Kim Jayde Bio: What to Know About the Zimbabwean Model and Presenter

Kim Jayde, whose real name is Kimberly Robinson, is a model, MC, and TV presenter from Zimbabwe who works with MTV Base. Despite not being from the Rainbow nation, she has been able to build a name for herself. Her hard work and consistency earned her a place on the 2019 Forbes 30 under 30 list.

The Zimbabwean model prefers to keep her private life away from the public. However, she has gracefully shared some details about her childhood and her rise to fame. We have put together what to know about Kim Jayde, the Zimbabwean model and television personality.

Summary Of Kim Jayde’s Biography

  • Full Name: Kimberly Robinson
  • Nickname: Kim Jayde
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: 1990
  • Ethnicity: Black
  • Nationality: Zimbabwean
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Kim Jayde’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 8 inches
  • Kim Jayde’s Net Worth: $800,000 – $900,000
  • Famous for: Being a model and TV presenter
  • Kim Jayde’s Instagram: @kimjayde
  • Twitter: @KimJaydeBlog

What Is Kim Jayde’s Age?

Kim Jayde is currently 34 years old as she was born in 1990. However, she is yet to reveal her exact month and day of birth. She was born in Harare, Zimbabwe, to a family of 10 – her parents and seven siblings (three sisters and four brothers). Kim has also not revealed so much about her childhood; however, one of the few things she has revealed is that she and her siblings always rode bicycles as a child.

She has also revealed that she used to be shy, and as a result, she did not have a lot of friends while growing up. In junior school, she was bullied by other students, and to hide from them, she had to eat lunch in the toilet some days. Thankfully, she has become a bold and confident woman as an adult.

She is a graduate of the University of Stellenbosch

Kim Jayde relocated to South Africa in 2009 at the age of 19 and lived in Bulawayo. She attended Girls College Boarding School. After completing secondary school, she furthered her education at the University of Stellenbosch.

On graduating from the university, Jayde was awarded Honours Degree in Social Work and Psychology. Despite pushing to further her education, Kim Jayde was convinced that she wanted to become a model.

Her Family was Worried about Her Decision to Become a Model

Kim Jayde is from a family that did not believe in pursuing a career in arts or entrepreneurship. For them, it was not a stable means of income, and as a result, they were seriously concerned about Kim’s decision to become a model. Notwithstanding, she was convinced about modeling and was willing to break the family’s norm, but it was not an easy path for her.

In Cape Town, getting a good modeling gig was so difficult. According to her, modeling agencies wanted slim models and six feet tall, and she did not meet those required standards. There were days she could attend up to three modeling casts and get rejected by all three. However, despite the rejections, she was not discouraged and refused to quit.

Kim Jayde Had to Take Menial Jobs to Take Care of Herself

Almost throughout the first year of her launch into modeling, Kim Jayde did not get any gig. Things became so bad for her that she barely had money to buy food. She devised a method of going for a modeling cast audition during lunchtime; this way, she would have something to eat for the day.

When she could no longer afford transport fares, she had to walk to the modeling casting venues. At a time, Kim Jayde shared an apartment with ten people.

After several rejections, it became obvious to her that her passion for modeling was not enough to put food on her table, so she had to do other jobs that could get her some money while still pursuing her passion. She got a job as a waitress, worked in clubs, and took promo jobs that involved distributing fliers on the road to people.

After Two Years Of Persistence, She Started Getting Modeling Gigs

After several failed attempts, Kim Jayde finally started receiving answers to her prayers. She started landing modeling gigs, and in no time, her face was on posters and television advertisements. Her family was so happy that she was now becoming successful.

She has revealed that by achieving her dreams, she earned so much respect from her family. She started sharing pictures and video’s of her career success on Instagram to enable her family, who were not in South Africa, to follow up on what she was up to.

Kim Jayde Has Worked For Many Big Brands

Kim Jayde is currently one of the most successful Zimbabwean models in South Africa, and she has worked for brands like Hennessy, Mercedes Benz, and MTN. She has also been privileged to have worked with some of the big names in the South African entertainment industry and beyond, such as Trevor Noah, Charlize Theron, Paris Hilton, Major Lazer, Ciara, and Tyler Perry.

Kim Jayde is a TV Presenter and Entrepreneur

Kim Jayde became more famous when she became a presenter for MTV base and hosted Mr. World South Africa in May 2021. She is very eloquent and confident. When you see her on stage anchoring a show, it may be difficult for you to tell that she used to be shy when she was younger.

Coming from grass to grace as a model and creative, Kim has created a blog where sneakerheads and creatives can collaborate to develop designs and stand a chance to win a prize. Her blog is not like the regular type of personal blog, you know. It’s a business, and it was registered in November 2019.

She also has an eponymous YouTube channel ‘Kim Jayde,’ and on the channel, she hosts a seasonal show dubbed ‘Kickin It’ where she invites other celebrities for a chat. Her channel has over 10k followers, and the most-watched video on the channel has over 39k views. In that video, she hosted South African rapper, Lucasraps.

She is a Recipient of Several Awards

Kim Jayde’s consistency and hard work have not gone unnoticed by award-giving bodies.

  • In 2018, she won the Media Personality of The Year award at the Zimbabwe Achievers Awards.
  • In 2019, Kimberly Robinson was listed among Forbes 30 under 30.
  • At the fifth annual Zimbabwe International Women’s Awards, she bagged the award for Women in Media.

Kim Jayde seeks to be a source of encouragement to ladies out there. She wants all young Zimbabweans to know that they can achieve anything they put their hearts to.

How Tall is Kim Jayde?

Kim Jayde’s height is 5 feet 8 inches, and the Zimbabwean model’s physique serves the body goals of many South Africans and Zimbabweans. She may not be as thick as some other celebrities, but she has a nice physique.

Even when Kim Jayde is not taking photos for a brand, she still loves to take nice pictures. She shares beautiful pictures of herself on Instagram, where she has 328k followers, and from the kind of comments she gets, you can tell that her followers love her.

Kim Jayde was Rumoured to Have Been in a Relationship with AKA

Kim Jayde is the type of celebrity that keeps her private life away from the media. However, there have been rumors that she was in a relationship with the South African rapper, AKA, in 2020.

This rumor was sparked after she shared a picture of him on Instagram, and fans noticed that he was also fond of sharing pictures of her on Twitter. However, neither of them confirmed the relationship rumor, and at the time of writing this, she is yet to reveal who she is dating.

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