Vuka Mawulele
  • Mrs. Simelane/Sis K/Rebecaa/Mrs. Khumalo in the TV series eKasi: Our Stories
  • Mrs. Qobaza in the TV series, Endgame
  • Sibu in the TV series, Shabangu P.I.
  • Tamsy in the TV series, Stepfather We Voët

In 2014, Sannah Mchunu starred as:

  • Aunty Nena in the TV series Sticks and Stones
  • Lizzy in the TV series, Amagugu
  • Rebecca in the TV series Gauteng Manoneng
  • Rebo Modise in the TV series, Ihawu
  • Nelly in the TV series, Hope
  • Guest role in the TV series, Generations

In 2015, Sannah Mchunu starred as:

  • Ma Ruth in the TV series, Isibaya

In 2016, Sannah Mchunu starred as:

  • Nobesuthu in the TV series, It’s Complicated
  • Tryphina in the TV series, Ngempela

In 2017, Sannah Mchunu starred as:

  • Mayor’s Wife in the TV series Ring of Lies
  • MaGumede in the TV series Ses’Top La

In 2018, Sannah Mchunu starred as:

  • Matilda in the TV series, The River

In 2019, Sannah Mchunu starred as:

  • Mam Lindi in the TV series, Isipho
  • Tryphina in the TV series, The Queen

Since 2020 (to date), she plays Zodwa in the TV series Gomora

Sannah Mchunu’s Awards

Sannah Mchunu is the award recipient of the 2022 Mzansi Viewer’s Choice Awards for the category; Favorite Actress. To her credit also is the Royalty Award for Supporting Actress, thanks to the role of Zodwa on Gomora. This was her first award, and it came in 2020.

How Active is Sannah Mchunu On Social Media?

The widely celebrated actress has minimal social media presence. However, sometime in the past, she took to her handles soliciting prayers from her fans and well-wishers as she battled a health crisis. She has over 300k followers on Instagram (@sanamchunu7) and Twitter (@sanamchunu), respectively.

Sana’s net worth is speculated to be about $400,000. She makes most of her money from her career as an actress. Sannah Mchunu’s story is a reminder that irrespective of how life starts for you, you can always work towards making life as beautiful as you want it to be.


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