Who Is Bi Phakathi? What is His Real Name and Net Worth?

Bi Phakati is a renowned South African philanthropist, film director, life coach, digital media, and TV professional who has an estimated net worth of $170,000-$1 million. His real name is not known.

Also known as the ‘Good Samaritan’, Phakathi has become famous in Mzani for his numerous benevolent deeds. Over the years, he has provided assistance to many needy people in the country who are not qualified to receive government grants. Despite not identifying himself as a wealthy man, the TV professional is said to have racked up an impressive fortune from his YouTube channel, which currently has over 1.3 million subscribers.

Bi Phakathi’s Biography Summary

  • Nickname: Bi Phakathi
  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: December 8th
  • Nationality: South African
  • Religion: Christain
  • Bi Phakathi Net worth: $170,000-$1 million
  • Famous for: His numerous charitable works
  • Bi Phakathi’s Instagram: @biphakathi
  • Twitter: @biphakathi
  • Facebook: @BiPhakathi

How Old is Bi Phakathi?

Bi Phakathi’s age has remained a mystery since he sprung to the limelight in the late 2010s. He, however, celebrates his birthday on December 8th. Though his year of birth is yet to be known, it is public knowledge that the philanthropist was born in South Africa.

He also grew up in the rainbow nation and has once revealed on Twitter that he came from a poor family and doesn’t want to go back to being poor. His father passed away in 2020, but his mother is still alive. Bi Phakathi’s mom loves what he does and is happy that his son is following in his purpose to help people.

What is Bi Phakathi’s Real Name?

Just like his age, Bi Phakathi’s real name is yet unknown. He has kept his personal details secret. As such, there’s little to no information about his personal life in the media. He chose to remain anonymous as he doesn’t want his personality to take center stage instead of his philanthropic endeavors.

Bi Phakathi Face Reveal

Although Bi Phakathi frequently trends on the internet as a result of his heartwarming viral videos, he has made it known that he has no plans of revealing his identity. He often makes videos of his charitable works masked and hopes to remain anonymous. Nevertheless, he is scared that it might be difficult to keep his identity secret, as nowadays, many people recognize him in shops when he is doing outreach.

Though there has been a social media campaign to unmask him, Bi Phakathi has refused to unmask himself. He strongly believes that a hero is someone who hides their identity and does good deeds without wanting any form of recognition. He understands that by being a public figure, he would end up being viewed as a celebrity.

On the contrary, he wants his good deeds to speak for him rather than his image. By being invisible, Bi Phakathi also aims to inspire people that if a man with no identity can help the underprivileged, everyone can also do so.

What is Bi Phakathi Known For?

Bi Phakathi is a famed philanthropist who is also referred to as “SA’s Secret Santa” and the “Good Samaritan.” After being inspired by his parents’ acts of kindness towards those in need as a young child, he kicked off his own philanthropic work in the early 2000s. For several years, he has been sharing inspirational and heartwarming videos of himself helping the needy on the streets, irrespective of their country of origin.

He hopes that by sharing the videos on his social media channels, he can inspire many people in the world to see how they can change the lives of people within their communities by offering a helping hand. In Bi Phakathi’s uploaded videos, he can be seen either donating money, paying house rent of the less privileged, buying groceries for people, or even paying for makeovers for homeless people.

He further pays tuition fees for university students and helps reunite homeless families. In recent years, Bi Phakathi has moved on to partner with charitable organizations and banks in making positive impacts on the lives of people. In July 2021, he and music artist K.O. collaborated with Capitec Bank in its social investment initiative titled #MakeADifference.

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Meanwhile, in 2018, he established the Bi Phakathi Foundation, which has enabled him to expand his charitable work, reaching more people in need. He also gets financial support from his social media followers. His foundation is known for providing basic necessities―water, food, clothing, and shelter, as well as education and job training to those who need it the most.

Is Bi Phakathi Rich and Where Does He Get His Money From?

Bi Phakathi once disclosed in an interview that he isn’t rich, however, he admitted to having been blessed by God and so needs to be a blessing to others. He is said to be worth between $170,000 and $1 million. Amazingly, his inspiration to spend every cent he gets in putting smiles on people’s faces came from his faith as a Christian.

By so doing, he has left a legacy of selflessness, compassion, and kindness. And have inspired several people to make a change in other people’s lives through a little act of kindness. Going by his Linkedin profile, Bi Phakathi makes his money from his diverse efforts in media. Not only does he work as a film director, but is also a digital media and TV professional.

From August 2008 to June 2015, he worked as a content creator for M-Net / DStv Catchup. And since February 2016, he has been the content and publishing officer at nuvu.tv. Furthermore, his IMDb profile shows that he was the director of the 2015 movie, Umshana. Though he must have raked in substantial wealth from the aforementioned endeavors, Bi Phakathi is said to have additionally earned millions of rands from his work on YouTube.

He created his YouTube channel, Bi Phakathi, on May 1st, 2008, and presently, the channel has more than 1.38 million subscribers with a total of over 450 million views. His most-watched YouTube video, Homeless Brothers are Surprised by the Good Samaritan, has over 10.7 million views. Since September 2022, Bi Phakathi’s YouTube channel has reportedly earned him more than R300,000 monthly, and he recorded the highest earning in December 2022, when he made $47,000 (R873,000).

Bi Phakathi’s Good Deeds Have Landed Him Accolades

Having shown through his charitable works that even the smallest kindness can make a huge difference in someone’s life, Bi Phakathi has been greatly praised for making the world a better place. In November 2022, he received an honorary ‘Salt Award’ at the Crown Gospel Music Awards (CGMA) held in South Africa. Interestingly, he accepted the award in anonymity as he wore a bandana mask and shades to appear unrecognizable.

In the same month, the life coach was also recognized with the Social Media Charity of the Year Award at the Social Media Awards show. He was grateful to his fans for their unwavering support that enabled him to attain such a height.

Who is Bi Phakathi’s Wife?

It’s uncertain whether Bi Phakathi is a married man or even has children. Though he is aware of how curious his fans are about getting to know him personally, he said he won’t give in to that. He only wants to be known as a messenger of good news and not a celebrity. Hence, he prefers to maintain his anonymity, keeping his personal life away from the public eye.


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