Sex Robots Facts: 7 Intriguing Things You Never Knew

It is believed that by 2050, sex robots would be very popular and they may even be fully accepted and integrated into the human society. For now, however, they remain distant.

Interestingly, many companies are joining in the competition of not only developing the robots, but giving them special features such as communication skills, and responding in sexual and seductive manner.

Here are some very surprising sex robots facts you never knew

1. Sex Robot Brothels

We have seen the rise of sex dolls brothels in different parts of the world, and sex robot brothels are also beginning to spring up. One of the most popular at the moment is functioning in Spain where you get to pay almost £100 for an hour with the bot.

Nevertheless, it is expected that even before 2050, sex robot brothels would become very popular to a point that we may even see human sex workers going out of business.

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2. So Many Men Are Cool With The Idea

Sex Robots

You may see the idea of sex robots as very distant, but there are so many men that are very cool with it. In fact, as much as 40% of men in the UK are not only down with it, but they admit that they would buy it within the next five years.

The men between ages 18 and 67 were all heterosexual, as such the number percentage may even go higher when gays and bisexuals are joined in the study. Interestingly, many don’t consider having a relationship with sexbots as cheating.

3. They May Soon Be Introduced Into Nursing Homes

When old people are taken to nursing homes, some people argue that it turns them almost to infants even when they still have desires as young people do. Because of this, people are already proposing that these bots should be introduced to nursing homes.

According to a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computing at Goldsmiths University, Kate Devlin, “You could be talking about someone who has lost a husband or a wife and they’re feeling alone and perhaps that is one thing that we could offer.”

4. Male and Female Sex Robots

Sex Robots

Although most of the bots created for this purpose are made for males, there are a few others that are made for females. Both are designed to serve in different ways.

5. They Can Be Dangerous

Many great scientists including Elon Musk have warned that Artificial Intelligence may bring a serious problem for humans. A recent research has suggested that sexbots could be very dangerous to their human “lovers” most especially when they are hacked, they can be made to even kill or do some very crazy things. Even though admittedly the possibility of this is very little, it still raises concerns among experts.

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6. Meet Samantha and Others

Samantha is one of the most popular sex robots in the market. She has been redesigned again and again, and the latest edition which was recently unveiled has the capabilities of responding to touch when you touch its sensitive parts including the breast and hips. It may even respond by moaning.

Roxxxy is another sex robot that is very popular.  5’7″ in height, weighing 60 pounds, and having C-cup breast, ROXXXY is able to tell you how she likes the way you are touching her, but believe me, she is just another robot and doesn’t move like a human.

Harmony is another popular one. Harmony sex robot which is also described as a sex doll has been seen as the first most functional sex doll out there. There are many others including sex doll Kathy and Lilly.

To get sex robot Samantha, you may spend as much as $4,000 or even more, based on the functionality of the bot.

Sex Robots

7. Two sides of a coin

Sex robots are not here without their own concerns. Many people are scared that they may come with many changes that could potentially be dangerous to humans. Some researchers have gone as far as predicting the collapse of the human race if it gets to a point that the bots overexert themselves on humans.

There are others that are worried about the destruction of the normal human family system, looking at Japan which is having a population crisis as the young people have lost interest in human sex.

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On the other queue, there are those that believe that sex robots may be able to reduce crime mostly among fetishist. They believe that it may be able to assist people to carry out whatever form of sex they want, but others who may just be right, believe it will only make it more dangerous for our pornified generation and increase crime.

The Questions:

Many questions come up each time these bots are being discussed. There include on whether we would get to a time when it would be legal to marry a robot.

The next and most important of questions, is what next?

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