How Old Is Demi Lee Moore and Is She Married or Just Engaged to Barthlo Visagie?

Demi Lee Moore was born on 8th December 1989 and is 35 years old. She is currently engaged to Barthlo Visagie.

The South African music industry is a great platform that has brought many talents to the limelight. The industry has no shortage of amazing singers and songwriters and Demi Lee Moore is one of them. She is blessed with an amazing voice that has taken her to places and also earned her so much respect and admiration from her colleagues and fans.

35-year-old Demi Lee began her music career at a young age. She has collaborated with numerous notable local and international acts over the years and also a number of enviable awards for most of her works. She has an overwhelming number of fans on social media who basically follow her page to keep in touch with her personal life and music career.

Profile Summary Of Demi Lee Moore

  • Name: Demi Lee Moore
  • Place of birth: Worcester
  • Date of birth: 8th December 1989
  • Age: 35 years
  • Nationality: South African
  • Profession: Singer, songwriter

How Old Is Demi Lee Moore Now?

Demi Lee Moore is 35 years old now and was born on 7th December 1989 in Worcester, a town in the Western Cape, South Africa. There is no information about her family background, childhood, early life, and educational background.

She, however, shared during an interview with Jacaranda FM’s Martin Bester that “Lee” was not part of her original name. She disclosed that her mother named her Demi Moore and that she was the one who added “Lee” to it.

Moore’s love for music began developing at a very young age. She was nine years old when she started showing so much passion for the art. With the help of her family, she was able to hone her music career, and today, she is one of the best voices to have graced the mic in the music industry.

She Is Currently In A Flourishing Relationship

Demi Lee Moore does not only boast a successful music career but also a thriving and enviable relationship that has conquered all odds. The lyrist is love and it’s such a great feeling for her because she believes she deserves the best.

The Love Letters crooner is currently engaged to Barthlo Visagie. The two are head over heels in love and are so excited that they found each other. Moore and her sweetheart are known for sharing their cute photos on Instagram. They do not hide their love for each other on social media platforms; they literally serve relationship goals and it’s so amazing.

Apart from sharing their photos on their respective social media accounts, the pair keeps a low profile on their relationship despite their celebrity status. The two only share content and photos they feel their fans should know about and their cautiousness has obviously been helpful.

Demi Lee Moore’s Fiance Is Well-known In The Music Industry

Demi Lee’s fiance makes a living through the jobs he does in the music industry. It is not known if he has other business ventures through which he makes extra income. He is a music producer and guitarist for Demi Lee Moore.

Apart from his job, further information about Barthlo’s family history, birth details, education, parents, siblings, and early life is not readily available for public consumption. He hardly talks about his personal life and family in the media or social media platforms. He seems to be very close to his parents.

Sometime in 2017, he shared a picture of his parents to mark that year’s Father’s Day. The photo was accompanied by an emotional and adorable message to his dad, who he also called his rock.

Visagie is yet to publish the works he has produced in his entire career as a producer and also share how his journey in the music industry began.

The Pair Got Engaged In December 2020

The guitarist considers his sweetheart Demi Lee as one of the best things that have ever happened to him. The two are head over heels in love and have proved it on several occasions. They have also toured several cities together including Thailand, where they spent a couple of weeks.

The singer and her fiance got engaged in the month of December 2020. She shared her engagement pictures and video on Instagram together with an adorable message of love and praises for her man. Their engagement was the talk of the town as it trended for hours on social media platforms.

Neither Moore nor Visagie has opened up about when and how their paths crossed. Presently, they have not announced their wedding plans but their fans are excited and hopeful that they will reveal all they need to know about their big day soon.

The Singer Boasts An Impressive Career Profile

Demi Lee Moore was only 19 years old when she became a professional singer. Since then, she has never looked back or slowed down. She has worked on numerous projects and also shared the stage with enviable local and international acts.

Her consistency and hard work have seen her surpass most of her peers. Her name rings a bell in the music industry for her kind of music, as well as other commendable milestones she has been able to attain at her young age.

Her music career moved to a higher level after she won the VIAtv reality singing competition diekontrak in the year 2018. She also won the admiration and recognition of respected American country music star, Cam. She did a cover song of Cam’s country song “Die,” alongside Monique Steyn as a duet in Johannesburg during a TV singing competition.

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Some of the big names she has performed with include Riana Nel, RicusNel, Steve Hofmeyr, Amira Willighagen, and Jonathan Roxmouth. Demi Lee Morre has a handful of albums to her name. The titles of her albums include “The Country Collection Vol.3” (2019), Net ‘n Mens (2014), “Mis Eet Slaap Herhaal” (2018), as well as “The Country Collection” (2019).

Some of her songs are:

  • When You Say Nothing At All
  • In Die Hemel
  • Take Me Home Country Road
  • Love Letters
  • Change
  • Ek Is Hier
  • Lei My Na Die Water
  • Vulkaan
  • No One Needs To Know
  • Coat Of Many Colors
  • Help Me Make It Through
  • Mis Eet Slaap Herhaal
  • My Alles
  • Gooi Jou Arms Om My
  • Because It’s Love
  • Can’t Help Falling in Love
  • A Long And Happy Life
  • The Night Rose Garden
  • Neon Moon
  • Lelie
  • Queen Of Hearts

Demi Lee Moore has done so well for herself considering her age. At 35 years, she has already made a mark for herself and it appears she is not retiring anytime soon.

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