Does Mamkhize Have a Snake?

Mamkhize has a black snake that is around 8 feet long. Her snake was shown to the public for the first time in one of the episodes of her family’s reality show, Kwa Mamkhize.

The disclosure triggered varied reactions from viewers, with many of them accusing the businesswoman of using her snake to make money through black magic. She responded by denying the rumor and stated that she inherently loves animals, particularly snakes.

Does Businesswoman Mamkhize Have a Snake?

Yes, Mamkhize owns a black snake measuring around 8 feet long. She mentioned that she finds animals, particularly snakes, to be fascinating. Viewers got to know that she is the owner of a long, huge snake in a 2022 edition of her family’s show.

Diverse viewers of her show had diverse reactions when her snake was exposed in the episode. Many of them insisted that she acquired her enormous money through the snake. But the influential businesswoman denied the rumor, saying the snake was her exotic pet and that it was her love of snakes that had led her to become its owner.

The Mamkhize Family’s Snake First Made Headlines in 2020

Shauwn Mamhize’s step-daughter, who happens to be a former fitness bunny, Sbahle Mpisane trended for many days on social media in 2020 after controversial South African writer Jackie Phamotse went live on Instagram and accused some celebrities of using “snakes” to gain their wealth.

The claims made by Jackie quickly generated a heated discussion regarding famous people who have amassed a fortune through the use of black magic.

Even though no one is certain which celebrity Jackie was alluding to, a Twitter user who seems to be Sahle’s follower decided to post an old snake video that she had posted on Instagram in the past.

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Many people came to the notion that MamMkhize, her stepmother, was wealthy as a result of a snake. Sbahle eventually felt that things had gotten out of hand and released a picture of the genuine owner of the snake on her Instagram Stories.

She continued by tagging the owner and adding a little note for the trolls. The former fitness bunny also shared an emoji of a snake with two fingers in the air and teased them to continue talking. In the image, a man and his enormous “pet” snake were seen riding in a fancy car.

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Other South African Celebrities Who Reportedly Own Snakes

Besides Makmhize, there are other South Africans who reportedly keep snakes. They include:

  • Gigi Lamayne

South African sensational music artist Gigi Lamayne posted a video on Instagram in May 2022 in which she was seen wearing a snake around her neck during what appeared to be a photo shoot for her hit single “F*ck Everybody.”

Does Mamkhize Have a Snake?
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Although it is yet to be confirmed, the existence of the snake kept people chatting and guessing for days, whether it is her pet or was merely a prop for the video production.

  • Gogo Maweni

Gogo Maweni is a professional psychologist, traditional healer, entrepreneur, social media influencer, traditional consultant, and television personality from South Africa.

She practically leads the life that most people only dream of, in addition to having two degrees. She leads a posh life and always presents herself as a different person when she transforms into a sophisticated woman from a seer or conventional healer.

  • Zodwa Wabantu

In a 2019 YouTube video, Zodwa was shown clutching and amusing herself with an enormous snake known as “mamlambo.”

Her snake-phobic fans disliked the entire video, but those who understood the humor loved it and laughed along with the dancer’s joke.

In the video, Zodwa playfully remarked that she was sick of people assuming that her fame and money came from that, when in fact they came from her snake, Mamlambo.

Given how at ease she was with the snake around her body in the video, it won’t be shocking if it turns out to be hers.

Many well-known individuals, including politicians and celebrities, are rumored to utilize snakes in order to amass a fortune. According to the information gathered, a well-bred snake with the appropriate muti on it can instantly transform one’s business.

But not everyone who owns a snake does so in an effort to gain money. Certain people keep pet snakes just for the fun of having it as a pet.

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